The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 864

The voice made Helian Wei Wei smile the moment she heard it, then she spoke lazily to the person outside the carriage, “Da Xiong, why are you here?”

“Boss, it’s not just me, all our comrades are here. We caught up with you the moment your carriage arrived at the Capital!” Da Xiong laughed as he answered.

More than a dozen dark figures dropped to the ground, each of them extraordinarily skillful and varied in appearances. There were tall and short ones, thin and bulky ones too, even the weapons they used were not the same.

The only common thing among them was that their weapons were rare!

Hearing that all her troops had arrived, Helian Wei Wei turned to Baili Jia Jue and said, “My turn this time.” The eagerness in her voice could not be concealed.

His Highness pinched her hand, “What do you mean, are you not worried that you might hurt your pregnancy?”

Helian Wei Wei agreed after some thought so she asked the people outside, “Da Xiong, did you bring the sniper gun?”

“I’ve been carrying it all along.” As Da Xiong spoke, he gestured to the black gun on his shoulder.

Helian Wei Wei squinted her beautiful phoenix eyes and said, “Let’s blow off the city gate directly then. Let the people live, they will be useful later.”

“Alright!” Obeying her command, Da Xiong lifted the sniper gun, squinted his left eye as he made a three-point alignment through his viewfinder and placed his index finger on the trigger.

A loud bang was heard!

Amid the rising sparks, the general of the city guard was so stumped by the explosion that he was at a total loss.

The gate behind him collapsed and the flag swayed with the movement of air in an instant. The ten or more soldiers standing on the city wall had also fallen from the impact of the explosion. Gravel rolled on the ground continuously, creating an unbelievably deafening noise.

Amidst the thick streams of smoke, the bystanders were using their long sleeves to clear the dust before them, but shock remained in their eyes!

The general of the city guard who was closest to Da Xiong looked stupefied. His mouth hung wide as he shook his head slightly, his ears were still buzzing. He looked at the long, black gun in a daze and his legs went limp as he almost lost all his senses.

Why had no one ever told him…

That there was such a weapon on the Divine Mainland?

What on earth was that!


But it looked different from dynamite!

Dynamites had to be buried first before igniting them later!

While the general of the city guard was still berating himself for everything that had just happened.

Dozens of dark figures seemed to be clearing a path for the carriage. Every man held guns in their left and right hands. They shot at the feet of the soldiers who were trying to come forward, causing sparks to fly around. The general of the city guard was caught by the throat once he looked up.

At that moment, he only had one thought on his mind, “Who, who are you guys?”

As he spoke, blood spluttered from his throat.

The man did not speak, he merely brought along his men and advanced into the city on Helian Wei Wei’s orders!

Of course there were informers.

A soldier on horseback crossed the Eastern City and headed straight to the Grand Tutor’s Manor!

At this moment, a celebration was being held in the Grand Tutor’s Manor for all the money they had collected these days.

“Grand Tutor, you are brilliant to have come up with this money earning method. Everyone has to pay to enter the city regardless of their identity or status. What a profitable business!” The great general Ao Jiang who was supposed to be standing guard in Yun Nan was munching down on his meat while not forgetting to hold onto the heavy bunch of silver in his hand.

One of the officials who looked like a scholar put down the gold chain in his hand and said worriedly, “What do you think would happen if the Retired Emperor knew what we were up to?”

“Old Wei, why are you so timid! When you entered the palace, you yourself saw the state of the Retired Emperor, he wouldn’t live long!” Ao Jiang knew that there were no outsiders here so he did not hesitate in speaking his thoughts. He sneered and said, “The Seventh Prince is very powerful but he is still a child. How would he understand the politics within the courts? Moreover, our Grand Tutor is still in control of the palace so no one could deliver the news to the royal family. The Hei family might have sensed our intentions but they are businessmen now, their army is thousands of miles away from the Capital and is too far to do anything. Why are you even worried?! We should focus on earning as much as we can now!”

Lord Wei still felt uneasy, especially since his eye started twitching non-stop from a while ago, “General Ao, do you think the Third Prince is still alive? If he returns to see the Capital in its current state, you and I will have to go to hell!”

“Sigh, I say, why are you scholars so cowardly?” Ao Jiang sneered, “Him coming back? Do you know where he went? It was the eternal royal tomb! No matter how skillful he was, he would have died there. Even if he did come back, we still have the Grand Tutor on our side. With his abilities, I am sure the Grand Tutor could expel him from the city!”

This Grand Tutor was always by Ao Jiang’s side, but he had never seen Baili Jia Jue before. He had only heard that Baili Jia Jue was martially strong and very ruthless.

Even so, he was just a normal human being.

Even if he was of royalty in the human realm and was protected by his nobility that he would never die…

He was not enough to be his opponent either!

The Grand Tutor was still confident of his ability, he was only apprehensive of the Little Seventh Prince in the palace.

If not for that little child, he would have been able to possess the Retired Emperor and do whatever he wanted.

From the first time he laid eyes on the Little Seventh Prince, he had known that he was not an easy target.

Fortunately, Ao Jiang was in front of him at that time. Otherwise, his cover would surely have been blown.

So far, however, he could not see through what the child’s true colors were.

The more mysterious he seemed to be, the more dangerous he was.

Nevertheless, that did not matter. As Ao Jiang said, he was just a child.

As long as they were not in close proximity to the palace, the Little Seventh Prince would not realize whatever havoc they were wrecking in the Capital.

As for the Baili Jia Jue that they often mentioned, he had never considered him seriously.

The Grand Tutor smiled and reached out his hand saying, “Come on, let’s have another drink. Don’t worry, Lord Wei. If someone comes, I will handle them myself.”

“With your words, Grand Tutor, I now feel assured.” Lord Wei smiled and was just about to lift his wine glass.

Suddenly they heard a report coming from outside, “Grand Tutor, General Ao, bad news, bad news! Someone is advancing toward the city with their cavalry!”


Lord Wei’s wine glass fell to the ground.

Ao Jiang also stood up and said gloomily, “No cavalry can enter at this time, are you sure you are not mistaken?”

“No, no mistake!” The soldier was out of breath, “I saw it with my own eyes, they have reached the Eastern City by now!”

Ao Jiang frowned, “How many soldiers do they have?”

“A thousand.” The soldier replied.

Ao Jiang laughed, “What kind of cavalry has merely a thousand people! Grand Tutor, let’s go and see who is so stupid to have forsaken a heavenly route and is insisting on breaking into hell!”

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