The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 71 - Apology

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“It is not too late to make up for the time you missed in college,” Ji Yan looked down, and his long eyelashes blocked his eyes. Then he continued, “you don’t have to worry too much. If you feel embarrassed about going back to school, we can employ a home tutor for you.”

It was not advisable to join the Grade 12 class in the middle of the year. There was something he was more concerned about right now. Ji Yan clenched his fist and hid his emotions. He did not wish to let her go to school, especially when she would need to leave the house for hours every weekday. Occasionally, he would think of restricting her freedom and locking her up, keeping her to himself.

However, he could not.

Ji Yan knew that once he kept her imprisoned, Shen Hanxing would no longer be happy. He would even lose her more. To have Shen Hanxing forever, he had to learn to restrain himself, control himself, and give her some freedom and a more relaxed environment.

“I’ll consider about it,” Shen Hanxing was tempted. She grabbed the book and touched it. Then she said softly, “Give me some time to think about it.”

It was not a small matter to return to school and participate in the college entrance exam. The Ji family’s banquet began.

Countless luxury cars stopped outside the Ji family’s villa. Wealthy and famous people came to attend the banquet. They were well-dressed. Paparazzi were outside, waiting to record the first-handed news.

Shen Hanxing had a makeover that day. The bright red silk gown fit her body well, revealing her beautiful curves. Ji Yan customized the jewelry she wore on her neck, which matched the outfit well.

The dress covered her body, only revealing a part of Shen Hanxing’s arms. She was dignified and elegant, but her eyes showed an extraordinary charm that only belonged to her.

Wei Yong looked at Shen Hanxing in amazement when he saw her. As he handed over the gift, he smiled and praised, ‘You astonish me every time I see you, Mrs. Ji.”

Wei Ling followed behind Wei Yong. He was not as active as his usual self. He handed over a gift and said politely, “I was ignorant back then. Please forgive me, Mrs. Ji.”

The two brothers’ attitude was surprisingly good. Shen Hanxing knew that the two of them were probably putting on an act in public. It proved that the relationship between the Wei and Ji families was not like what the rumors had been spreading. She smiled and took the gift. “I welcome the two of you on behalf of Ji Yan. Please come in.”

Coincidentally, a waiter passed by with a plate of desserts. Shen Hanxing beckoned the waiter and handed the plate of dessert to the Wei brothers. “Try it. The new dessert recipe the chef made is not bad.”

Wei Yong was a little flattered. He felt that there was something wrong with him. She would make him feel awkward every time Wei Yong confronted her. Yet he had to come and admit his mistake. That was fine. However, he could not understand why he felt flattered when Shen Hanxing asked him to have some dessert.

Wei Yong took the dessert plate from Shen Haning. He picked up a piece of dessert with his hand and put it into his mouth. He nodded and said, “It does taste good.”

“Please feel free to have some more if you like it, President Wei,” Shen Hanxing’s eyes were curved.

Her eyes were sparkling like starlight, and her smile was sweeter than the dessert in his mouth. Wei Yong felt his soul was a little absent-minded. He was momentarily lost in thought as he watched Shen Hanxing slowly walk away. He did not notice that the guests around him were gossiping about him. His face showed an unreal dreamy feeling.

The guests around him even suspected if he was Wei Yong. The Wei Yong was called the great white shark of the business world. He was always ruthless and would go head-to-head with Ji Yan when they met in the business. They were business rivals. However, Wei Yong was like a cute and tamed tiger in front of Shen Hanxing. They could not understand why he was so flattered when Shen Hanxing invited him to taste the dessert.

It shocked most of the guests around them.

“Why are you still staring at her? She’s already gone,” Wei Ling looked at his brother with disdain, then reached out to take the dessert on Wei Yong’s plate.

“Is it that delicious? I want to try it too.”


Wei Yong mercilessly slapped his stupid brother’s hand away, and his eyes widened. “Go get it yourself if you want to eat. There are plenty on the table!”

“Why aren’t you letting me take it? You don’t like desserts,” Wei Ling widened was angry and retorted, “besides, Mrs. Ji said that this dessert is for the two of us to taste. You can’t keep it all to yourselff’

“I have never said I don’t like desserts. Don’t tell me you know me better than I do?” Wei Yong kicked Wei Ling and continued, “What are you doing here arguing with me? Get lost. Stay away from me.”.

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