The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 860

The Honored Sir opened his eyes in displeasure.

However, the color in his cheeks faded away instantly when he saw the person standing in the middle of the Hall of Great Strength!

He sprung up abruptly from the Golden Lotus!

His eyes were trembling vigorously, obviously stricken with guilt and horror.

He knew that as an Honored Buddha, he should not have shown such an expression.

Even so, he could not control his emotions.

Throughout all these years, the man before him was the only person in Six Paths, who had wounded him before.

The experience of having his Buddha’s body taken away was unimaginably painful, and he had to spend almost 1,000 years to recover his strength. He certainly did not want to experience it again.

I can only gain the upper hand by striking first!

In a swift movement, the Honored Sir narrowed his eyes dangerously and tossed the prayer beads on his wrist up in the air!

The Light of Buddha clustered together, creating a humongous Golden Lotus that was as tall as a human, which instantly crashed toward Baili Jia Jue!

The man pulled a smile on his face, as his lean body quickly dodged backward. Then, he dashed forward at lightning speed and formed a streak of blinding white light!


His hand pierced through the shower of Light of Buddha and aimed directly for the inner organ of the lotus.

His handsome face was cut, leaving a scar dripping red in blood. However, it made him look even more devilish and nefarious.

The Honored Sir was completely unperturbed by the fact that he would be condemned morally if he struck the first blow. He glanced at the group of Buddhas, signaling them to recite the incantation with him.

He loudly mumbled the incantation, as everyone’s eyes fixed on Baili Jia Jue.

Even though he’s an Emperor born from the chaos, he can never escape from the ‘Million Buddhas Mantra’!

This is the Hall of Great Strength, the place that can suppress the origin of all evils.

As long as all the Buddhas chant together, we could weaken the King of Hell’s Son into submission, even though we couldn’t harm the man!

The Honored Sir’s eyes broiled with malign and he no longer had the expression that a Buddha supposed to have. Upon closer inspection, every inch of his expression seemed even more monstrous than a demon.

All the Buddhas did not dare to disobey him, nor did they want to. If they could not figure out a way to fight against the Emperor, they would definitely be killed when the Emperor had murdered the Honored Sir.

As a result, all the Buddhas held their palms together, and endlessly recited the Buddhist incantation.

The Son of King of Hell covered up his ears with his hands, as he could not withstand the Sanskrit Hymns echoing in the great hall. He looked miserable, as though he was having a mortifying nightmare.

It was rumored that the ‘Million Buddhas Mantra’ was the least used incantation in Buddhism.

It was contradictory to the Buddhist principle of salvaging all living creatures and leading people toward kindness.

Meanwhile, the quintessence of kindness was not blindly being compassionate, or giving in and tolerating, but to refrain from taking the initiative to harm the others and following blindly.

True kindness, would never request anyone to do anything against their wishes.

If speaking was dangerous, one should remain speechless.

If one realized he was incapable of shining, then he did not have to shed light on others.

However, never stand up for the darkness simply because one had gotten used to it.

One must never jeer at those who were braver and bolder.

‘Million Buddhas Mantra’ was an incantation created by the collection of tattle and prattle from the human world.

It was a power that could extinguish the will of people.

The Son of the King of Hell supported his forehead with one hand, while his fangs were about to stick out from his mouth.

If he was immobilized, Baili Jia Jue could only remove their Buddha’s bodies and could not crush their souls, no matter how strong he was.

The Honored Sir had this scheme all along. Ever since he saw the King of Hell’s Son following behind Baili Jia Jue, he figured out that he must break up the duo.

The Buddhist chanting became louder!

The Son of the King of Hell’s small body began shivering, while his ruby-like eyes were scarlet and blood-red.

All the Buddhas were terrified when they saw it, but they dared not stop as the Emperor would break their necks instantly if they did.

All the Buddhas held their hands upright and kept reciting the Buddhist incantation.

The Honored Sir reciting it the fastest, as the sound of Buddhist incantation overwhelmed the Son of the King of Hell. Just when he thought the chant was working…

Someone ruthlessly grabbed him by the collar!

The pair of arms were extremely strong and stained with blood.

The speed of his sudden movement was shockingly fast.

Panicking, the Honored Sir looked at the handsome face that was wickedly cold, and broke into a peal of sudden laughter, saying, “Without the Son of the King of Hell’s Soul Reaping Ax, I can regain my ranking of Buddhism even if you kill me 100 times! Just like before, when you fell from heaven and became a demon, while I continued to stay in Buddhism! A Buddha’s soul can never be destroyed by you people from the Three Lower Word!”

“What if I join in?” A crystal-clear voice rang from the void behind them, as if it could traverse through layers of peaceful clouds.

All the Buddhas looked over and saw a silhouette against the light, walking in from outside the hall with the robes floating in the wind.

They could not see her face clearly. Otherwise, they would definitely not stay so calm and collected.

Her cloak was glistening like fire, as she wielded a Dharma Bone Scythe in her hand. Her eyes were incredibly enchanting, pristine like the lakes on Mountain Tenya, and they were gleaming with a deadly aura.

