The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 865

Ao Jiang’s tone was arrogant. He grabbed his long knife and immediately led a large troop of soldiers to barricade the entire Eastern City district, blocking all the incoming carriages at the entrance of Meridian Market!

“You mean these are the rebels?” Ao Jiang gave a dismissive look at Da Xiong’s team who was clearing the route, “How dare they think of revolting with only a few people? How reckless of them!”

As Ao Jiang spoke, he raised a single hand and countless archers lifted their bows and arrows!

A dense murderous aura was immediately triggered!

Ao Jiang originally thought that there were only a few rebels so his archers’ arrows would take most of them out!

But he did not expect that before his archers could take action…

A loud boom sounded!

All those archers along with their bows and arrows were blasted into the sky.

The opponent’s speed was extremely fast. With unknown weapons in their hands, thundering bangs could be heard!

Terrifying smoke and ashes permeated everywhere. Those people behaved like they were entering a no man’s land, once they raised their hands they annihilated everything within their sights.

Ao Jiang who thought it was a sure win for him, could not help feeling a little flustered. Looking at the dark figures that were nearing him, he subconsciously dragged a soldier to block his front.

But in the next second, the soldier was shot dead.

Fresh blood was instantly splattered onto his face!

“What are they holding in their hands!” Ao Jiang called out!

Lord Wei, who had experienced several imperial court changes seemed to have seen a ghost at this point. His face turned completely pale as he muttered to himself, “That was the gun, the gun that could only have belonged to the Hidden Army. Why would the Hidden Army be here? The Hidden Army would never appear on its own, unless… unless their master was here too! Helian Wei Wei, Helian Wei Wei is here! No, oh no!” Lord Wei looked at the black cavalry who was gradually taking form in front of his eyes, his lips started trembling violently as he said, “Not just Helian Wei Wei, the, the Third Prince! The Third Prince is back!”

Lord Wei’s mutterings made Ao Jiang’s face turn awfully pale too!

But he still refused to admit his fate, “It is impossible that he could make it back alive, someone must be putting up dramatic pretenses! Grand Tutor, Grand Tutor!”

On the surface, Ao Jiang seemed to be still in disbelief, but his heart had begun to feel tremendous unease. He dragged the Grand Tutor over, “Grand, Grand Tutor! Hurry, hurry up and cast some spells, stop them!”

The Grand Tutor had never seen this side of Ao Jiang.

He met the mighty general, Ao Jiang when he was in Yun Nan.

Ao Jiang had always been fearless, even when he was confronting the Retired Emperor in the palace.

How powerful was this Third Prince that he had the ability to terrify Ao Jiang like that?

Forget it, no matter how strong the opponent was, to him he was merely an ordinary mortal.

The Grand Tutor had no regard for Baili Jia Jue at all. The look in his eyes transformed in an instant and the dust in his hands trembled as he cast a spell into the air.

Vaguely, the air surrounding them appeared to be condensed as the temperature dropped by dozens of degrees all of a sudden!

Something seemed to be floating around the entrance of the market.

Da Xiong who had been enjoying the fight was stunned as he noticed a bloody face appearing before him. He took a step backward and when he looked closely again, he felt his back run cold, “Man, what is this!”

The others also felt the uncomfortable chills. They looked at one another, feeling like there was something creepy around them.

Once Ao Jiang saw that his opponents had stopped in their actions, he became lost himself. Then, he looked back at the Grand Tutor with surprise in his eyes, “Grand Tutor is still the skillful one after all!”

“That was just a piece of cake.” The Grand Tutor cast another spell.

The air started to fog and turned dark. Hidden shadows seemed to be flying around within the fog.

Very few were unaffected, especially when the black fog began to spread. Da Xiong could feel that there were faces continually flashing before his eyes.

The faces were different from one another, but they were all as pale as corpses!


Someone could no longer take it and fired the first shot!

But the shot did not hit anything, instead, it almost hurt their own comrades!

These were within the Grand Tutor’s expectations. He stood there as his eyes glowed with vacant darkness.

Soon, very soon, they would not be able to withstand the ghostly aura and they would start to kill one another!

The same would happen to the Third Prince in the carriage!

The Grand Tutor thought about this gleefully, but as he was about to start his third attack, he was bounced back by an invisible force and fell heavily onto the ground!


Fresh blood spewed out of his throat like spring water!

At that moment, his internal organs ached terribly!

Damn it!

The Grand Tutor raised his head and sucked the surrounding ghostly aura into his body, then only did he look toward the middle of the main road.

Could it be that there was someone here who was immune to the ghostly aura?

No, that is impossible!

“Grand Tutor!” Ao Jiang reached out his hand and helped the Grand Tutor up, his expression was disturbed, “What is going on? What is going on here?”

This Grand Tutor was an evolved evil demon, hence his strength was restored once he absorbed the ghostly aura, “It’s nothing, just a little trouble.”

The Grand Tutor’s eyes had turned red at this moment as he stared fiercely into the crowd and tried to locate that mysterious force.

Right then, the carriage that was several meters away suddenly appeared in front of him.

A loud bam could be heard!

The carriage exploded from within and fine sawdust floated in the air as if it was controlled by someone. Layers of sawdust suspended in the air and it looked like a scene straight out of a comic book.

In the midst of the floating sawdust and above the broken carriage was Helian Wei Wei. Her lips were slightly curled, her fiery red windbreaker was dancing wildly in the turbulent atmosphere as her beautiful night rakshasa’s wings flapped violently. There was a tinge of mysterious red on her gorgeous face as she maintained an undisguised chuckle.

Baili Jia Jue embraced her with his left hand as he sat casually. Even in front of the public’s eyes, he had no intention of letting her go. Amid the billowing smoke, he remained untouched by the wind and the dust. As his noble coat sat on his shoulders, he looked like an emperor who held the power of life and death in his hands, and he emitted an oppressive aura!

Around him, the evil spirits in the black fog had started to shiver. Not only were they apprehensive in stepping forward, some even wanted to turn around and escape!

Baili Jia Jue did not give them this opportunity. His dark pupils barely squinted.

Dozens of demons and monsters appeared above the carriage. They wriggled their bodies within the clouds, they stayed in position but it was also clear that they were not to be messed with!

In just a split second, those disturbing evil spirits were swept away like the wind by these monsters, not even a shadow was left behind!

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