The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 66 - The Assistant He Gave

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“Are you looking down on me or the Ji Family?” Ji Yan smirked. “If you were really afraid that I would get angry, what would you have done?”

He did not expect much from his younger siblings. As long as they did not cause too much trouble, he was willing to support them with wealth and honor. From the looks of it now, all of them were extremely stupid. It

was indeed time for them to be taught a couple of lessons now.

“So, you’re not angry anymore, Big Brother?” Ji Qian’s asked. Her eyes were filled with craftiness and she suppressed her excitement.

“Angry? Who said I’m not angry anymore?” Ji Yan’s face was expressionless. It was hard to tell whether he was happy or angry. “You can’t differentiate between honest and crafty people, good or bad, and you’re not

even vigilant. This time, your sister-in-law backed you up. What about the next time? Can your sister-in-law protect you forever? Can the Ji family protect you forever?”

Ji Qian pursed her lips.

“Learn more from your sister-in-law in the future,” Ji Yan shook his head. When his gaze fell on Shen Hanxing, the stern expression in his eyes softened a lot. He became gentle and affectionate. “It’s okay if you can’t

save the orchid. I can afford to take responsibility for this small matter. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.”

“Mr. Ji should trust me a little more,” Shen Hanxing curled her red lips and smiled. “I’ve said before that you won’t suffer a loss if you invest in me, Mr. Ji.”

Shen Hanxing and Ji Qian went to check the condition of the orchids. Shen Hanxing reformulated the ratio of the nutrient solution and raised the temperature of the greenhouse before she got up and left.

The next day, Ji Yan gave Shen Hanxing a surprise.

“You need someone to assist you, my wife,” Ji Yan pointed to the man beside him and introduced him to Shen Hanxing. “This is the assistant I hired for you.”

The man was dressed in a low-key black suit, and every button was buttoned carefully. There was an exquisite diamond brooch on his dark blue tie. His hair was combed back meticulously, revealing an elite-like face.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Han Qi,” when the man approached, he smelled of cologne. “Nice to meet you, Miss Shen.”

Han Qi?

Shen Hanxing had heard of this man’s name before. Han Qi had apparently studied overseas and completed his postgraduate studies at Oxford University. He had made a name for himself in the financial world at a

young age so many people wanted to hire him. She did not expect Ji Yan to invite Han Qi over.

“Hello, Mr. Han,” Shen Hanxing smiled and shook his hand. “It’s a waste of talent to let you be my assistant, Mr. Han.”

She was indeed very impressed by Han Qi. He was not only talented and practical, but he was also tactful. Although he was introduced by Ji Yan, he did not address her as Mrs. Ji. From this, it could be clearly seen that

he knew who he was serving.

“I believe that Miss Shen will not mistreat me,” there was a hint of a smile in Han Qi’s eyes. “Most importantly, I like to create miracles. Isn’t it a great sense of achievement to see a miracle happen with my own eyes?”

Before Han Qi agreed to Ji Yan’s offer, he had a systematic understanding of the rumored Mrs. Ji who grew up in the slums. She was straightforward and decisive in her actions. Her style was very strong. She was

protective but valiant, bold yet thorough in her actions. She was impulsive but also restrained. Her ability could be said to be outstanding. In Han Qi’s opinion, Shen Hanxing was a mysterious woman. She had many

problems but she was also a very charming lady.

He believed that working with her would definitely be very pleasant.

Shen Hanxing and Han Qi’s gazes met. Both of them could see each other’s ambitions. Shen Hanxing’s acted generously and said, “I hope to get along well with you, Mr. Han.”

Seeing that they had come to an agreement, Ji Yan knocked on his wheelchair. He said, “After my car accident, the Ji family had been quiet for a very long time. Since Maestro Lin Ran has accepted Ji Ning as his student,

shall we hold a banquet to celebrate it?”

The silence after his car accident probably gave some people the wrong signal. They probably thought that he would never be able to rise again.

Those people’s greedy hands were growing longer by the day. It was time to give them a warning. If they crossed the line again, their hands and feet would be crushed.

“In that case, I’ll draw up a list of people to invite,” Shen Hanxing understood the meaning behind his words and nodded. “After Mr. Ji sees the list and feels that there is no problem, we can prepare for the banquet.”

Shen Hanxing had an assistant now. The funds that she had obtained before the wedding had made double the profit in the stock market. Shen Hanxing gave Han Qi ten million dollars on the spot and arranged for him

to register an investment company. On behalf of the Ji family, she began to get busy preparing for the upcoming banquet.

A few days later, all the wealthy families in S City received the invitation letters from the Ji family. At this time, the crisp sound of glass breaking could be heard in the CEO’s office of the Ji Corporation..

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