The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 77 - Is This Enough?

Chapter 77 Is This Enough?

This glass of fruit wine was a specially concocted cocktail. The taste of the orange blended well with the wine’s fragrance. Its fragrance was rich, without the excessive acrimony of alcohol. It had a smooth texture and a sweet, tasty taste.

Shen Hanxing drank it in one gulp and picked up another glass. Her alcohol tolerance was not bad, and this cocktail did not have any alcohol content, so it would not be a problem for her to drink a few more glasses.

Ji Mei saw Shen Hanxing’s actions and couldn’t help but look at her in disdain. As expected, she was unpresentable and short-sighted. One glass of wine was enough to stun her, and she drank one glass after another as if she had never seen anything good before. It was so embarrassing.

However, it was great that Shen Hanxing was green and inexperienced. She could easily fool her.

“Hanxing, I am looking for you to talk to you about something. It’s a great thing.” The smile on Ji Mei’s face bloomed. She clapped her hands exaggeratedly and said, “I heard that you opened an investment company?”

“Yes,” Shen Hanxing remained expressionless. “I don’t understand these things either. It’s all handled by the assistant I employed. I heard that this thing has a quick return. The return can be several times higher if you invest in the right project.” She laughed and revealed a slightly greedy expression appeared on her face. “No one would complain about having too much money, right?”

Ji Mei became even more excited. It was good that Shen Hanxing was greedy! Most of the girls who married rich people had the same thought. They held a pile of money in their hands and dreamed of doubling it. In the end, all the money went into her pocket.

“It’s good that you have such an idea. I feel it’s good to invest,” Ji Mei said with a smile. “We women, although we can enjoy life by marrying into a good family and not have to worry about living a wealthy life. We still have to have our own money. For example, I have invested in quite some projects, the most of which…” She looked left and right and whispered into Shen Hanxing’s ear as if she was talking about a confidential matter. “It has increased by ten times! Do you know what this means? You invest one million into it. In the blink of an eye, it has become ten million!” “Heh, you’re bragging so much,” thought Shen Hanxing

Shen Hanxing’s eyes were cold. But she did not show her disdain. She asked with great interest, “Really? My assistant said that the projects I’ve invested in recently wouldn’t be able to return money for a while. What are you investing in, Auntie? Introduce them to me.”

“This…” Ji Mei looked troubled. “This is Auntie’s way of making money. From a certain point of view, it can be considered a trade secret.”

“Auntie, we’re family. Blood is thicker than water,” Shen Hanxing pretended to be anxious. “I’m your niece-in-law. This matter is between you and me. No one else will know about it.”

“Sigh…” Ji Mei pretended to be persuaded and lowered her voice, “alright, I am only telling you this for the sake of our family. Please don’t let it get out.”

After Shen Hanxing nodded, she continued, “The business model in the country has already been fixed. We have to invest in foreign trade if we want to make money.”

Ji Mei analyzed mysteriously. “In terms of making money, of course, there is no lack of foreign exchange. I know of a foreign trading company. The company’s prospects and market are good, and they are preparing to inject capital in the next few days. If we succeed, we can at least earn this amount!”

Ji Mei proudly stretched out her palm and flipped it.

Shen Hanxing’s eyes lit up. She asked anxiously, “Really? Then Auntie, can you let me invest with you? I want to invest with you.”

“Erm…” Ji Mei pondered and finally said, “alright, the funds here are already full. But of course, I’ll have to help you as your aunt. Tell me how much money you have, and I’ll bring you along to invest.”

There was nothing such as easy money in this world.

High rate of return? It was impossible the investment rate would be ten to twenty times the money invested.

Shen Hanxing sneered in her heart. She put on a convincing look. “Ji Yan gave me 50 million in start-up capital.”

She proudly took out a black card. “If this is not enough, I have the black card Ji Yan gave


Ji Mei’s breathing almost stopped.

Ji Yan was generous to Shen Hanxing. He gave her 50 million and even gave her an unlimited black card.

A short-sighted fool with a huge amount of money was like a child carrying a gold brick across the street. Don’t blame others for snatching it.

Ji Mei was greedy. She nodded without hesitation. “That’s enough. It’s enough. Let’s make an appointment. I’ll take you to sign the contract.”

Ji Mei was not worried that Shen Hanxing would be able to see through her trap in the contract. She could even fool those upper-class ladies with her tricks, not to mention a country bumpkin like Shen Hanxing. They were still in the dark, waiting to split the money.

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