The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 102 - Is Your Leg Alright Now?

Chapter 102 Is Your Leg Alright Now?

Shen Hanxing seized the opportunity and rolled on the ground, dodging the blockade of the steel pipes by her side. Then, with a somersault, she flipped the steel pipe from above and hit the crotch of the person behind her.

Caught off-guard, his vulnerable spot was attacked. His expression was extremely ugly. His mouth was wide open, and his eyes were about to pop out from the pain. He cried out silently.

Thinking of the dangerous situation she had been in just now, Shen Hanxing’s eyes were filled with coldness. She struck a few more times, hitting the same spot. She showed no mercy as she struck the rod.

When Shen Hanxing had calmed down, there was only the mournful wail coming from Big Buddha Zhao.

“Don’t-don’t hit me anymore! I won’t run, don’t hit me anymore!”

Big Buddha Zhao had lived in luxury for so many years. He was no longer the small fry hooligan who dared to fight and risk his life.

The steel pipe that hit his body carried an astonishing force. It was like a continuous torrential rain that would never stop. The pain penetrated deep into his bones. Big Buddha Zhao rolled on the ground, but the muscles of the man who was attacking him tensed up. His face was cold, and there was not the slightest change in his dark and stern eyes.

Big Buddha Zhao knew that this man who had suddenly appeared really wanted to beat him to death. Big Buddha Zhao was deathly afraid now. With snot and tears in his eyes, Big Buddha Zhao wailed, “Mrs. Ji, Mrs. Ji, I was wrong. Please save me. Please make him stop. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die!” Shen Hanxing looked at the violent man with a complicated gaze. A moment later, she quickly threw away the steel pipe in her hand and quickly walked over to the wheelchair that was thrown at the corner. She said, “Ji Yan.”

She stepped forward and held his wrist. She felt the veins on his wrist bulging and the muscles tensing up. Her heart unbelievably softened. She said, “Don’t beat him anymore. If you continue to beat him, he will really die.”

“He deserves to die,” Ji Yan’s voice was extremely hoarse. His eyes were bloodshot, and his voice was as cold as ice. However, Shen Hanxing, who was holding his wrist, could feel that Ji Yan, who seemed to be ruthless and cruel, was trembling uncontrollably.

Ji Yan’s heart was beating very rapidly, and the speed of his pulse was unbelievably fast. Shen Hanxing could feel his heart beating like a drum just by holding his wrist.

He was still afraid.

Realizing this, Shen Hanxing’s heart was soft and warm. She held Ji Yan’s big palm and placed it on her face. “Ji Yan, calm down a little. Look at me. I’m fine. I’m alright.”

A warm and smooth feeling came from his palm as though he was touching a piece of good silk. Ji Yan’s heartbeat finally slowed down. His gaze which was filled with killing intent and anger, slowly moved away from Big Buddha Zhao. His gaze slowly fell on Shen Hanxing’s face, carefully examining her inch by inch.

Shen Hanxing gave him a brilliant smile. “I’m fine. Look, I’m not hurt.”

After confirming that she was standing in front of him in one piece, Ji Yan’s expression visibly relaxed a little. The ferocity in his eyes faded, and it gradually became gentle.

However, Ji Yan was still afraid. When he thought about if he had come just a little later, that watermelon knife would have stabbed into Shen Hanxing’s thin body. Thinking about the image of blood splattering everywhere, Ji Yan’s heart was filled with negative emotions that could not be described. He suddenly pulled Shen Hanxing into his arms. His arms tightened around her silently, as though he wanted to bury her whole body into his.

Shen Hanxing’s wounds were hurting from his smothering hug. However, she neither reacted to the pain nor pushed Ji Yan away. She hugged Ji Yan back as if she did not feel the pain at all, and her face was beaming with joy.

She felt at ease. Shen Hanxing had never thought that there would be someone whose scent could make her feel so at ease. She gently rubbed her head against Ji Yan’s shoulder. A moment later, she suddenly let out a mischievous laugh. She stood on her tiptoes and whispered into his ear, “Ji Yan, the way you hit him just now was so dashing. I want to kiss you.”

Ji Yan did not know whether it was because of her gentle breath or her bold words, but his ears instantly turned red. His adam’s apple moved slightly. Ji Yan helplessly glared at Shen Hanxing. He said with a half-warning and half-doting tone, “I’ll deal with you when we get back!”

Shen Hanxing stuck her tongue out slightly, feeling a little guilty. She rolled her eyes and changed the topic. “Ji Yan, can you stand up now?”

“The incision has split open.” When he mentioned his own injury, Ji Yan calmly analyzed, “I might need to have it sutured again. It won’t have any effect on the bones.”

He had just finished the surgery not long ago. Originally, he would have waited for the incision to heal before starting his physical therapy, slowly getting back on his feet and learning how to walk again. But when he saw Shen Hanxing in danger, Ji Yan’s adrenaline kicked in and he subconsciously rushed over.

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