The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 858

The man did not deny it, and merely gave a soft chuckle instead, saying, “Let’s go, I’ll show you the gleaming, glorious Buddhism.”

The King of Hell’s Son struggled and yelled, as he kicked frantically with his small legs, “Hang on, don’t you have to seek advice from your Lord Phoenix? It doesn’t seem right to go out unaccompanied, especially to a place so far away!”

The man turned around and looked at the carriage behind him, saying softly, “She’s still sleeping.” Then, he paused for a while, before lowering his eyes and looking at the little one he was holding in his hand, and said, “If you wake her up, you won’t have to go to Buddhism, because I will deep fry you immediately. It’s said that the King of Hell’s flesh tastes very good.”

“Does your Phoenix know about the fact that you’re drooling over my body!” The Son of the King of Hell glared at him with fury and snapped, “I can follow you to Buddhism, but under one condition.”

Baili Jia Jue raised his eyebrows, signaling him to continue speaking.

The Son of the King of Hell said in a serious tone, “After coming back from Buddhism, you have to go to our Underworld and fight my Dad. Fight longer, until he doesn’t have the time to care about my whereabouts.”

“Your dad will definitely ground you again if he heard what you just said.” Baili Jia Jue looked at the King of Hell’s Son in his hand, who reminded him of a little kid. What a hassle to have a son, he really wants to throw him away now!

The Son of the King of Hell was completely unperturbed about what his father in the Underworld would think. He must go to the human world in modern times, so going to Buddhism and collecting a soul meant nothing for him if he could chase his wife.

Furthermore, he had never stolen a soul from Buddhism before, it seemed quite thrilling on second thoughts.

The King of Hell’s Son stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. When he opened his bloody red eyes again, what appeared before him was the scene of Buddhism where sleeping lilies were in full bloom.

Trayastrimsa heaven was surrounded by peaceful clouds and gospel could be heard playing everywhere.

A little Buddhist novice, or Shami, was walking on the long heaven stairs. Among the World of Trichiliocosm, Leiyin Temple was the only building built in mid-air. Other than Mountain Tenya, the place was surrounded by cloud drift and the floor was covered in red plant beds.

Little Shami never expected anyone to appear here, so he lifted his head and stared at Baili Jia Jue, before dropping his gaze at the Son of the King of Hell. “You… you’re from the lower three realms!”

“What do you mean by lower three realms, I hate people like you the most, separating the Six Paths into the upper and lower realms for no reason.” The Son of the King of Hell’s eyes were a deep shade of maroon.

Little Shami clenched his tiny fists and muttered solemnly, “How dare you! You ignorant magical being, do you have any idea what this place is before barging in!”

The Son of the King of Hell raised his eyebrow, looking offensively devilish, snarking, “I think you’re the one who has no idea of who I am, right?”

While saying so, a golden character of ‘King’ was faintly visible on his clear forehead.

Upon seeing that, Little Shami took a big step backward, almost falling onto the stone steps as he mumbled to himself, “Hell… Hell…”

“He’s not the real King of Hell yet.” An Honored Buddha walked out from the temple, reaching out to help the Little Shami up. He glanced at the Son of the King of Hell indifferently and said, “You’re just the Son of the King of Hell, how dare you make so much fuss at Buddhism before learning any skills? Didn’t anyone tell you that you must first submit to Tian Dao if you want to enter Buddhism? Is everything at the lower three realms nowadays so ignorant of the rules? Huh?”

The Son of the King of Hell loathed people nagging him, especially those who did so in an extremely scornful tone.

He could not do anything to a living Buddha.

However, he could break the dead Buddha’s soul into pieces anytime, making sure that he could never be reincarnated.

“Great Demon King, I couldn’t care less about the others, but save this Honored Buddha for me after you kill him. I’ll let him know who’s actually the one ignorant of the rules,” said the Son of the King of Hell, his eyes scarlet red and bloodshot.

After listening to his words, the Honored Buddha burst into laughter and jeered disdainfully, “Are you asking a demon to kill a Buddha? What a joke! I’m warning you, you guys should leave as soon as possible. The Buddha has mercy, thus I’ll spare your lives if I can, so don’t make me show my teeth. I know you’re just relying on your father’s great reputation, but he’s not here right now. You’ve broken the rule by barging in Buddhism, your father won’t even know if I were to kill you. In that case…”

The Honored Buddha wanted to say something more, but the man in black robes who before him suddenly made a move.

In the blink of an eye, his throat was in that man’s hands!

The Honored Buddha’s eyes widened instantly, as he stared at the handsome face inches away from him. His voice was unstable as he muttered, “You, you…”

Who is this person exactly?

Why is he so incredibly quick?

In this entire world, who could be faster than a Buddha?

Baili Jia Jue grinned maliciously, but simply remained silent. Grabbing his throat, he dashed a few steps forward and tossed him out with one hand.


The Honored Buddha could feel that his ribs were broken from the impact and wanted to heal himself with his Light of Buddh.

However, he realized that he was unable to converge the Light of Buddha on the part that was grabbed by the man just now.

“You… Ahem!” The Honored Buddha coughed out fresh blood, leaving a bloody stain on the clear white stairs.

Baili Jia Jue continued to move forward while ignoring the others, with his black boots stepping on the fallen flowers on the floor. Mountain Tenya shook slightly with every step he took, as though something heavy had fallen on the ground.

All the Little Shamis ran out from the places where they were at and stared at the man.

Then, a deafening noise thundered through the air.

Countless demons emerged from the man’s back. Then, they hid in the clouds, waving their claws and smearing the peaceful clouds black, as an unprecedented demonic aura wafted through the atmosphere.

Flocks of demons assembled at the peak of Mountain Tenya, dark and unlit, and rammed at the Buddha’s gate.

Such a scene…

It only appeared twice in Buddhism.

The first time was when the Emperor of Tian Dao emptied the Sea of Blood and brought a huge pack of demons to attend the feast at Buddhism.

The second time was still because of the Emperor, when he took away the Buddha’s body of the Honored Sir and destroyed Buddhism’s Shield of Vajra.

The Honored Buddha who was lying on the floor had heard of these myths before, even though he became a Buddha quite late.

As far as Buddhism was concerned, that was the utmost disrespect, and a sin that could never be forgiven!


A loud thunder rumbled in the sky. The scenario was supposed to appear only in Hell, but it was hovering over Buddhism now.

All the Honored Buddhas who were in the ranking of Buddhism appeared from their cloud drifts. They could not clearly see the appearance of the man on the stone steps, and all they could feel was an immense demonic aura. Thus, they thought that a gigantic monster from Mount Buzhou had broken in and held up one hand vertically, muttering ‘Amithabha’ and chanting, “Monster, this is a holy place of Buddhism, not a place for you to cause chaos! Since you refuse to listen to our advice, we will punish your sin and cast you into the animal realm, you will never reincarnate into a human again.”

As the Buddhas finished chanting, they started to converge the Light of Buddha to expel him into the Arbitrary Land.

However, before they could make a move, the tall man on the stone steps suddenly lifted his head. His black aura was rolling and rumbling, as he warningly growled, “You want to cast me into the animal realm? Just with your strength?”

All the Buddhas were completely flustered. As they stared at the familiar face, their expressions completely changed in an instant!

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