The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 855

Suddenly, huge waves formed in the Prajna Sea of Blood.

Immeasurable rays of Light of Buddha descended from heaven, cutting through the crimson red clouds and directly onto Hell.

Divine heaven birds were soaring in the sky while the lotuses were in full bloom. While Exorcist City was under the demons’ siege, the magical scenery of the serene and magnificent Xumi Mountain suddenly appeared above the city.

The land of Gandhahastin Buddha was covered with limitless blooming lotuses.

It was just like the scene when Phoenix broke out of its shell in the past.

Amid the fierce wind, Helian Wei Wei stood against the light with the scythe in her hand. The Light of Buddha shrouded her body, forming a Buddha’s body around her.

Banishing all injustice from the world.

Cleansing all the sins on earth.

It was the emergence of the supreme Dharma in Trayastrimsa heaven.

Then, the Phoenix’s clear whistle resounded in all directions.

Ni Feng stumbled a step backward, with her eyes widened, saying, “It’s Bodhi! Did he leave his true body and Dharma Bone behind just to attract the Light of Buddha? He actually lied to me?! No! He has undoubtedly mistaken me as you, why is there another Dharma Bone out there? This shouldn’t be happening!”

Ni Feng held her head in agony and stared at Helian Wei Wei, her eyes turning crimson red in the blink of an eye.

She recalled the time when she was still in Buddhism, Helian Wei Wei glared at her murderously like now and tore her Buddha’s body with a single slash of the scythe. After that, she had to endure 100 years of suffering before she could become human again.

However, she could not regain her place in Buddhism after being injured by Phoenix’s scythe.

For a very long time, all she could do was simply wait for Bodhi to think of a way for her to be reborn.

Everything went off as planned, and Bodhi mistook her as Phoenix.

Hence, she started to draw up a perfectly flawless plan.

However, Ni Feng only realized now, that Bodhi was actually using her plan instead.

Bodhi has never possessed his true body and Dharma Bone from the very beginning!

On top of that, why would a single Bodhi attract such powerful Light of Buddha?

She might not even be able to do it, yet Bodhi’s Dharma Bone actually has the power to pierce through Hell!

That’s her biggest mistake!

No matter how pitiful Ni Feng was right now, Helian Wei Wei would never forgive her. Now that Phoenix had regained her Buddha’s body, her speed was much faster than before.

In the blink of an eye!

She vanished and reappeared in front of Ni Feng!


Her long leg stomped down powerfully.

Ni Feng wanted to raise the Light of Buddha to defend herself but was kicked far away the moment she raised her hand.

All the internal organs of her body were in excruciating pain.

Whether as the Golden Lotus or the young lady from the Ni family, she had always been pampered by the others and never suffered before.

But Phoenix, this damned woman!

Ni Feng instantly shot up for a counterattack.


Her speed was nothing compared to Phoenix, whose power had surpassed the entire Six Paths.

Perhaps, she had spent too much time with His Highness.

In the past, Helian Wei Wei preferred fighting short battles and winning with a single shot.

Yet, now she had learned to torture her enemy during the combat.

She stepped on Ni Feng every time she lifted her head.

Clutching her chest tightly, Ni Feng spat out mouthfuls of blood. Then, she laughed grimly and said, “So what if you kill me? I still have the Dharma fate with me and I can be reborn as long as lotuses exist in this world! Phoenix, you might be immortal, but I’m the Golden Lotus of the Buddha! As long as Buddhism exists, I can live for another day! When the time comes, I will make you pay for all the pain and insults that I suffered today!”

She had to struggle to utter those words, yet her words were vicious as usual.

Helian Wei Wei chuckled, her expression was somewhat cold, and replied, “Do as you wish. As long as I’m satisfied with beating you up right now, I don’t care whether you will return in the future. I’ll beat you up anyway.”

“You! You!” Her attitude enraged Ni Feng even more, and she became so furious that she could not breathe smoothly. She clenched her teeth tightly and wished she could bite Helian Wei Wei to death.

Helian Wei Wei skipped the chatters and gave her another kick.

Ni Feng’s face rolled over the dust and mud, and became stained with blood from all the injuries. She could barely open her eyes as she looked at the ethereal man with blurry eyes, yelling, “Emperor! Look at Phoenix! Do you still want her? Do you still want her after seeing her vicious face? This is clearly not the kind of woman you like!”

After hearing what she said, Baili Jia Jue finally looked at her.

However, his gaze was as cold as the icy sword in the frozen river, it was so freezing that one would naturally avert it.

“I like to see her hands being covered in blood,” said Baili Jia Jue, as he lifted Helian Wei Wei’s hand and put it between his lips for a kiss. He then chuckled and asked, “Had enough?”

Helian Wei Wei nodded, she had a feeling that there was a hidden meaning behind His Highness’ smile.

Baili Jia Jue pinched her claw and said calmly, “Forget it, your method of teaching people a lesson can never be used.”

At first, Zhuge Yun thought he uttered those words because he was really provoked by Ni Feng.

Out of his expectation, Baili Jia Jue’s said, “You’re being too soft.”

Zhuge Yun gulped and glanced at Ni Feng’s bloody face. This is being too soft?

She almost killed her!

The mindset of the gods is clearly not something mortals like us can understand.

