The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 105 - I Want to Do Something For Her

Chapter 105 I Want to Do Something For Her

Before they could figure out the whole story, the newspaper’s report adopted a positive tone. It was written to make the public wonder what Mrs. Ji had done this time to enter the police station again.

Just as everyone was racking their brains to guess, the police station released an announcement. “We would like to thank the warm-hearted citizens, Ms. Shen and the three gentlemen from the Ji family, for their help in cracking a serious case on female abduction and trafficking. We managed to stop drugs transactions, raided and closed down the obscene nightclubs, and also arrested the criminal suspect, Mr. Zhao…”

After seeing this news, the majority of the citizens fell silent.

What kind of rich and virtuous woman was Shen Hanxing?! This was the first time they had seen a rich lady who was not obsessed with buying things and showing off her family’s wealth. Instead, Shen Hanxing was a wealthy lady who liked to help others and even assisted the police to solve cases that would later be released on the news to the public!

Unfortunately, Shen Hanxing did not know about these things. After she finished giving her statement, the other police station gave her a brocade flag. Then, she pulled aside a young policewoman who was involved in the case. Shen Hanxing asked, “Excuse me, I would like to ask you something. There should be a girl named Rose that came out with the rest of the people from the nightclub. Where is she now?”

Shen Hanxing had also just found out that other than abducting women and forcing them into prostitution, they were also smuggling drugs. For such a scumbag to be caught tonight, not only did they save many women, but they also caught a very important smuggling line. Therefore, the officers at the police station treated Shen Hanxing very well. This was especially so after they saw the surveillance footage of Shen Hanxing and Sixth Brother’s fight. Some of the young police officers were even more impressed by her.

“Rose? Do you know her real name, Ms. Shen?” the young police officer asked enthusiastically, “I happen to be in charge of registering those people. However, there is no one by the name of Rose.”

“I don’t know her real name. Can you help me ask?” Shen Hanxing felt a little uneasy. She said softly, “She helped me. I want to thank her in person.”

Although Shen Hanxing could also untie the rope tied to her wrist at that time, it would have taken a lot of effort to do so. When Rose came up and stuffed the lipstick in Shen Hanxing’s hands, she also secretly stuffed an eyebrow blade together with the lipstick. That was why Shen Hanxing was able to quickly untie the rope and fight back.

She just wanted to say a couple of words to her, this was not against the laws. The police officer quickly left but she also returned quickly. Her expression was a little heavy as she looked at Shen Hanxing hesitantly.

Shen Hanxing’s heart sank. Her fingertips subconsciously trembled for a moment before she quickly calmed down. “You… You didn’t find her?”

“I found her…” the young police officer could not bear to look away and whispered, “Ms. Shen, I… I’m sorry for your loss. Miss Rose is dead.”

Big Buddha Zhao was a ruthless person. The fact that Shen Hanxing broke free from the rope was too suspicious. Moreover, there were only a few people who came into contact with her. Since Rose was the only person who came into close contact with Shen Hanxing, Big Buddha Zhao had her killed off even if he was not sure that she was behind it.

Rose was a weak and pitiful girl. She did not even have the chance to struggle and she was killed just like that. Big Buddha Zhao did not forget to kill a weak girl even when he was escaping. It was clear how ruthless he was. Hearing this news, Shen Hanxing could not stand straight. Her legs went soft. “Be careful.” Ji Yan held her hand warmly. He gently said, “We can’t bring the dead back to life. Don’t be sad.”

“She-she was trying to help me…” Shen Hanxing’s lips trembled, and a strong sense of powerlessness welled up in her heart. “Can I go and see her?”

The body was at the police station, and the young police officer brought her over. Rose, the innocent and charming girl who smiled at Shen Hanxing as she stood at the door with the light seemingly shining on her… At this moment, her face was pale and her body was cold as she lay in the morgue. Her beautiful qipao was also covered in red and black blood.

Shen Hanxing closed her eyes, and the hidden sadness and resignation flashed past her eyes. Rose was clearly in the swamp of despair, but she was still willing to risk her life to give Shen Hanxing a chance to escape.

Such a wonderful lady and yet…

Shen Hanxing’s eyes were bloodshot, and she gritted her teeth with murderous intent. “I should have beaten Big Buddha Zhao to death at that time!”

“He won’t live.” Ji Yan held her hand, gently and firmly loosening her fingers that were tightly clenched into a fist. Then, he slowly put his fingers in, interlocking his fingers with hers. “I guarantee that Big Buddha Zhao will definitely be sentenced to death.”

With multiple criminal counts, Big Buddha Zhao would not be able to escape from the punishments.

“Please investigate Rose’s background.” Shen Hanxing took a deep breath. With some bitterness in her tone, she softly said, “I want to do something for her.”

“Okay,” Ji Yan nodded.

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