She entered from the light, just like how she used to enter the Hall of Great Strength numerous times in the past. As domineering aura flowed from her entire body, she seemed to disregard everyone except for Sakyamuni.

Some people had speculated that this might be the reason why the Honored Sir seemed to dislike her, even though he did not display his contempt outwardly. As an Honored Sir, he had to be fair to every Buddha, after all.

In spite of that, they could not get rid of the vague feeling.

Baili Jia Jue titled his head to look at her, and his eyes instantly became gentle. He spoke in a low and deep tone, almost like coaxing a child, “Why didn’t you sleep longer? I can go back and be with you after I’m done. I’m covered in blood now but I can’t clean up yet, stay away first.”

His tone was too natural, as if he was simply stating a fact.

The Son of the King of Hell put his hand on his stomach as he wondered to himself. This Great Demon King still wants to maintain his image in Phoenix’s heart! Just cut it out!

The King of Hell’s Son was aware that the Great Demon King did not want Phoenix to know that he came to Buddhism. He reckoned that he planned to completely annihilate all the Buddhas.

Unfortunately, Phoenix was too clever. Perhaps, she knew that they went to the Trayastrimsa Heaven when she woke up and found them missing.

This time, Helian Wei Wei did not obey Baili Jia Jue’s instructions to stand far away. She simply walked out from the light, and gave a subtle smile, saying, “It’s so boring to wait, so I came up here. I wanted to sleep longer and wait for you, but after some thinking about it, I want to watch from the side when you’re taking revenge for me, so I won’t miss anything.”

When she finished speaking, Helian Wei Wei’s face became visible in the glimmering lights.

In the Hall of Great Strength on Mountain Tenya, all the Buddhas had stopped chanting to look at the person before them, with extreme surprise.

Phoe… Phoenix!?

It really is Phoenix!

The Honored Sir could not believe his eyes. Looking at the person who should not appear at Buddhism, his fingers quivered as he bellowed, “You, how come! Your Dharma, your…

“Does Honored Sir really think that Phoenix is so weak that I can’t even beat a small Golden Lotus working under you?” Helian Wei Wei glared at the elderly in a kassaya, mocking him with her eyes. She then said knowingly to him, “You can’t even compare with Sakyamuni at this, yet you’re thinking of replacing him and reigning over Buddhism? Are you even qualified for it?”

The Honored Sir was utterly flustered when Helian Wei Wei blurted out his deepest secret. He did not believe that someone could win against destiny in this world. It’s impossible!

“No, you can’t possibly get your Dharma again! It’s impossible for Golden Lotus to fail, the Sixth Sense of Buddha can perceive everything. It’s your destiny to stay alone forever! Sakyamuni? Heh, he shouldn’t have rectified your name back then, a creature born in hell like you is never worthy to be Buddha! I know that Phoenix has a lofty and unyielding character, and the True Buddha will achieve oneness by having you in Buddhism, but so what? Sakyamuni is so nosy he even wants to care about the three lower realms. What’s wrong if I want to replace him?”

The Honored Sir shouted loudly.

All the Buddhas never expected that the Honored Sir had the intention to replace the True Buddha.

No matter how the Honored Sir punished Phoenix, they thought it was because she had too much sin and blood on her hands. Such a person would have to accept her evil karma.

Moreover, the Honored Sir had always disliked her because of her arrogance, which was why he tried to hold her down in every way possible.

Little did they know, the actual reason behind it was to prevent the True Buddha from achieving oneness!

All the Buddhas were wildly confused as their long-held belief had been broken down. Flustered and not knowing what to do next, they merely stared blankly at the Honored Sir, no longer with anticipation and obedience.

Helian Wei Wei smiled, as she stared daggers at the person who greatly tormented her. Her eyes were extremely cold as she growled, “Before Buddhism was created back then, Sakyamuni experienced all the miseries in the human world, vowed solemnly to salvage all the living creatures in the world, and used his flesh to salvage the evil spirits in the Sea of Blood. What about you? What have you done? Didn’t you believe in fate? Since heaven gave the position of True Buddha to Sakyamuni, you’ll still be an evil-minded petty person even if you cultivated for a million more years.”

“Shut your…” The Honored Sir was about to reprimand her, when someone suddenly punched him right in his chest. Then, a freezing cold instantly gripped his heart.

Baili Jia Jue had always been astonishingly fast, especially at violence.

A crispy crackling sound could be heard.

The Honored Sir’s rib was forcefully taken out by him!

The golden Light of Buddha started to leak out of his body, bit by bit.

Upon seeing this, Helian Wei Wei saved her words and moved swiftly. In a flash, she swung her Phoenix Bone at the Honored Sir’s eye.

The Honored Sir did not duck, as the Son of King of Hell could not lift his Soul Reaping Axe anymore. He had said that even if they were all killed, he could revive himself infinitely and take over Buddhism again. He would be the ruler of Buddhism, as long as Sakyamuni was absent. This was his destiny and nobody could ever change it!

As though she could read the Honored Sir’s thoughts, Helian Wei Wei smirked and suddenly stopped in front of him. Then, she whispered devilishly, while pausing between words, “I think there’s something you’re clueless of, the Phoenix Bone Scythe can cut Dharma fates and Buddha’s souls!”

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