The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 871

Helian Wei Wei wanted to stop thinking about it.

However, those were not something that she could simply unsee.

This was the only thing that he should not find out.

Helian Wei Wei went to the Hidden Spirit Temple. This was the first time she went out alone after the world was peaceful once again.

She acted like she was going to pray for blessings, but in fact, she was using this opportunity to find a man with the surname Pei.

However, as the King of Hell’s son had said, no one would be able to find this man unless he was willing to appear.

When the master saw that she was rather down compared to her previous visits, he stared at her and stopped the wooden fish in his hand, “Girl, are you hiding something from His Highness?”

“Only one thing.” Since she was already at this stage, measures must be taken. In fact, even Helian Wei Wei did not know if the so-called measures would be useful, but she had to let someone know, “I might not be able to escape from my tribulation, and if it is true, I hope that master could inform him for me. Even if I left, our children will be here to accompany him.”

When the master heard Helian Wei Wei’s words, the wooden fish in his hand fell to the ground.

That was when Helian Wei Wei’s belly was already showing. In fact, even her actions looked clumsy.

Yet she came, one step after another. She looked at the master, “He really does like killing people, but he’s just spoiled. I don’t want him to be lonely or to be judged as a tyrant by future generations. I hope that master, you could find a way to make him feel better after I leave.”

Looking at Helian Wei Wei’s face, the master shook his head and sighed, “Girl, you still don’t understand. He cares only about you in the world, no one else except you could calm him down.”

Of course Helian Wei Wei understood what the master said.

She caressed her belly, with her eyes red but her back straight.

“Return to the palace.” These were the last words that Helian Wei Wei said at the Hidden Spirit Temple.

The aura of an Empress was growing on her, but Baili Jia Jue never intended to ascend the throne.

No matter how the Retired Emperor challenged him, he was still sitting there indifferently. Until the Retired Emperor had gone thirsty of advising him, he slowly raised his head and glanced outside the window, “She should be coming back soon.” After saying so, he stood and was about to leave.

Looking at his grandson who gave him headaches, the Retired Emperor was furious that the intelligence and steadiness in his usual self suddenly disappeared, “I’ve said for so long! Are you not listening to me at all?! Huh!”

“Isn’t it just the issue of inheritance? When the two kids come out of Wei Wei’s belly, you could choose either one to be the Emperor.” Obviously, Baili Jia Jue was superficially elegant without long-term patience to everyone except Helian Wei Wei.

Eunuch Sun who was trying to calm the Retired Emperor was stunned, “Your Highness, did you say two babies? The princess consort is pregnant with twins?”

Suddenly, the Retired Emperor was not mad anymore. With a smile on his face, he said, “Twins? Hahahaha, this girl Wei Wei is indeed capable! Compared to such a cold brat like you, Wei Wei is so much stronger!”

Baili Jia Jue did not refute as his wife was certainly the best.

“But I made only a pair of tiger-head shoes in the palace, and those baby clothes too.” Eunuch Sun was originally someone who worried a lot. When he heard that one Little Highness had become two, he immediately panicked. He could not care less whether the Retired Emperor was going to hit His Highness with a teacup and immediately went outside to give orders, “You, and you, all of you go to Master Liang to ask for one more pair of tiger-head shoes. Oh, no. Your Highness, is the other baby a Little Prince or a Little Princess? If she is a princess, then phoenix-head shoes are needed and the baby clothes should be more girly.”

The Retired Emperor was also concerned about this. Compared to those troublesome brats, baby girls would be more intimate. If he were to have a great-granddaughter, his life would be perfect already.

When the Retired Emperor thought of this, he was so pleased. He said, “Since they are twins, then the other one should be a little girl, right?”

“I don’t know.” Baili Jia Jue replied simply.

That indifferent look had triggered the anger of the Retired Emperor once again, “You brat! Can’t you be more like a father? The child will be born soon, but you know nothing!”

Baili Jia Jue let the one behind him jump around angrily while he yawned lazily.

The Retired Emperor felt the urge to throw teacups again when he saw his attitude!

Right at that moment, someone who was so witless approached the Retired Emperor, “Imperial Grandfather, there are no more goldfish in the pond already. Ask Eunuch Sun to fill it up when you’re free. Otherwise, I don’t have food to eat anymore.”

As the little man requested oppressively, he had a serious expression on his face.

The Retired Emperor took a deep breath, “Those are scorpionfish which I’ve gotten from the sanctuary, you greedy boy!!!!!”

The entire palace was resounded with the Retired Emperor’s roars.

Helian Wei Wei laughed softly and walked toward Baili Jia Jue, “You’ve angered the Imperial Grandfather again?”

“Not me, it’s Little Seven.” His Highness said this calmly and indifferently, despite the stare from Eunuch Sun at his side.

Helian Wei Wei understood him too well. The smile on her mouth was even broader now.

Baili Jia Jue pulled her into his arms directly, his voice was very low, “Are you a fool? You can’t even walk comfortably yet you insist on going to the Hidden Spirit Temple. What’s more, you even forbade me from following.”

“I went there to return my wish. It would seem less sincere if you tagged along.” Helian Wei Wei said ambiguously while taking his hand over and put it on her belly, “You haven’t said hello to the babies today.”

Baili Jia Jue sneered, “I greet them in my heart every day.”

“This sentence doesn’t sound good.” The bigger fetus had just woken up and heard the words of Baili Jia Jue.

The smaller fetus was also fully developed already. It opened its eyes and looked at the other fetus, “Brother, we will be going out soon.”

The bigger fetus agreed coolly, “Recently I could barely feel the external environment or go hunting. Based on the situation, we should be able to leave here soon. By then, I’ll take you everywhere I go. You haven’t gotten the chance to see this palace yet, it’s very beautiful.”

“Okay, I’ll be able to see how my brother looks like then.” The smaller fetus had a softer voice, but with the same desire…

In the palace, Helian Wei Wei was staring at the smiling man beside her. She could not help but turned around to kiss his face and said calmly, “You have to learn to take care of the babies so that you won’t be clumsy later if I wasn’t in the palace.”

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