The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 64 - How Are You Doing?

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“Hey, don’t throw tantrums with your family members whenever you please. Don’t do this next time,” Shen Hanxing reminded him before her gaze fell on his short black hair. Noticing her gaze, Ji Yang’s heart instantly jumped. He was a little nervous, he did not know what to expect.

Did she see something? Did she think that he was crazy, just like Ji Qian had said? Damn it, getting a haircut was the stupidest thing he had ever done in his life!

“Your new hairstyle is not bad,” Shen Hanxing praised. “It looks much better than before. Keep it like this from now on. Go wash your hands and eat. We’re all waiting for you.”

Ji Yang’s ears instantly turned red. The redness spread to his entire face in an instant. Ji Yang had turned from a wild lone wolf into a duck that was boiling red.

“Mmm.” Ji Yang rubbed the corner of his mouth that was about to split open uncontrollably. After washing his hands, he sat down casually. He then stubbornly explained, “I just feel that the weather is hot so it would feel cooler if I cut my hair.”

“It looks like it’s really hot. Ji Yang, your face is so red,” Ji Qian was a big-hearted person. When she saw that Ji Yang’s face was completely red, she asked with concern, “Do you want to turn down the temperature of the air conditioner a little?”

“No need. I ran back home. It’ll be fine in a while. Eat your food!” Ji Yang couldn’t help but glare at her!

“It looks good. It looks better than your silver hairstyle.” Ji Ning pursed her lips and expressed her thoughts in a low voice.

“Don’t say it anymore.” Ji Zhou raised the corners of his mouth and ruffled Ji Ning’s soft hair. “When some people are embarrassed, they may use their fists on others,” he said as he seemed to imply something.

“I… not only do I use my fists when I feel embarrassed, but I also like to hit people when I have nothing to do. Second Brother, do you want to give it a try?” Ji Yang said with a faint smile.

Hearing the sounds of laughter coming from the dining room, the kitchen maids stuck their heads out and looked at each other. They couldn’t help but smile. Some of them couldn’t help but raise their hands to rub their moist eyes.

It had been a long time since they had seen such a lively scene.

Han Yin was not shy or afraid of strangers. She soon became friends with the children of the Ji family. When it was time for them to part, she looped her arms around Ji Qian and Ji Ning’s necks and spoke to them. Xiao Yu stood in the distance with his back facing the crowd. He raised his head to look at

the crescent moon in the sky. No one knew what he was thinking.

Chu Feng looked at his back. He paused for a moment before calling out in a low voice, “Sister Hanxing.”

Shen Hanxing reacted and raised her eyes to look at the seventeen-year-old boy. The four of them got along with each other. Xiao Yu and Shen Hanxing were around the same age. Most of the time, he was her right-hand man, helping her discipline the others.

Han Yin was lively, cute, and liked to act coquettishly. She was a sweet and obedient little sister. Chu Feng didn’t talk much and didn’t have much presence. Most of the time, he quietly watched them from the side. He seemed very reserved.

But Shen Hanxing knew that he was a boy who valued loyalty. She remembered that there was one time when they were in trouble and couldn’t take care of the family. Chu Feng was the one who shouldered all three of their responsibilities with his thin shoulders. The originally thin boy became as thin as

a bag of bones during that period.

‘When Shen Hanxing and the others got out of their predicament and returned home, Chu Feng didn’t mention how hard it was for him during that period. He only happily welcomed them back home. Shen Hanxing had leamed about the things he had done from her grandmother. If her grandmother

didn’t tell her, she probably wouldn’t know for the rest of her life just how loyal and dependable Chu Feng was.

“Sister Hanxing, are you doing well?” Chu Feng lowered his eyes and asked her with a serious expression. “Sister Hanxing, are you doing well here?”

Shen Hanxing was startled for a moment. Her heart was so sour that it felt as if someone had pinched it. It softened into a puddle. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

“If you’re not happy, you must tell us.”

Chu Feng’s voice was very soft, but his tone was exceptionally firm. “We, and brother Xiao Yu, will always support you in any decision. We’ll be your strongest support.”

When a seventeen or eighteen-year-old child spoke seriously, he always appeared somewhat childish and laughable. The adults always felt that they were still young, What right did a seventeen or eighteen-year-old have to talk about ‘forever’? What right did they have to make these promises?

But Shen Hanxing knew that Chu Feng never spoke nonsense. He used his actions to prove that every word he said was serious and unwavering.

“Iknow,” Shen Hanxing’s heart softened. How could she have such a group of loyal and dependable companions? She raised her hand and patted Chu Feng’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about me. Children shouldn’t have such heavy thoughts. Your responsibility now is to go to school properly and also take care

of Han Yin..”

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