The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 112 - Keeping an Eye on Shen Hanxing

Chapter 112 Keeping an Eye on Shen Hanxing

“Are you blaming me for not going?” Wu Tong did not think she was wrong. She pulled Ji No fiercely as she said, “Ji Mo, don’t you know how busy I am? Are you holding a grudge because of a lousy parent-teacher meeting? I worked so hard to give birth to you, and this is how you treat me? I have given birth to a heartless, ungrateful brat like



Busy? What had she been busy doing? Ji Mo tried his best to recall the few moments they spent together.

Yes, she was busy. She only cared about her beauty and skincare. She was busy having afternoon tea with her little sisters. She was busy shopping. She was busy dating different men. She was so busy that she couldn’t spare any time for her son.

Ji Mo felt it was ridiculous, yet he could not laugh anymore. It was as if a sharp knife was slicing through his heart bit by bit. It was painful.

“I never hold a grudge against you,” Ji Mo pursed his lips and said softly, “I know you are busy, so I don’t want to waste your time. I’m going to be late for class. I’ll go to school first.”

“Ji Mo!” Wu Tong panicked. The only reason she was able to lead such a carefree life was because of her son, who belonged to the Ji family. She was used to Ji Mo being obedient to her. He would always be around her, no matter how she scolded or beat him. A smile from her could make him feel grateful. However, things were out of her control now. It was rare for her to be flustered. But she could not put on her act anymore. She could only vent the fear in her heart with anger. “Don’t ever call me mom anymore if you dare to leave today!”

Ji Mo suddenly stopped. His body stiffened as he turned around to look at her. He looked at his mother sadly. “Do you really want to make things nasty?”.

“If you hadn’t been disobedient, why would I be angry?” Seeing Ji Mo stop when she yelled at him, she smirked. “Ji Mo, why have you become like this? You were very obedient. Did your new sister-in-law say something to you? I knew it. What kind of upbringing can a vixen from the slums have? She is a slut, after all. How dare she influences my son and make him disobedient…”

She was cursing and swearing, and everything she said was unpleasant words. However, Ji Mo could see the jealousy in his mother’s eyes when he looked closely. She was jealous of Shen Hanxing, a woman whose background was not even as good as hers was able to marry Ji Yan and become the legitimate Mrs. Ji. Wu Tong had put in so much effort, yet she was only a mistress. She could not marry Ji Mo’s father even after getting pregnant with Ji Mo. “Mom!”

Ji Mo frowned. Those unpleasant words that he was used to hearing had become more unpleasant. He could not help but interrupt, “stop scolding. She is not like what you scolded her.”

“Then what kind of person is she? How long has it been since she married into the Ji family, yet she already won you over? She made you disobedient and distant from your mother!” Wu Tong became even angrier, “yet you said she is not a vixen. After she married into the Ji family, she tried to get along with an underage boy like you because your crippled brother could not satisfy her. What a shameless woman!”

“Mom!” Ji Mo was unhappy, and he glared at his mother coldly. “Stop scolding if that is what you want to say. I’m going to school now.”

The coldness in his eyes was the same as Ji Yan’s. He looked oppressive when he gazed coldly at someone. That reminded Wu Tong of when Ji Mo’s father had died, and she had come knocking on his door to make a fuss. She had wanted to get a little more property, but Ji Yan had ruthlessly chased her away. When she thought of the means used by the head of the Ji family, Wu Tong still shuddered involuntarily out of fear.

That was also why she could only gain some benefits from Ji Mo, her disgusting son, even though she coveted the Ji family’s wealth.

She did not dare to confront Ji Yan.

Now that she saw the same expression on Ji Mo’s face as Ji Yan’s, she was so scared that she froze. She was unable to say anything for a moment.

Seeing that she had finally stopped cursing, Ji Mo grew calmer and said, “What exactly do you want? Are you short of money? I haven’t gotten my pocket money for this month yet. I’ll transfer some to you when I get them. Don’t spend lavishly.”

When Ji Mo’s father died, the children were all given a portion of the shares. Although they did not have the right to participate in the company management, they could still receive dividends.

Although Ji Yan was cold, he would never mistreat his siblings. Although Ji Mo was young, his net worth was high.

“It’s not about the money,” Only then did Wu Tong remember what she wanted to ask Ji Mo. She looked at Jo Mo maliciously as she said, “it’s about your new sister-in-law. I want to know about her. Pay more attention to her and investigate her.”

Ji Mo’s gaze instantly turned cold. He lifted his head to look at his mother, who looked greedy and jealous. That was the first time he had seen his mother like that.

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