The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 866

Around him, the evil spirits in the black fog had started to shiver. Not only were they apprehensive in stepping forward, some even wanted to turn around and escape!

Baili Jia Jue did not give them this opportunity. His dark pupils barely squinted.

Dozens of demons and monsters appeared above the carriage. As they wriggled their bodies within the clouds, they stayed in position but it was also clear that they were not to be messed with!

In just a split second, those disturbing evil spirits were swept away like the wind by these monsters, not even a shadow was left behind!

“What, what are those!” Although Ao Jiang could not see those packed behemoths with bare fangs and brandish claws, the dense dark fog was so obvious that Ao Jiang could feel something unusual in the atmosphere!

The Grand Tutor who could see everything clearly was dumbfounded by now, his devilish red eyes started to waver violently and even his legs were shaking tremendously.

He had only seen such a scene where demons danced and ghosts marched once in his lifetime.

That was almost a thousand years ago when the human realm was not so perfect.

That was when the Three Evil Paths were the most domineering.

Even the two realms of Gods and Buddhas were helpless in front of the Three Evil Paths.

They were no longer the mere existence of lowliness and ugliness.

Because of that man’s leadership, the Three Evil Paths ascended to an unprecedented status.

When he witnessed that scene back then, he was still a little monster. He watched from afar as the man led thousands of demons and monsters to fight the Honored Buddhas sent down by Buddhism and achieved the most legendary portrayal of Mount Buzhou.

Back then, the man wore a black cape with fleeting long sleeves and he was followed by countless demons. He looked like he was the master of the world!

To be able to summon so many demons here, there was no one else in the world but him!

At the thought of this, the Grand Tutor’s voice trembled, “Your, your, your Highness.”

“Grand Tutor, are you alright? You know the Third Prince?” Ao Jiang felt that the Grand Tutor was behaving abnormally and he had never seen him like that.

“No, what Third Prince, that is His Highness! How could it be him, how could he be here!” The Grand Tutor stretched out his hands suddenly and dragged Ao Jiang over, he was on the verge of breaking down. His eyes glared outward and his voice was almost hoarse as he growled, “Why didn’t you tell me His Highness is here! You are trying to get me killed aren’t you!”

Ao Jiang’s face had turned pale for being shaken by the Grand Tutor, not for any other reasons, but the fact that he began to notice the person in front of him had layers and layers of marks covering his face.

Those marks could never belong to a living person!

The Grand Tutor did not care how Ao Jiang looked at him at this moment. He pushed him away and turned back to look at Baili Jia Jue who was sitting in the middle of the carriage.

It was over for him!

What mere mortal!

His opponent was someone he still had to look up to even if he had trained for millions, not thousands of years more.

In this world, he would rather offend Gods and Buddhas than to offend this man before him!

“Grand Tutor!” Ao Jiang who was shoved away, tried to pull the Grand Tutor back to his senses. If the Grand Tutor collapsed now, how would he be able to fight against the Third Prince!

But he had no idea what had happened to the Grand Tutor, he looked like he was possessed!

Or perhaps he was never a human at all!

The thought of this made Ao Jiang’s back run cold, his fingers turned stiff as he watched the Grand Tutor.

Baili Jia Jue who was sitting on the carriage simply glanced coldly in his direction.

The Grand Tutor knelt on the ground in an instant and shouted loudly, “Spare me Your Highness, spare me Your Highness!”

Ao Jiang did not expect this. He thought that the Grand Tutor had mistaken him for someone he knew, furthermore the Grand Tutor had said that he did not know the Third Prince and he was an easy target.

But now… The Grand Tutor was trembling in fear before the Third Prince. He kept pounding his head on the ground so loudly that the people around him could even feel his pain!

Ao Jiang only had one thought on his mind.

That was it, it was completely over for them.

He had the audacity to be unscrupulous in the Capital back then because he thought that the Grand Tutor could deal with the Third Prince!

If the Grand Tutor had surrendered, it meant that his people would be crushed to death by the Third Prince.

He knew the Third Prince’s methods too well, he could not stand against him just by himself!

Furthermore, these soldiers dared to charge toward him because they thought they were going against thieving intruders who broke into the city.

If they knew that it was the Third Prince instead.

Then he… He…

Ao Jiang dared not to imagine what the consequences would be. Now his only regret was that he had unknowingly provoked the Third Prince!

Lord Wei had been kneeling on the ground since the carriage broke apart, and now he too was knocking his head non-stop on the ground, begging for mercy alongside the Grand Tutor. The fear emitting from his entire body was evident!

This made the soldiers look around in confusion, they did not understand what was happening.

Helian Wei Wei winked at the mercenary next to her.

The mercenary paused and straightened himself in front of the carriage. With an inner strength, he was loud and mellow as if his voice was projected from his abdomen as he bellowed, “The Third Prince is present, put down all your weapons!”

“The Third Prince?” An archer who was still holding his bow and arrow looked back in shock, “That was the Third Prince!?”

“What?” The soldiers paused for an instant as they tried to process this sudden news.

Very quickly however.

They made their stand, one by one they dropped the bows and arrows in their hands and landed on both knees as they shouted, “Long live your Highness!”

Their hearts were filled with terror. Who would have guessed that the person in the carriage was the Third Prince, and who would have thought that the Third Prince would appear before them in such a manner?

Everyone in the Capital had thought that the Third Prince would barely survive his last excursion. Who knew that he would actually make it back with the fire in him stronger than ever. He was like a God that was born to conquer the world.

Under such circumstances, he looked even colder and more dangerous than before!

The commoners from the Capital were equally dumbfounded. The person who openly challenged the city entrance tax system was actually the Third Prince of the current dynasty!

And they had been so worried for the owner of the carriage.

They did not expect their renowned Third Prince to return in such a fashion!

As the commoners pondered on this, they only came to a realization when they came to their senses. After they recovered, they knelt on both knees with unprecedented joy in their eyes!

Thousands of commoners within the Northern Capital knelt for over ten miles, it was a spectacular scene to behold.

And all this was to welcome their future king’s return to the Capital!

Seeing this scene made the Grand Tutor hatch other plans. He retracted his feet and was about to escape during the distraction.

But at this moment…

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