The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1201 - 1201 Jordan, You Gambled Wrongly!

1201 Jordan, You Gambled Wrongly!

Jordan looked at Victoria with disbelief and sadness on his face.

“Victoria, you’re back here again. Do you remember? This used to be your home. Our shared home. You used to live here. You were the master here, and everyone answered to you, including Salvatore and Dragon.

“Back then, you were on the second floor when you snatched Salvatore’s gun and shot yourself. Salvatore didn’t stop you in time. Do you know that he prayed for you every day while you were unconscious? He even wanted to pay with his life. As long as you died, he would choose to die too!

“Also, when I was fighting with the other hidden families, especially the Rong family, I was afraid that the Rong family would attack my family. Salvatore and Dragon were protecting your safety!”l

“Victoria, Salvatore and Dragon used to protect you with their lives! But today, you chose to attack them instead?”

Jordan kept reminding Victoria, wanting her to remember that the two men kneeling in front of her were willing to sacrifice their lives for her!

Victoria shouldn’t have attacked them!

Hearing Jordan’s words, Victoria looked ashamed. She knew that Salvatore and Dragon were very loyal to Jordan and her past self. In the past, Victoria didn’t have much power and couldn’t protect herself against powerful enemies. They had indeed saved her many times.

However, she was a stubborn woman and didn’t want to admit her mistake.

“Since you did something wrong, you should admit your mistake. I didn’t hurt them, I only asked them to apologize to your uncle. If they were someone else, they would have died by now.”

Victoria felt that Salvatore had killed Lincoln, but she didn’t hurt Salvatore in the slightest. She only asked him to kneel down and apologize. This was already giving him a lot of face.

Jordan said, “They’re my subordinates, and they follow my orders. They didn’t do anything wrong. Are you trying to say that I’m the one who did something wrong?”

Victoria looked at Jordan and said, “Didn’t you do something wrong? You know that Lincoln is Randall’s most trusted subordinate. They’re as close as brothers. Why did you kill him? The situation today was completely caused by your impulsiveness!

“I know you feel uncomfortable seeing me marry Randall, but can you be more mature? Don’t vent your dissatisfaction in this way! It’s really childish to implicate others in our relationship!”

Victoria thought that Jordan killed Lincoln at all costs just to vent his dissatisfaction.

In reality, Jordan was a golden mutant. Lincoln’s repeated provocations meant death. Jordan killed Lincoln as easily as stepping on an ant. There was no need to pay too much attention to it.

Jordan chuckled softly and did not explain anything, “Alright, since you think I’m in the wrong, do you want me to kneel down and apologize to you like Salvatore and Dragon? Are you also planning to control me and kneel in front of you?”

Victoria looked at Jordan stubbornly. Jordan’s words were obviously provoking her, making her very uncomfortable.


Victoria stared at Jordan. Her emotions were already fluctuating greatly.

Randall noticed this and patted Victoria. He pretended to comfort her, “Victoria, don’t be rash. Jordan is your ex after all. You two used to be so in love. How can you control him and make him kneel and apologize? After all, Jordan is my family and your former lover. Although he did wrong, we can’t embarrass him like this.”

However, after Randall finished speaking, not only was it useless, it even had the opposite effect.

Victoria angrily retorted. “Why can’t I control him? Why can’t I make him admit his mistake? Randall became like this because of your tolerance over and over again. I’d rather make him stop loving me and not remember my goodness. He can just hate me. At least he won’t do such childish things in the future!”

Randall was overjoyed when he heard that. However, he looked surprised and melancholic on the surface. “Huh? Are you really going to control Jordan and make him kneel and apologize?

“Sigh, that’s good too. You’re Jordan’s elder now. You’re his aunt. Since Jordan did something wrong, you have the right to educate him.”

Seeing that Victoria was really going to attack Jordan, the group of Jordan’s subordinates at the door immediately rushed in.

“Protect Mr. Jordan!”

A large group of people quickly rushed over. However, Victoria only extended her hand and this group of people immediately retreated. It was too easy for Victoria to deal with these ordinary people who were not mutants.

Randall smiled. He knew that Jordan and his men were not mutants. They were nothing to be afraid of.

However, there was also a black mutant in this room, Park Sora.

Randall glanced at Park Sora to see if she had any intention of helping Jordan. However, when he looked over, he realized that Park Sora was hiding far away. She did not look like she was coming to help at all.

“Heh, this girl.”

Randall felt that Park Sora would not be very loyal if she submitted to Jordan. She was just forced by the situation.

However, what he did not know was that Park Sora did not make any move because she felt that there was no need.

“Jordan is a golden mutant. He doesn’t need my help. Haha, Victoria is in trouble this time. She’s asking for trouble. If you sit there obediently, Jordan might not attack you because of the past. However, if you take the initiative to attack Jordan mentally, I’m afraid Jordan won’t be polite to you.”

Park Sora thought to herself as a smile appeared on her face. She knew that what was going to happen next would definitely be exciting!

Victoria and Randall sat side by side while Jordan stood in front of them, quietly waiting for Victoria’s mental attack!

Before Victoria made a move, Randall took the initiative to hold Victoria’s fair hand. He even pulled her to his side and kissed her. It was as if he was kissing her in front of Jordan on purpose.

It was a provocation!

Victoria felt a bit awkward but didn’t refuse.

If Randall asked to kiss Victoria at this moment, she would definitely reject him. This was because ever since her special ability improved in Nags Head, she had never even slept with Randall.

To be more precise, the two of them had only slept together before marriage and not even once after marriage.

Randall held Victoria’s hand and looked at Jordan provocatively, “Jordan, Victoria insisted on making you kneel and apologize. I have no choice. However, I’m your uncle, your elder. Victoria is also your aunt. It’s no big deal for a nephew to bow down and defer to his uncle and aunt. Just treat it as a sign of respect during the new year!”

Through Randall’s words, Jordan still had no expression. Instead, he looked at Victoria. He wanted to know if Victoria would really attack him.

Victoria stared at Jordan intently as well. She thought to herself, “Jordan must be betting that I won’t lay a hand on him. I’m sorry, Jordan. You made the wrong bet!”

With a wave of her right hand, Victoria launched a mental attack on Jordan!

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