The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 101 - It Didn’t Matter If He Died

Chapter 101 It Didn’t Matter If He Died

Ji Yang lay on the ground and felt a warm sensation on his head. He subconsciously raised his hand to touch it, and the sticky blood stained his fingertips.

Because of Ji Yang, Shen Hanxing had a moment to catch her breath. She quickly finished off the others. When she saw Ji Yang lying on the ground, her gaze suddenly sharpened. She raised the steel pipe in her hand and stomped hard on the ground, pouncing forward.


Sixth Brother did not have time to dodge and was hit on the head by the solid steel pipe. His vision turned black as he fell to the ground. Shen Hanxing’s face was cold as she hit him again with the pipe. After confirming that he had completely fainted, she carefully helped Ji Yang up from the ground. She asked, “How are you feeling now? Does it hurt anywhere?”

“Dizzy. I might have a slight concussion,” Ji Yang’s face was pale as he laughed bitterly. “Sister-in-law, don’t worry about me. I’m fine. The police will probably arrive shortly. Big Brother will be here soon too. You don’t have to worry about me. Go chase after him.”

Shen Hanxing thought about Big Buddha Zhao who had led his men to escape. After confirming that Ji Yang was indeed fine, she did not hesitate any longer. After giving Ji Yang some advice, she carried the steel pipe and ran out.

The East Street was poor and backward. There were countless chaotic and narrow alleys here. People who were not familiar with this area would easily get lost. The location of this nightclub was obviously carefully chosen. The back door faced an unmonitored alley. The exit was just around the corner, which was joined to the densely populated residential area.

As long as they entered the alley, Big Buddha Zhao and the others were like fish in the sea. They would be able to easily escape the pursuit of the police or other parties. However, Shen Hanxing was not an ordinary person…

Just as Big Buddha Zhao and the others arrived at the back door and were about to leave, Shen Hanxing caught up to them. She casually grabbed the fire hydrant. Her slender arms outlined her beautiful muscles. “Big Buddha Zhao, you’re leaving so soon? Weren’t you going to punish me? But you haven’t done that yet. So why are you sneaking away?”

“Shen Hanxing!” At this critical moment, Big Buddha Zhao couldn’t care less about his gentle and elegant appearance. He narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he said, “Today, I failed to recognize your abilities and importance and have thus offended you. Now that my territory has been destroyed by the police, we should be considered even now. You still want to annihilate us?”

He had seen Shen Hanxing’s skills in the private room earlier. If even Sixth Brother, who was the best at fighting, couldn’t stop her… Big Buddha Zhao wasn’t confident that he could control Shen Hanxing immediately despite their numbers. If they wasted time here, they would suffer a great loss once the police have caught up to them.

“Weren’t you the one who invited me here, Boss Zhao?” Shen Hanxing smiled slightly. “There’s an old saying, it’s easy to invite someone but it’s hard to send them away. Haven’t you heard of it, Boss Zhao?”

“You’re courting death!”

Seeing that he couldn’t get through to her, Big Buddha Zhao could not be bothered to waste any more time. His eyes revealed a shocking killing intent as he waved his hand. “Take care of her as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter even if you kill her!”

The people who were brought here by Buddha Zhao were all his trusted aides. They were all stained with blood long ago. Upon hearing Big Buddha Zhao’s orders, they rushed forward without hesitation. They specifically targeted Shen Hanxing’s Achilles heel without any mercy.

Shen Hanxing appeared calm on the surface, but there was a serious look in her eyes. She tore open the hem of her dress and used a piece of cloth to wrap the steel pipe around her hand. Then, she dashed forward. Her gaze was locked onto Big Buddha Zhao. She fought her way through, not giving Big Buddha Zhao the slightest chance to escape.

Seeing that she was blocking his way desperately, Big Buddha Zhao, who had no way to escape, was furious. He tore the Tang suit on his body with the golden ring in his hand. In a flash, his disguise was completely removed, revealing the white tiger tattoo on his shoulder. He looked like a true mobster and was unusually fierce. “B*tch!” Big Buddha Zhao spat. “The way to Heaven is open but you don’t want to go. Yet, you barge into the doorless Hell. Did you really think that I’m afraid of you?!”

He took out a watermelon knife from somewhere. The sharp edge of the knife flickered with a cold glint under the light. With that knife, he charged toward Shen Hanxing’s back with murderous intent!

Shen Hanxing sensed the danger and subconsciously wanted to dodge it. However, Big Buddha Zhao’s subordinates had worked for him for many years. When he took out the watermelon knife, they had already blocked Shen Hanxing’s escape route. The steel pipe in their hands whistled through the air and headed straight for Shen Hanxing’s temple!

If she was hit, she would probably lose the ability to move immediately!

There was a wolf in front and a tiger behind. Hatred flashed across Shen Hanxing’s eyes. She gritted her teeth and decided to subdue Big Buddha Zhao first even if she might get stabbed by him!


At this moment, a shout that was mixed with fury and killing intent was heard. Following that, a tall figure with a wooden stick in his hand swiftly and fiercely rushed forward and sent the watermelon knife in Big Buddha Zhao’s hand flying.

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