The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1199 - 1199 Victoria Strikes!

1199 Victoria Strikes!

Jordan, Randall, and Victoria sat side by side with both men sitting next to each other.

Finally unable to hold it in any longer, Randall looked at Jordan angrily and burst out, “I think you know why I’m looking for you. Did you kill Lincoln?”

Jordan put down his teacup and said, “Yes.”


Although there were many subordinates at the scene, it was silent. No one on either side dared to speak nonsense, including Salvatore, who had always been talkative.

Jordan said, “Because he provoked me more than once.”


Randall threw the teacup on the ground angrily. “I asked Lincoln and Park Sora to give you a gift just to ask about the mutants under you, but you said that he provoked you?

“Even if he did say or do something he shouldn’t have, you shouldn’t have ordered his death! You clearly know that he’s my capable subordinate. If you kill him, do you still regard me as your uncle?!”

Jordan was still calm as he replied, “It’s already happened. I can’t change anything. If you want to avenge him, I can accept this outcome.”

When Randall saw Jordan, he seemed to be prepared to fall out with him. He seemed to have prepared everything and did not panic at all.

“Strange, he clearly knows that I brought Victoria here, so why isn’t he panicking? What trump card does he have to stop her mental attack? Does he think that she still loves him and won’t attack him?”

Randall was curious.

Everyone at the scene was waiting for Randall to say something. As long as Randall was angry and wanted to avenge Lincoln, a fight was likely to break out immediately.

Randall looked at Jordan’s subordinates in the room and guessed that there must be other mutants besides Dragon.

“Other than Dragon, who else are mutants?”

Jordan did not hide anything. He pointed at the watermelon and said, “Salvatore.”

Randall and Victoria looked at Salvatore in shock, especially Victoria. She had known Salvatore for a long time and had never thought that Salvatore could turn from a small-time gangster to a mutant today.

Randall continued to ask, “What’s their level?”

Jordan continued to tell the truth, “Dragon is silver, and Salvatore is green.”

Randall nodded. “Yes, it’s a pity for Dragon. If he was at the black level, he would probably be comparable to the purple mutants under me!”

At this moment, Randall was actually drinking tea, as if he was thinking about something.

Salvatore kept swallowing nervously and whispered to the Dragon beside him, “Do you think he still wants to fight?”

Randall gestured for him to keep quiet.

After pausing for a moment, Randall said, “Sigh, Jordan, if it were anyone else, I would definitely not let them off if they killed my proudest subordinate! However, you’re my nephew!”

“I’m a golden mutant. I can’t bully the weak for a subordinate, right? My brother and sister-in-law will hate me for the rest of their lives! But Lincoln can’t die in vain. Surely then the one who killed Lincoln should be Dragon or Salvatore, right?”

At this moment, Salvatore took the initiative to stand up. “I killed Lincoln!”

Randall looked at Salvatore and chuckled. Then, he said to Jordan, “Salvatore, Dragon, and Park Sora, I want to take these three mutants away. As the Chief of the mutants, all the mutants in the world are under my control. You didn’t teach them well, so I will be the one to do it. What do you have to say?”

As he said this, Randall looked at Jordan provocatively.

Previously, Randall sent Lincoln and Park Sora to poach people from Jordan. This time, Randall came to snatch people personally. Not only Park Sora, but Dragon and Salvatore who had followed Jordan for many years were also going to be snatched away.

“As long as they’re willing to go with you, I have nothing to say.”


Randall was very happy. He felt that Jordan had admitted defeat. He knew that he was very angry beacuse he killed Lincoln. Therefore, he did not dare to fight with him for these mutants anymore!

In fact, with the death of Lincoln and the addition of two Mutants, Randall did not lose out.

Salvatore knew that Jordan was too embarrassed to scold his uncle, but he could not stand Randall bullying him like this anymore. He immediately said, “Randall, who do you think you are? Are you worthy of being my master?! I won’t leave with you!”

“Salvatore! Who gave you the courage to speak to our Chief like this!”

At this time, the quiet Victoria also angrily spoke.

Salvatore turned towards Victoria and immediately cowered. It wasn’t that he was afraid of her abilities, but he felt that he was responsible for her suicide.

Randall also looked at Salvatore fiercely and said to Victoria, “Victoria, you heard it just now. Lincoln was killed by Salvatore with his superpower. Lincoln died because of us. We can’t pretend that nothing happened.”

Victoria nodded. “I know Salvatore very well. He is a hooligan to begin with and should be taught a lesson. I’ll make him kneel and admit his mistake right now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Victoria immediately glared at Salvatore. Salvatore had no room to resist.

The next second…


Salvatore knelt on the ground!

At the scene, everyone was shocked!

Victoria used her mental control ability to control Salvatore and make him kneel!

A joyful smile appeared on Randall’s face while Jordan felt uncomfortable when he saw that.

‘Victoria, how could you control Salvatore and make him kneel? Do you know that while you were unconscious, Salvatore knelt down and prayed countless times for you to wake up?! He even wanted to die to atone for his mistake!

‘Could it be that you wanted to blame Salvatore for your suicide? Just because he happened to have a gun in his pocket?’

It seemed that Victoria blamed Salvatore!

Although Victoria had taken the initiative to pull out the gun and commit suicide that time, she still felt that this matter had something to do with Salvatore.

Besides, she didn’t like people knowing about her terrible past.

Victoria continued to control Salvatore. “Apologize!”

Salvatore, on the other hand, was kneeling on the ground. His body wasn’t listening to him at all. He said, “I’m sorry. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have killed Lincoln. I deserve to die. I’m sorry, Chief.”

Hearing Salvatore’s humble apology, Dragon really couldn’t stand it anymore. This was too embarrassing!

Dragon used both hands, and a whirlwind instantly appeared in the house. He wanted to throw Salvatore from the first floor to the second floor.

Randall gave Victoria a look, but she didn’t give him a chance.


The Dragon also knelt on the ground like Salvatore!


Park Sora and Jordan’s other subordinates widened their eyes in disbelief.

Just like thqVictoria also controlled Dragon!

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