The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 856

Following that, Bodhi swiftly entered Hell!

The evil spirits fell back into the Sea of Blood in silence, as they were showered in the Light of Buddha, one after another.

Giant Buddha flowers were blooming on the Sea of Blood, seemingly vast and boundless.

The beauty was simply overwhelming.

Zhuge Yun suddenly thought of an old prophecy when he saw the scene.

It was a prophecy about Sakyamuni Buddha.

It was said that before Sakyamuni became a Buddha, he used to free all beings from sufferings. When he passed by Mount Buzhou, he saw the evil spirits in the Sea of Blood.

He then made a noble ambition that shook the Six Paths, declaring, “As long as the Sea of Blood remains filled with evil, I swear I will not ascend to Buddha!”

In the past, he emptied the Sea of Blood by jumping into the sea of evil spirits and experiencing their pain.

In the end, the evil spirits were touched by Sakyamuni’s action, so they released their grudges and returned to the path of reincarnation, to be reborn as human again.

Is that stem of Bodhi doing the same thing?

The thought flashed across Zhuge Yun’s mind when he saw Phoenix standing still there, staring at the Sea of Blood. Her gaze slightly moved as she uttered, “Bodhi, Sakyamuni.”

Loud and heavy sanskrits came from the bottom of Hell. Outside the Exorcist City, the Son of the King of Hell who wanted to turn around and laugh at Jing Wushuang before saying, “Did you see that, that’s the real Phoe…”

Before he could finish, he saw the man in the white fluttering robe jumped off the city walls.

White light was shining within him, as if he was going to be burnt to cinders.

An image that he had never seen before suddenly appeared in his mind.

It was a scene at the freezing cold Mountain Tenya, where every monk would pass by him.

However, that person was the only one who would stop and tell him all her problems, and wasted mythical water on his body.

The divine bird soared through the sky and the True Buddha let out a sigh.

He held his head high and said, “I don’t regret this.”

Even though he would mistake her identity, he did not regret it.

He could still vaguely see the extremely lonely figure on the endless stairs to heaven.

Buddha asked him what other wishes he had.

He said he wanted to have a look at that person’s face.

Now, my wish finally came true…

As he fell down at lightning speed, Jing Wushuang slowly closed his eyes.

“D*mn it!” The Son of the King of Hell rushed toward him, disregarding all the demons behind him. He moved his finger and hastily covered Jing Wushuang with his black robe.

The ghost baby was dumbstruck by the scene, its eyes turned red as it uttered, “Master.”

It knew that its master’s days were numbered.

The Dharma Bone of primordial spirit had been away from his body for far too long.

Furthermore, its master had suffered heavenly tribulations before…

It always knew that this day would come, because its master was always in poor health.

Nonetheless, it should not be happening now, not when Phoenix had just made her return.

Master hasn’t seen her yet.

Master once said his only hope is to see that person.

The ghost baby tugged at the man’s robe, stubbornly holding on to it, while still holding that big bottle gourd in its hands.

The Son of King of Hell liked this Bodhi very much, but he never thought that he was the Dharma fate that the True Buddha left on earth.

“Hey, little ghost baby, stop pulling. Why do all the ghost babies act in the same way?”

He should have thought about it sooner, those who were able to be the master of ghost babies must truly have a heart of enlightenment.

Just like Du, whom he knows.

And Bodhi.

But Bodhi…

“He hasn’t seen the real Phoenix yet!” said the ghost baby while crying out loud. The child was exceptionally stubborn in a certain aspect.

The Son of the King of Hell stopped his hands and lowered his head to look at it. “Ghost baby, do you know who showered the Light of Buddha just to wipe out the ominous name from Phoenix in Hell previously?”

“It’s Sakyamuni,” the ghost baby said while weeping.

Son of the King of Hell nodded. “Yes, it’s Sakyamuni. Meanwhile, Bodhi has seen Phoenix before because he’s the Dharma fate left behind by Sakyamuni. True Buddha created everything and now that the Sea of Blood is emptied, Sakyamuni will return one day. Phoenix triumphed over the anomaly in her fate, and this is what Bodhi wanted to see.”

Then, he lifted his black long robe. Other than some flickering light, Jing Wushuang was nowhere to be found.

Ghost baby knew that its master was gone.

From this moment onward, its master would no longer exist, be it in the sea or the heavens, Six Paths or Eight Deserts, for his Dharma bone was dissolved in Hell.

The Sea of Blood would no longer exist on top of Mount Buzhou.


Everyone saw Helian Wei Wei, who was standing on the shore, suddenly jumped into the Sea of Blood!

Countless evil spirits instantly rushed toward her and bared their sharp claws at her.

However, she simply ignored them and focussed on her search. Finally, she found the stem of Bodhi that had lost all its Light of Buddha in the half-empty sea.

She strenuously reached out to the stem but was unable to reach it.

Right at this moment, a tall figure secured her in his arms, blocking the claws from the evil spirits, and grabbed the stem of Bodhi in an instant. Then, he swiftly brought her out of the Sea of Blood.

The Sea of Blood was disappearing gradually and no one could use spells during that time. Emptying the Sea of Blood required the heart of freeing beings from torments, which was why they were unable to massacre the evil spirits anymore.

Baili Jia Jue’s back was covered with multiple bloody scars that were terrifyingly gory. He had never been hurt before, not even a cut on the finger, but now he was using the most primitive way to protect her.

Helian Wei Wei raised her head and looked at the man. Water droplets flowed along her hair and onto the ground, but her eyes remained sharp and beautiful.

Baili Jia Jue did not ask why she jumped into the Sea of Blood. Instead, he passed Bodhi’s Dharma Bone to her. Then, he chuckled coldly and said with a unique elegance, “I actually wanted him to disappear just like that, but I know you’ll remember him even longer if he simply disappears. Helian Wei Wei, I will pay your debt of gratitude on your behalf. In this wide world, I’m the only person whom you can owe a debt of gratitude to!”

So, he’s jealous anyway.

Helian Wei Wei smiled with her eyes, and kissed his thin lips that were tightly pressed together.

She could still feel the warmth of Bodhi in her hand. After the Sea of Blood was emptied and Hell was closed, the Six Paths of Reincarnation returned to normal.

Helian Wei Wei passed the stem of Bodhi and her Light of Buddha to the ghost baby, saying, “He needs a very, very long time to come back, can you carry him for me?”

Ghost baby nodded and wiped the tears off its eyes, replying, “I will visit all the temples and beg Buddha to allow the master to return.”

“Buddha will definitely answer your wish.” Helian Wei Wei stroked the ghost baby’s head and looked back at the Exorcist City that had returned to normal, with a smile hung over her face.

The Son of the King of Hell looked at the man who was covered with cuts and bruises, and sneered, “Using injuries to win her heart again? You are a demon now, not god! You can easily switch between the form of demon and god, to prevent yourself from being injured in the Sea of Blood! You’re so shameless, indeed!”

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