The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1207 - 1207 Severing the Uncle-Nephew Relationship!

1207 Severing the Uncle-Nephew Relationship!

Randall panicked and immediately walked towards the dull and disappointed Victoria. He took her hand and tried to explain.

“Victoria, listen to me!”

Victoria angrily stood up and flung Randall away. “The truth is already in front of us, what else is there to explain? I hate people lying to me the most!”

With that, she was prepared to storm off.

“Victoria, wait for me…”

Randall wanted to chase after her, but Victoria stretched out her hand and controlled Randall again. Not only did Randall not advance, but he also retreated continuously.

How could it be so easy for a black mutant to chase after a purple mutant?

When they arrived at the door, Victoria realized that the exit was blocked by the huge rock that Jordan had conjured. Although Victoria was a purple mutant, she did not have the ability to destroy these large rocks.

Thus, Victoria controlled Salvatore again and ordered him to use his “Hand of Hell” to break these stones.



Salvatore punched twice, creating a big hole. Victoria didn’t hesitate and directly walked out without saying goodbye.


Seeing Victoria’s expression, Jordan wanted her to stay.

It was not because he was reluctant, but because…

“Why are you leaving so early? I haven’t told you that I’m a golden mutant…”

If Victoria knew that Jordan was a golden mutant, she would probably collapse from anger and regret.

Randall did not want Victoria to leave him, so he quickly ordered his Mutant Tribe subordinates, “Linus and Mike, go after Victoria now!”

However, the mutants did not move at all.

In the past, as long as Randall gave the order, these subordinates would immediately do things respectfully.

But now, no one wanted to listen to him anymore.

Linus said, “Randall, you’re just a black mutant. You’re not fit to lead the Mutants. From today onwards, I won’t listen to your orders anymore!”

The others also replied, “Me too!”

Randall’s expression was extremely ugly. When he came, he was still glorious. Who would have thought that at this moment, no one would listen to him now!

Linus looked at Jordan. “Mr. Jordan, there’s no grudge between us. It was Randall’s idea to come here. Thank you for letting us see Randall’s true colors. Since Victoria has already left, we’ll leave too. Goodbye!”

Jordan nodded in acknowledgment.

Linus also politely bid farewell to Dragon and Salvatore, who were also mutants. “Dragon, Salvatore, let’s meet again if there’s a chance to spar. Goodbye!”

Salvatore waved his hand generously. “Take care, brother. If you don’t have a place to stay in the future, come to our Mr. Jordan’s place. I guarantee that you’ll live a good life.”

Linus glanced at Jordan. He could not understand why Dragon and Salvatore, as mutants, would be willing to be Jordan’s subordinates.

If it were them, they would definitely not be willing.

After that, Linus and the other Mutant Tribe subordinates also left.

“Damned Linus, come back here! Who brought you to the Immortal Lake to obtain your abilities? You bunch of ungrateful people!”

Randall was furious and started cursing.

Although Randall was not much stronger than them, they should be grateful Randall, including the purple mutant Victoria. If not for Randall, they would not have become mutants.

They would not forget his kindness. However, they would not be willing to stay under Randall as dogs just because of this kindness.

This was especially true for Victoria. Not only did she become Randall’s subordinate, but she also wanted to be his woman. This was even more unbearable.

If Randall had told Victoria before he brought her to the Immortal Lake that he would marry her and make her his wife so that she could give birth to his child after she gained her mutant abilities, Victoria would definitely not agree.

Having been abandoned, Randall looked at Jordan fiercely, “Jordan, what a good nephew! I really have a good nephew! I’ve been so good to you since you were young. I’ve taught you and helped you all the way. Now that you’ve grown up, you actually want to deal with me and make me lose everything!”

Jordan was also embarrassed by Randall’s words. “Uncle, instead of blaming me, you should repent and save yourself. You’re a black mutant. You’ve been using the title of a golden mutant to deceive everyone and occupy the position of the Mutant Tribe leader. Something will happen one day. In this world, there are many powerful figures in the dark. Once you are targeted by them, I’m afraid you will be doomed.”

Randall said angrily, “I’ve experienced much more of the world than you. I don’t need you to remind me! Today, you made me lose Victoria and these capable subordinates. I will remember this! From now on, we’ll sever our uncle-nephew relationship. From now on, don’t call me uncle! I don’t have a nephew like you!

“Also, don’t think that you’ve already won. Don’t have any ideas about my group of mutants. I’ll take back these subordinates soon, including that woman you love the most!”

With that, he walked out angrily.

After Randall left, there was a moment of silence.


Suddenly, a voice broke the silence. It was Park Sora, opening a bottle of champagne.


Park Sora cried out happily.

“I’ve finally seen Randall’s true colors. I’m so happy today. Haha, Jordan, let’s have a drink to celebrate!”

Salvatore also hurriedly took a few glasses. “We have to drink champagne to celebrate! Sora, pour me a glass and add some ice, hehe.”

Park Sora took the champagne and said, “Have some respect! I’m a black mutant, and your level is lower than mine!”

Salvatore hurriedly said, “Sora, here is a glass of champagne and ice, thank you!”

Park Sora smiled. “That’s more like it!”

After that, Park Sora poured a cup as well. She walked over and handed it to Jordan, “Oppa, let’s drink to celebrate. Aren’t you happy to see that hypocrite Randall end up like this?

“Also, did you see how disappointed Victoria was just now? Hmph, that woman still thinks she’s so smart. I’m guessing she’s going to die from anger right now. She actually married a man who’s inferior to her, haha.”

Thinking of Victoria, Jordan instructed Dragon, “Dragon, keep an eye on Victoria and see where she went. She’s very emotional now. If it’s like what happened in Nags Head, it might endanger the entire Capital.”

The Dragon immediately put down his wine cup. “Yes!”


Just as Dragon was about to take action, a figure quickly rushed down from upstairs. It was Rong Bingshao, who was still holding the fox that Jordan had created.

Rong Bingshao snatched the champagne from Park Sora’s hand and said, “Why didn’t you call me to celebrate? That bastard Randall really deserved it today. He definitely can’t be the leader of the mutants any longer. I’ll follow Victoria, since I’m faster.

“Also, do you want me to tell Victoria that you’re a golden mutant? This way, she might immediately turn around and look to get back together with you.”

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