The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 863

“What audacity!” In the midst of the chaos, a ferocious man in armor walked over. He looked like he was from the military barracks. He stared angrily at the carriage that was about to break into the city, then he looked at his wounded nephew on the ground and his eyes narrowed in an instant, “How dare you attack the officers of the imperial court in public, are you rebels or are you just tired of living? I’m giving you a chance to survive now. Get out of the car and come with me right now. If not, I will take your lives!”

As he spoke, he slammed his long knife onto the ground. With a loud bang, splits appeared in the ground one after another!

The people outside the city were terrified by the sight of this scene. They hurriedly hid aside as they looked at the man with their faces full of fear.

As they hid, the carriage was now the only thing left in the middle of the road. The sight of it was hard to ignore.

Two shadow guards stood still at both sides of the carriage.

The people in the carriage had no intention of getting out at all.

The general of the city guard was completely furious by now!

“Well, very well, it seems like you’ve chosen the forfeit instead of the toast huh? Archers standby, shoot all these lawless people to their deaths!”

Obviously, compared to the lead officer on the ground, this man was much more powerful. Once his order was given, whizzes were heard all around!

Hundreds of soldiers within and beyond the city wall raised their bows and arrows!

Every single arrow was pointed at the carriage in the middle of the road!

“Shoot!” The general of the city guard gave the order ruthlessly. He was a violent person by nature, and the other party had injured his nephew. If he did not kill these people personally, it would be hard for him to tame the hatred in his heart!

Whiz, whiz, whiz!

Hundreds of arrows were fired at the same time, each of them carrying the howling sounds of wind.

The general of the city guard smiled as if he had foreseen the tragic death of his enemy!

Even the commoners could not bear to witness this blood splattering scene as they all turned their heads away.

But no one could have anticipated that at the very moment before the arrow reached the carriage!

The air suddenly moved and the carriage seemed to be covered in a layer of thin light.

Everyone in the War Dragon Empire knew that it was a martial spiritual force that could only be generated by Gold League warriors!

Those arrows appeared to be blocked and remained stagnant in the air as they were unable to move forward.

Then, a loud bang was heard!

All the arrows were smashed into pieces by the strong force!

In the midst of all the dust within and outside of the city, all eyes widened.

The injured officer on the ground looked at the general of the city guard and stammered, “Un-uncle, who are these people? How could they be so powerful?”

“You’re asking me? How would I know!” The general was unusually short-tempered, but soon he smiled coldly, “It’s just a Gold League warrior. Gold League warriors were hard to come by in the past, but since the Grand Tutor came to the Capital, most of the Wooden League warriors had advanced into the Gold League. There is nothing to fuss about!”

As he spoke, the general pointed his long knife to the sky and a new troop was now positioned on the wall.

But this time they were no longer ordinary officers but real soldiers, furthermore these soldiers looked stronger than ordinary soldiers. Every one of them wore demon masks and they looked down murderously. Countless dark shadows swarmed out from the city diffusing a heavy scent of bloodlust. Their appearances made Helian Wei Wei smile slightly from inside the carriage, “It seems the Capital’s city guard army has changed in our absence.”

Baili Jia Jue was playing with her hands as he casually raised his gaze. His deep-set pupils gleamed coldly, but he still had no intention of going out. Instead, he held Helian Wei Wei’s waist and leaned back with an air of extreme luxury and laziness as he waved off the scene outside the window with his long sleeves.

“Your martial Qi is quite good, but do you think that you could go against disciples of the Grand Tutor’s Manor with that alone? How many lives do you think you have?” The general of the city guard thought that the opposing party was merely provoking him. He mocked and raised his knife at the same time as he led thousands of soldiers to tear down the carriage!

At this exact moment.

Not far from the city, a sudden gust of explosive dust arose!

It was an uproar of at least a thousand horsemen trampling on the mud and every sound of that shook the earth!

“General, something’s off.” The soldier nearest to the general of the city guard came close and said in a low voice, “It sounds like there are incoming soldiers and horses, but who would dare enter the city at this time.”

The general of the city guard’s eyes narrowed. Just as he was attempting to see a little more clearly.

The black cavalry charged at lightning speed as if they had emerged out of the horizon. Each of them carried a long knife and had a face mask on. Like shadows in the night, they came like a whirlwind!

“They are the third, third…” Before one of the soldiers could finish speaking, the black cavalry had raised and dropped the knives in their hands.

No living soul remained in the paths they trod.

Until there were no more offenders around the carriage.

The black cavalry then came down from their horses, all of them went down on one knee and lowered their gazes toward the carriage. Their voices were deafening as they proclaimed, “Welcome back to the Capital, Master!”

These three thousand shadow guards had never left the Capital compound. Every time Baili Jia Jue left the Capital, they would go into hiding. Once Baili Jia Jue entered the Capital, they would gather in a short time and followed him within tens of meters’ range, always standing by to kill any enemy at any time.

This was why Baili Jia Jue had established the Shadow Army back then. No matter what happened within or beyond the palace, his military power would remain untouched.

For those who were ignorant yet triumphant, they were totally clueless about this.

“You, which army do you belong to? How dare you take action without the permission of the Grand Tutor!” At this time, the general of the city guard finally sensed that the other party was of a certain standing. So what if they had a powerful background, any foreigner who entered the city had to pay. Furthermore, it was no longer a simple issue that could be solved by money. Since these people dared to disobey the Grand Tutor, they should be punished to death!

The general of the city guard’s eyes were red with rage. He roared and swung at the carriage from a close distance!

However, before he even got close to the carriage, he was intercepted by a figure that dropped from the sky. The man was very tall, almost two meters in height and was blocking all the lights. He was also carrying a weapon that looked like an iron rod on his shoulder, “You bastard, who do you think you are, how dare you touch our Boss’ carriage! You want money? D*mn you, you were still a crawling baby when my boss began training in the martial arts and earning his keep in this Four-nine city!”

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