The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1204 - 1204 Randall's Powerful Defense!

1204 Randall’s Powerful Defense!

Fortunately, Victoria wasn’t a naive little girl like Lota who was easily deceived by others. In the past thirty years, she had experienced too many things.

This was especially the case since she had been in the business world full of deception and complexity for many years. She had long cultivated a pair of sharp eyes that could read people.

Therefore, Jordan did not need to say much at all. Victoria knew it very well.

Victoria looked at Randall suspiciously.

“Victoria, you… What’s with that look? Do you believe what Jordan said? Do you still love him so much? Do you believe everything he says?” Randalled questioned.

“Randall, I don’t trust him, I trust you. Since you’re a golden mutant, show me your golden ability today!”

Victoria clearly didn’t believe Randall, but she deliberately used this method to lure him to reveal his true strength.

Randall said, “Victoria, the golden ability is no small matter. It’s not something that can be used casually. Your purple ability can hurt people in the nearby area. My golden ability might hurt the entire Capital. You know I don’t want to hurt the innocent.”

Once again, Randall hypocritically tried to confuse everyone with words. Unfortunately, everyone on Jordan’s side had long known Randall’s background.

At this moment, Salvatore had already escaped Victoria’s control. He stood up from the ground and shouted at Randall.

“Randall, you’re too good at pretending. I’ve never seen someone as good at pretending as you. If you had a golden ability, wouldn’t you have used it to hit Mr. Jordan long ago? Would you have waited until today? What do you mean you don’t want to hurt the people in the capital? Pfft! Previously, the capital had been in danger many times, and it was saved by Mr. Jordan. I’ve never seen you appear! Now you’re talking about your patriotism!”

Randall looked at Salvatore and was furious. “Bastard! You’re just a mutant at the lowest level, yet you dare to be disrespectful to me! You don’t believe me? Alright, use your ability to attack me. I’ll let you know the difference between the lowest and highest level!”

Randall actually let Salvatore attack him.

Salvatore had long wanted to make a move!

Salvatore looked at Jordan. “Mr. Jordan, you heard it too. He was the one who asked me to hit him. I’ve never heard such a request in my life. It doesn’t seem like I’m giving him face if I don’t hit him!”

Jordan frowned as well. Since he was going to expose Randall officially today, he didn’t mind a fight.

Jordan nodded and reminded him, “Don’t be ruthless.”

Salvatore smiled. “Don’t worry, Mr. Jordan. I won’t let him lose an arm or a leg like Lincoln, but it’s inevitable to bleed a little, haha. Randall, I’ll let you have a taste of my Hand of Hell!”

With that, Salvatore punched Randall.

However, Randall did not dodge. He raised his arms and blocked Salvatore’s punch.


Randall only took a step back. He was not injured or bleeding.


Salvatore was also stunned. If it were anyone else, they would at least be injured, if not crippled. However, Randall had actually withstood it.

Jordan also felt that Randall’s defense was extremely shocking!

Randall snorted coldly. “Hand of Hell? It’s just the level of scratching an itch! Your green level is nothing in front of the defense of my golden ability! Now, do you believe that I’m a golden mutant?”

This time, Randall dispelled many doubts.

However, Jordan did not believe it.

‘No, this isn’t the defense of a golden ability. If Salvatore had punched me just now, it would have been impossible for me to block it with my arm without bleeding, but I might not have retreated. Uncle’s arms and body seem to be wrapped in a thick layer of protective armor. I can’t penetrate it at all.’

Jordan thought to himself. He was now a golden mutant. Therefore, Randall could not deceive Jordan by talking about being a golden mutant.

Park Sora naturally did not believe that Randall was a golden mutant. In fact, she, including Lincoln and the others, had long seen Randall’s invincible defense.

It was precisely because they could not defeat Randall that they were willing to be Randall’s subordinates and acknowledge him as the Chief.

However, if Randall really had a golden ability, why didn’t he show it?

Park Sora said, “This doesn’t prove that you’re a golden mutant. Actually, it’s very simple to know if Randall is a golden mutant. Let’s travel to the past and see with our own eyes the day Randall jumped into the Immortal Lake to obtain his ability.”

Randall snorted coldly. “I want to show you guys too. Unfortunately, the Rong Family’s last Time Gate was destroyed. We can’t travel back in time anymore!”

Park Sora laughed. “Haha, that’s where you’re wrong. There’s another one in Malta. We just transmigrated back!”

“What did you say!?!”

When Randall heard this, he was terrified.

Salvatore smiled and said, “Otherwise, how do you think Dragon and I obtained our abilities? Of course, we transmigrated back to the past and obtained them!”

At that moment, Victoria looked at Jordan and asked, “That Time Gate is under your jurisdiction now, right? Can we use it?”

Jordan said, “Sure.”

After that, Victoria looked at Randall and said, “Randall, let’s go to Malta and transmigrate once. I also want to see the day you become a golden mutant. How glorious that moment would be. Previously, you told me that after you jumped into the Immortal Lake, the world changed color and the entire lake turned golden. I’ve always been looking forward to seeing that spectacular moment with my own eyes!”

However, Randall hesitated. “This… Too much time has passed. I’ve long forgotten which year I became a mutant. Moreover, there are risks in transmigrating. It’s better if we don’t go.”

Salvatore shouted, “Coward! You just don’t dare! You’re guilty! You can show Victoria and let her see it alone. We definitely won’t cause trouble!”

Victoria continued, “Randall, just tell me and I’ll go alone.”

“I really forgot which year it was. I… I’m having a bit of a memory disorder now.”

Randall kept brushing him off in an attempt to bluff his way out. However, since Jordan had exposed him in front of everyone, he would not let him walk out of this place until he revealed his true colors today!

At that moment, Jordan took out a small bottle of water from his pocket and said, “This is the water I extracted from the Immortal Lake. Uncle, you call it Immortal Water, right? “Just put a finger in it and you’ll know what kind of mutant you are in a few minutes.”

Randall glared at Jordan fiercely. He hated Jordan to the core. If he had known that Jordan knew his background, he would never have come here!

“Who knows where you got the water from! What if it’s fake? I won’t do it!”

However, at that moment, Victoria took the initiative to walk toward Jordan.

“Jordan, can I try it first?”

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