Baili Jia Jue continued to speak leisurely to Helian Wei Wei, “I can’t show you a good example since I don’t hit women, so I’ve decided to cut her Dharma fate and feed it to the dogs.”

This is… even worse than beating her up, isn’t it? No, this is even more ruthless than killing her! Helian Wei Wei thought to herself silently.

As expected, Ni Feng’s expression completely changed when she heard that he was going to cut off her Dharma fate.

She wanted to beg, but she noticed that she could not utter a word!

Overwhelming numbers of demons appeared from behind the man like a tidal wave. As a thick black aura shrouded them, they tore and bit her limbs into countless pieces.


That was the only feeling she had left.

Her beautiful eyes were swimming in tears as she gazed at Bali Jia Jue, hoping for a drop of compassion from him.

However, the man did not even look at her.

He was talking softly to Helian Wei Wei, “I’ve said it before, based on how Buddhism treated you back then, I will get back at them, little by little.”

When he looked into the past via the magical mirror.

For the first time in his life, he experienced an intense feeling of hatred.

He hated himself for not being with her.

She was such a proud person, yet she was forced into such a desperate and hopeless situation.

Only by cutting her Dharma fate could she escape the arranged marriage set up by those people.

It must be very painful for her to suffer reincarnation.

He wanted to return all her pain to them!

He was never a kind man, let alone after he had fallen from heaven!

Baili Jia Jue squinted his eyes as he watched the demons pulled Ni Feng’s hair in a demented manner.

Several rays of Buddha Light seeped out from her body and were instantly swallowed by the demons!

Dharma fate…

My Dharma fate is swallowed just like that…

Ni Feng was silenced by her pain, and her original face was finally revealed after losing the protection.

She was a woman covered in livor mortis and her heart was eroded by the aura of resentment, she seemed absolutely grotesque and hideous.

Some exorcists could not help but throw up when they saw her face.

Ni Feng saw her face as well, and was stunned for some time before screaming hysterically like a madwoman.

She could not accept how hideous she is!

She was the Golden Lotus of the Buddhas, and the Lady Buddha of the purest bloodline.

She has been elegant all her life, so she could not accept this appearance even when she was going to die.

I can’t suffer defeat in such a manner!

However, even her Dharma fate was gone.

She could no longer become a human and turn into Buddha.

She could not even become a ghost now.

“Aaah!” Following the last scream from Ni Feng, she melted into a puddle of black water and was incinerated by the Flame of Hell.

Only then, the people realized how terrifying the man standing next to Phoenix Girl was.

Several exorcists who went to the ancient tomb with Helian Wei Wei were drenched in cold sweat, secretly feeling grateful that they were courteous toward the man when they were in the tomb.

Who exactly is the man, how did he manage to even open the gate to hell?

The exorcists exchanged looks at each other in confusion. After Ni Feng was dealt with, the elders of Exorcist City walked toward Helian Wei Wei with a heavy sense of guilt on their faces. They wanted to explain themselves, but did not know what to say.

Just like how Elder Li felt before, they really wanted to slap themselves in the face in shame.

Helian Wei Wei ignored them and squinted her eyes to look in the direction of the dark clouds not far away.

Although the Spell of Changing Fate Against Nature might be over, the wails from the hundred ghosts haven’t stopped yet. At this rate, the living will die and the dead will be brought back to life, the Six Paths will definitely be plunged into complete chaos!

Even the babies will not be born!

No, I have to prevent this from happening and send a hundred ghosts back to where they belong.

Helian Wei Wei was decisive with her action, so she stood in the blazing Light of Buddha and put her hands together, uttering, “May, all, warriors, fight, at, the, forefront, and, dispel all evil!”

Following the nine-word mantra, Bodhi’s Dharma Bone that was still lingering in the blazing flame shot out like a meteor. With the Phoenix’s clear whistle, it soared through the sky and flew into the Sea of Blood full of restless evil spirits.

The evil spirits immediately shut their empty wailing mouth, as though they smelled something familiar!

When deafening Sanskrits resounded from the Ninth Heavens, the evil spirits finally came back to their senses.

It was the smell of the Buddhist incense, that was burned on Mountain Tenya to calm the souls of the realm from suffering.

The nine words mantra turned into a huge Dharma Seal and descended like a cover of Light of Buddha. Not only the evil spirits in the Sea of Blood, even the demons surrounding Exorcist City started to flee for their lives.

The most powerful tactical formation that they had ever seen in their lives was the Divine Exorcism Curse, which was the one that sealed them under the earth’s crust for 500 years!

However, this time, the Dharma seal was even stronger than the Divine Exorcism Curse.

They could even hear the Buddhist voice penetrating their demonic energy. It did not only intend to eliminate them, but release their souls as well.

The Light of Buddha was shining brightly at the Sea of Blood.

They could vaguely hear the Buddhist chant echoing in the air, saying, “Amitabha.”

Helian Wei Wei stood aside, her clothes were fluttering in the wind and a lotus bloomed with every step she took.

It was a beautiful scene that had never been seen before in the human world. Big Buddha flowers bloomed beautifully in her trail, as though they could cleanse all the resentful energy.

Everyone knew that it was a sign of returning to the ranking of Buddhism.

The primal Phoenix has finally returned!

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