The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 862

She simply wanted to let him listen to the babies, when did she try to seduce him!

Speechless, she realized that she would never understand His Highness’ divine mind.

“Are you sad because I didn’t kiss you?” Baili Jia Jue put the old scroll in his hands aside, and pinched her chin with a smile on his face.

Before Helian Wei Wei could say anything, the Son of the King of Hell in the same carriage could not endure it anymore, and bared his teeth at Baili Jia Jue as he said, “Excuse me, there’s a child here. Please don’t teach me weird things, and kindly don’t show your affection in front of a bachelor!”

Baili Jia Jue looked at him calmly and said coldly, “Why are you still here?”

What do you mean by asking why am I still here?! The Son of King of Hell was enraged and bellowed, “You haven’t done what you promised me! You said that if I follow you to Buddhism, you’ll go to the Underworld and fight my dad!”

“I did say that.” Baili Jia Jue laid back lazily, and hugged Helian Wei Wei to his side. He stared at the King of Hell’s Son and added, “But did I say I will fulfill it?”

The Son of King of Hell was completely bent out of shape about it, pointing a finger at him and furiously saying, “You are sly, and shameless!”

“Demons are always sly, you people from the Underworld are not much different from us.” Baili Jia Jue carried the Son of the King of Hell up and threw him out.

As he watched the carriage speeding toward the capital, the Son of the King of Hell rolled on the ground. However, he was not furious. He merely smiled devilishly as he carried the huge ax on his shoulder, muttering to himself, “Since you don’t want to visit the Underworld to find my dad, I’ll make my dad find you. He treats you as a love rival anyways, jokes on you for being more good looking than him.”

The Son of King of Hell felt absolutely sassy after saying that, so he took out his small mirror and coolly set his hair.

Since this was the official’s road, a lot of people used it to enter the capital.

Those people were already exhausted after their journey, but they did not expect to see a child being thrown out from the carriage in front of them.

More astonishingly, the child was flung so forcefully that it might have hurt his brain. He simply kept looking at himself in the mirror, as if he wanted a flower to appear on his face.

What a poor child, what a waste of that face, sigh.

The people shook their heads and continued walking.

The capital was totally different from the past, as the security checks were very strict now.

It seemed that it was because the Retired Emperor was ill and the Third Prince still had not returned. The Seventh Prince was too young, so the state affairs in the palace were taken over by the four ministers in the cabinet.

Ever since the Third Prince revamped the ministry, very few people dared to abuse their power anymore.

This time, some ministers appeared again for some unknown reasons.

Could it be that the rumors are true, claiming that the Third Prince can’t make it back after going to the dangerous ancient tomb that nobody is courageous enough to enter, to prevent the demonic aura from invading the capital? Is that why the ministers start to act so brazenly like this?

The commoners knew nothing, but they were forced to pay a fee to the officers for no reason whenever they entered the capital. If they don’t pay, they would not let them in the Capital.

Baili Jia Jue’s carriage was also stopped.

The two shadow guards that drove the carriage exchanged glances with each other and ordered calmly and emotionlessly, “Step aside.”

The officers had never seen such rude people, so he took out his sword and shouted, “You want me to step aside? You have some guts! I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t argue with foolish people who can’t read the situation like you. Hand in your money and I’ll let you pass. If you don’t, go back to wherever you came from. I don’t want to arrest people anymore, I’m so tired of doing it every day!”

After that, the officer walked toward the carriage with a whip in his hand.

Inside the carriage, Helian Wei Wei was sitting in Baili Jia Jue’s embrace. She unconsciously raised her beautiful brows after hearing what the officer said.

On the other hand, Baili Jia Jue simply looked indifferent. He stopped flipping the pages, and rested his fair fingertips on one side, but his eyes were scathingly cold.

He really hated being disturbed.

This was something that Helian Wei Wei knew all along.

However, this man became more possessive with her, and had to hold her in his arms even while he was reading. He hugged her from behind with a nonchalant gaze and lazily asked her to flip the pages.

He truly is a master. Helian Wei Wei pinched his hand and smiled gently, as she liked to toy with his hands. They were always noble and slender, with a comfortable temperature.

Baili Jia Jue also enjoyed being held by her like this, it felt like holding the paws of his pet kitten. Although he never raised cats, he had raised a Phoenix before. It felt good to be relied on by his pet.

Now that they heard the ruckus outside, Helian Wei Wei stopped playing and peered outside.

Baili Jia Jue was slightly upset. Thus, he grabbed her hand again and merely uttered a word to the people outside nonchalantly, “Scram.”

The surrounding crowd of people took a deep breath when they heard him…

They were astounded by the courage of the speaker.

They knew that officer, he was a subordinate of the four ministers and was simply doing his job as ordered. Even most of the foreign officers did not dare to challenge him due to his prestige, and were forced to meekly pay their money as told.

But the man in the carriage actually asked him to scram?

“Ahh, my bad temper is acting up again. Who are you asking to get lost?” The officer did not expect them to be so ignorant. Furthermore, the carriage did not belong to any of the masters in the capital. He suddenly lost his temper as his anger rose to its boiling point, and said, “I kindly let you go, but you’re too stupid to accept my offer! Soldiers, destroy this carriage, arrest everyone inside, and lock them up in jail!”

The officer yelled while raising the whip in his hand, and he was nearly slapping them.

In the next second, he was picked up from behind by the shadow guard, and dropped forcefully on the floor with a loud thud!

The officer’s face contorted in pain, and he could feel that it was covered in blood. Hence, his voice grew angrier as he roared, “Send the army, send as many soldiers as possible! Bring my uncle here too! Kill all of them, kill all of these ignorant fools!”

When they heard it, the shadow guards exchanged looks again and simply stood quietly without rebutting, as though they were waiting for something.

Until another word echoed mercilessly from the carriage.


Only then, they began to make a move. When they unsheathed their swords and slashed with such fluid shadow-like movements, four to five people convulsed and instantly fell onto the floor.

Only the officer was left standing, with his face turning ashen white in terror as he stared at the carriage, utterly mortified.

The owner of that sound did not show himself at all.

However, it was even more horrifying because he did not reveal himself.

He initially assumed that the two people standing before him were just some common warriors that knew a little martial arts. However, after the previous incident…

He realized that they were not easy opponents.

However, these two powerful people still had to obey the orders of the person in the carriage.

Who on earth is that person…

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