The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1203 - 1203 You Are Not A Golden Mutant!

1203 You Are Not A Golden Mutant!

Once again, Randall had no qualms in using his golden mutant identity to scare Jordan. However, at this moment, Jordan already knew that he was not a golden mutant at all. He was no longer afraid.

Victoria walked toward Jordan as well. She used to be the mistress of this place. How could she not feel embarrassed being slapped in front of so many people she knew in the past?

Ever since she became a purple mutant, everyone had been respectful to her. No one had ever dared to be so rude to her.

Victoria said angrily, “Jordan, you’re feeling good now, aren’t you? You feel good after hitting us, right? I know you’ve always blamed us in your heart. You’ve always blamed me for being with your uncle, but I’ve never let anyone down when I’m with your uncle, including you! You have no right to be so rude to us!”

Randall was also furious. “What a b*stard! What right do you have to be angry when I’m with Victoria? We got together after you and Victoria broke up. I didn’t interfere in your relationship when you were together!”

Park Sora suddenly interrupted from the side, “That’s not correct. When Shaun transmigrated back and everyone thought Jordan was dead, your relationship was already a little ambiguous.”

Hearing this, Randall instantly felt guilty. “You… You little girl, what nonsense are you talking about!”

Park Sora said, “Ha, dear Chief, I’m not spouting nonsense. I saw it with my own eyes. At that time, the mutants held a simple funeral for Jordan. Everyone was present and respectful. In front of Jordan’s mourning hall, I remember that Victoria was dressed in black with black silk. She looked very sexy. Lord Chief, I think you hugged her shoulder.”


Hearing this, Jordan glared at Randall furiously.

Randall was very concerned about his imposing image and scolded angrily, “Bastard! That’s because Victoria cried so hard that she almost fainted, so I only went over to help her up. Can’t an uncle comfort his niece-in-law who just lost her husband?”

Park Sora was a little girl and was very good at sophistry. “Also, also, at the snow mountain in Switzerland, everyone did not know that Jordan was not dead. I saw you skiing on the snowy mountains with Victoria. You were chatting and laughing. You completely forgot that Jordan had just died!”


Randall could not think of a good excuse to retaliate against Park Sora this time. He could only blame himself for letting her know too much when she was by his side!

Jordan looked at Victoria coldly as well, “Did you say… They were chatting and laughing happily like it was a joke? When I just died a few days ago?”

Victoria could sense Jordan’s doubt and displeasure. She pointed at Jordan and felt so wronged that she was about to cry.

“Jordan! You have no right to look at me like that! Do you know how sad I was when I found out that you were dead? I almost cried to death! Don’t tell me that after you die, I have to be a widow for the rest of my life, depressed for the rest of my life, and can’t even smile anymore?

“How do you know that I wasn’t crying in my heart at that time! Just because of this little girl’s words, you suspected that I had cheated on you long ago? If you look at me like this and think that I, Victoria, am such a woman, then I have nothing to say!”

Jordan calmed down when he saw how hysterical Victoria was. He knew that Victoria would not do such a thing.

Park Sora, this little girl, had always been unreliable and could not be trusted. She said that because she wanted Jordan’s two slaps earlier to be justified.

Randall gently patted her shoulder and comforted her. “Victoria, don’t cry. It’s not worth it to be sad for a man like him! You loved him so much in the past, and he actually questioned your love for him like this!”

Jordan said immediately, “I’ve never doubted Victoria’s feelings for me, and I didn’t agree with Park Sora.”

Randall snorted coldly. “You’re still denying it? You’re already questioning your superiors to the point of wanting to hit us! If you don’t think that I deliberately snatched your woman, why did you hit me? You’re just a junior. What right do you have to do this?!”

Jordan did not say anything else and exposed her bluntly, “Because you’re a liar! You’re the shame of the Steeles! I slapped you on behalf of Grandpa!”

The Steeles had always been open and honest, speaking with their strength. But Randall did all sorts of deceitful things. He was clearly not a golden mutant, but he had deceived so many people just to obtain resources and status.

At that moment, Randall felt a little guilty. Meanwhile, Victoria’s tears stopped. She did not understand why Jordan said that.

Randall said, “You… What do you mean? Who did I lie to? Did I lie to Victoria? Why would you say that I lied to her?”

In response, Jordan said, “Of course you lied to her. You even lied to everyone! Today, I’m going to officially expose you in front of your subordinates! Randall, you’re not a golden mutant at all! You’re not worthy of being the leader of the Mutant Tribe!”


Randall felt his head buzz. He did not expect Jordan to expose his true colors.

“Impossible… How did he know…”

Inside, Randall was panicking.

All the mutants began to whisper.

“Jordan, don’t spout nonsense. We know our Chief’s strength very well. When my green mutant power hits the Chief, it’s like scratching an itch. It can’t cause any damage at all!”

“That’s right. My silver superpower is the same. The Chief can completely withstand my attack for half an hour.”

A few mutants jumped in to defend Randall.

At this moment, Victoria was deep in thought. In her heart, she had also suspected that Randall might not be a golden mutant.

Randall had never told her what his golden ability was.

This was also the reason why Victoria hadn’t been intimate with Randall recently.

Victoria hoped that Randall would be able to display the power of his golden ability in front of her. This way, she would naturally be willing to become his woman once she gained an admiration of her other half.

Randall could not help but sneer. “How ridiculous. You actually made up such an absurd thing. I’m not a golden mutant. Could it be that you are?

“Victoria, don’t pay attention to Jordan. He’s crazy jealous that we’re together. Of course, he hopes that I’m not a golden mutant. He doesn’t want your current man to be stronger than him. This is completely the behavior of a childish boy!”

Jordan ignored Randall and said to Victoria, “Victoria, we’ve known each other for so long. I know you very well. I know you’re not a silly woman who lets men lie to you. When you were in the business world, you were the only one who could lie to men. No man could lie to you. You’ve been with my uncle for some time. I think you already know the answer as to whether he’s a golden mutant or not!”

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