The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 107 - Shall We Have a Drink Together?

Chapter 107 Shall We Have a Drink Together?

Ji Yan glanced at him and said, “Let her rest, and don’t disturb her.” After saying that, his eyes suddenly sharpened. He said in a warning tone, “You still have school tomorrow. Drink the milk that your sister-in-law specially asked someone to prepare for you. Go to bed early.”

His tone was incontestable. Ji Mo hesitated for a long time. But in the end, he nodded obediently.

The siblings did not have many common topics to talk about, and they did not like each other either. Thus, they could not sit together peacefully for long. After confirming that Shen Hanxing was fine, they dispersed, leaving only Ji Yan to sit quietly in the living room. His figure was hidden in the shadow of the floor lamp, giving off a cold and lonely feeling. Shen Hanxing took a hot bath, and the tiredness in her body dissipated quite a bit. She had just changed into her pajamas to dry her hair when she heard a systematic knock on the door. She subconsciously looked at the time. It was already 12:30 am. “Who is it?”

As she opened the door, she asked softly, “It’s very late. What’s the matter?” She was not in a good mood, and her voice sounded a little dispirited. “It’s me.”

Outside the door, Ji Yan was in a wheelchair, holding two goblet glasses in one hand and two bottles of red wine in the other. He raised his hands slightly, and the sleeves of his neat suit slipped down, revealing a well-proportioned wrist. His voice was warm as he asked, “Do you want to have a drink together?”

The two of them sat on the carpet in front of the French window and drank without saying a word. It was a cloudy day, there was no moon, and no stars were visible either. The dim yellow street lights in the distance formed a line, winding and outlining into the distance.

Shen Hanxing drank a bottle of red wine in silence. She leaned on the table and tilted her head to look at Ji Yan. “Mr. Ji Yan…”

Her cheeks were flushed, and her lips were as red as blood. Her eyes were watery and glistening as though tears could fall from them in the blink of an eye. She looked pitiful and delicious as if she was being seductive. He wanted nothing more than to hold her in his arms and bully her until she cried.

Ji Yan’s adam’s apple bobbed, and his voice was hoarse. “Hmm?”

“I feel a little terrible.” Shen Hanxing pressed on her chest and muttered in confusion, “But I don’t know why I feel terrible.” She only had a brief encounter with Rose, but Big Buddha Zhao’s confession… All of it showed what kind of inhuman life Rose had lived before she died. She was living a muddy life but she still retained a bit of altruism. However, it was this altruism that caused her to die.

Other girls could welcome a new life after tonight and start their own lives again, but Rose would always remain in the life she was living the previous night, forever unable to enjoy the feeling of freedom.

The young police officer later told her that the girls who were with Rose said that Rose was only 20 years old this year. Rose was kidnapped into a nightclub when she was 16 years old. Rose’s family circumstances were not very good, and her mother died a long time ago. Her biological father was a gambler who lost his house and sold his daughter out. He had never thought about what would happen if she fell into the hands of those people.

Rose had never enjoyed a day in her life where she did not have to worry about anything and live freely and brightly. The absurdity born from poverty would always be unimaginable to those who still had humanity in them.

Shen Hanxing did not know how many other girls in this society were living such a dark life. She did not know what she could do to help or change any of these.

“My heart seems to have a big hole, and the wind keeps blowing into it.” Shen Hanxing lowered her eyes, seemingly laughing and crying. “It makes me feel so empty. I feel so terrible.”

She felt terrible, but she did not know what right she had to be feeling that way.

“I’m here for you.”

Ji Yan held her face. He said seriously, “If your heart feels empty, then I’ll help you fill it up. You couldn’t save Rose, but you can prevent other girls from following Rose’s path. We can set up a charity fund specifically to help those girls who are in trouble… Are you guys currently making investments? You can take out a portion of the profits and put it in the charity fund. The Ji Corporation will also inject funds into it.”

Ji Yan was indeed a well-known genius in the business world. With just a few words, he outlined the framework for the charity fun. He had already thought of another way to raise money for the charity fund. He said, “Didn’t you complain before that Auntie cheated a lot of money from the rich ladies? You can lead them to invest together. The only requirement is that they need to donate a portion of the money they earn to the charity fund. Compared to being cheated out of their money by Auntie, they would definitely be willing to pay a small price in return for the profit.”

Moreover, doing charity could also give them a good reputation. The socialites in the upper class cared about their reputations the most.

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