The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 867

A deadly voice rang above the ground, “Soldiers, array.”

The Grand Tutor raised his head abruptly and his eyes widened.

That, that was!

“Fight.” As Helian Wei Wei moved her finger, her eyes were as clear as a torch.

On the other hand, the Grand Tutor looked like he had seen the worst enemy in his life. His lips trembled as he said, “The Nine Word Mantra, how could this human know the Nine Word Mantra!”

“Soldiers.” Helian Wei Wei’s thin lips curled, “Line up, before me…”

The Grand Tutor thought that he could escape, after all he was an evolved demon with no physical body. As long as he was not too close to His Highness, he still had a chance to escape.

But with an exorcist present, he could not hide that easily now.

It seemed like he had to get rid of this physical shell today.

As if she had seen through his thoughts, Helian Wei Wei’s grin deepened and her hands arched forward, “Exorcise!”


She seemed to have a thousand beams of spiritual glow floating under her feet, and they condensed altogether mid-air into a burning phoenix with Buddhist aura as she rushed toward the ground!

The Grand Tutor was completely shocked at this point in time!

What followed was an overwhelming fear that surged from the depths of his body!

This light, he had only seen it before at Mount Buzhou!

That was no ordinary Nine Word Mantra, but the clear howl of the ancient phoenix!

It was over!

This time, it was completely over for him!

Before the Grand Tutor could even open his mouth, his body was penetrated entirely by the light of Buddha. The pain of burning fire spread from his chest to the rest of his body, every inch of him was burning brightly.

The soldiers watched wide-eyed as a figure suddenly emerged from the body of the Grand Tutor whom they once worshipped. The figure looked extraordinarily horrifying. He wore a soaked cape that was still dripping with water and his demonic face was like a wizard!

Ao Jiang who was next to him was so frightened that his expression changed at the sight of this scene. His feet stumbled and he almost fell to the ground.

The soldiers were even more frightened, their shoulders trembled in fear as they worried that the shadow figure would pounce on them.

However, what they were anxious about did not happen.

Because once the shadow figure rose, it was completely annihilated by Phoenix Fire.

It seemed to be struggling on the verge of death as its throat released a painful roar.

But no matter how it struggled it still could not escape his fate of being captured!

The light of Buddha’s speed was so fast that the people could only hear the wail of regret released by the evil spirit!

“I can’t believe that the Grand Tutor was an evil creature who was harming the Capital!” The commoners were terrified as they looked at the scene with lingering fear and muttered Amitabha, “Fortunately we have our Third Princess Consort here. Did you see what she did? The moment she revealed her hands, she was like a reincarnated deity!”

“Living Buddha! She is truly a living Buddha!”

“It is really our blessing to have such a Third Princess Consort!”

As the commoners chatted among themselves, they could not help but shouted once again, “Long live Your Highness!”

Helian Wei Wei had always been magnanimous so she allowed the people to rise.

She then retracted her hands and said lowly, “This way, we can save an extra dish for our babies.”

Baili Jai Jue was just beside her and he raised his eyebrows as he heard this.

The bigger fetus also moved its hands and feet coolly.

Helian Wei Wei touched her belly gently and chuckled, “Seems like the babies like it very much.”

His Highness always felt discontented when this woman focused her attention on people other than himself. He stretched out his hand to pull Helian Wei Wei into his arms and sneered at her belly, “What do these little brats know besides eating anyway.”

The bigger fetus squinted his bloody red eyes and turned his head to the smaller fetus as it said, “I think I might have been too kind to our father these days.”

The smaller fetus sighed and opened its eyes slowly, “Brother, believe me, that’s just your illusion.”

“Hmph.” The bigger fetus’ voice turned cool and soft, “We are about to be out anyway. When that happens, I will let our father know that besides eating, I can fight him too.”

Smaller fetus, …Why did it feel like it had to listen to its brother’s entire lifework all the time?

“Your health is much better now, I will be able to hunt for food when night falls. I’ll catch a few ghosts for you to play with.” The bigger fetus said this as it hugged the little fetus overbearingly yet with style!

The smaller fetus nodded, “Okay.”

The two little ones were always loving to one another.

But the scene outside was not so peaceful.

Lord Wei was a scaredy-cat, before Baili Jia Jue could question him, he had crawled forward on his knees to cry for mercy, “Your Highness, I know my fault, I really know it this time. We didn’t do anything but took some silver for ourselves. I did not dare to touch them anyway, they are still in my house. I beg Your Highness to spare my life seeing that I have served the imperial court for so many years!”

After Lord Wei spoke, he pounded his head on the floor again.

Baili Jia Jue did not look at him, instead, he set his eyes on Ao Jiang and spoke inattentively, “You were the one who brought all these soldiers?”

Ao Jiang was basically dumbfounded by now. He had lost his support so he was trembling entirely. He wanted to intercede for himself as Lord Wei did so he pounded his head heavily too, “Yes, but I never expected that it would be Your Highness who was entering the city, I thought that…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ao Jiang saw that His Highness had narrowed his eyes. Those deep-set eyes seemed to flash something that could pierce the nerves of someone.

Ao Jiang only felt that his chest was bulging to the point of bursting, it hurt him so much that his face turned pale-white.

Only then did he realize that he could be killed with an invisible force without His Highness even moving a finger.


His body was bounced away heavily by an unknown, mysterious force.

Ao Jiang and Lord Wei both had blood pouring from their mouths. They laid flat on the ground with broken limbs.

The only difference was one’s veins were completely shattered while the other was still alive.

Baili Jia Jue laughed coldly as he said, “This is my territory. Whoever brings troops here shall die.”

The word ‘die’ worsened the gnawing terror in the hearts of the soldiers who had just surrendered.

Hearing this, Ao Jiang could no longer withstand the severe pain throughout his body, his head tilted and he stopped breathing completely.

After such a battle, no one dared to stop the carriage anymore. Thousands of trained soldiers retreated and cleared a path toward the palace automatically.

From that day onward.

Whether it was the War Dragon Dynasty or any other country beyond it.

No one dared to bring troops into the Capital anymore.

Because the people could never forget how the Third Prince of the War Dragon Dynasty killed Ao Jiang on that day.

Ao Jiang was not only good with soldiers, he was also strategically and geographically well-positioned.

Albeit, Baili Jia Jue still annihilated him without blinking.

No one dared to risk their lives anymore. Even if you were not friends with Baili Jia Jue, you should never become his enemy…

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