The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 78 - Did You Drink?

Chapter 78 Did You Drink?

“But…” Shen Hanxing hesitated and said, “Auntie, I’ll tell you the truth. Please don’t laugh at me. It is the first time I’ve spent so much money. I’m uncertain. Why don’t you take me to the company to take a look before investing?”

A petty and cautious fool!

Ji Mei cursed in her heart and hesitated a little. That foreign trade company was almost an empty shell. To suck more blood from the JI Corporation and rationalize the money she had swindled. The company had become a tool for her to launder money. There were too many loopholes in the company, and it was not suitable to visit.

However, thinking of the 50 million and the quota of the black card, Ji Mei hesitated. In the end, greed had gained the upper hand. What would a young lady who had not graduated from high school know? The company was full of trusted confidants as long as they worked together to fool Shen Hanxing. They would be able to scam some money from Shen Hanxing.

With that thought in mind, Ji Mei nodded and agreed, “Alright, but only you and I can know about this. Don’t tell anyone else, not even Ji Yan.”

She was afraid that Shen Hanxing would get suspicious. Ji Mei added, “I’m telling you so much because I like you. A woman has to have some private money to protect herself and not reveal it even to her husband. A woman can only rely on herself, understand?”

“I understand, Auntie,” Shen Hanxing nodded, looking touched, “Auntie, you are so nice to


“Silly child, we are all family. Of course, I am nice to you.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. The atmosphere was harmonious and loving. However, Shen Hanxing explained everything to Ji Yan after that. Ji Yan was instantly angry. “I have underestimated her in the past.” He used to think that his aunt was greedy and snobbish, coaxing the Ji family to pay for the Cheng family. The Ji family did not lack money, so he was too lazy to care about this in the past. However, he did not expect the Cheng family would get greedier. Their hands were stretching out longer, and their actions were more intolerable.

“She’s not the one I’m afraid of,” Shen Hanxing picked up a grape and threw it into his mouth. She said with a smile, “All of your aunt’s schemes are superficial, and I can deal with them with ease. However, that Cheng Songyang, I can’t see through him.” Ji Yan’s eyes were dark, and he had a sharp gaze. “People can pretend for a while, but they can’t pretend for the rest of their lives. They will eventually give themselves away.”

Seeing that he knew what he was doing, Shen Hanxing felt more assured.

Shen Hanxing held her forehead with one hand, and her whole body was emitting a lazy aura. Her face was slightly hot. “I want to go to that foreign trade company. If I remember correctly, that was distributed by the old master when he was still alive, right?”

“You know about it?” Ji Yan was a little surprised.

“I accidentally saw it on the documents,” Shen Hanxing curled her lips into a smile. That night, she put on bright red lipstick. She squinted her eyes lazily to match the red dress. She lazily leaned against the sofa. Under the warm light of the room, she looked dazzling and beautiful.

Her every frown and smile were flirtatious. However, she did not know what a beauty she was. Her body leaned slightly towards Ji Yan. Her voice was a little hoarse, “The company has something to do with him, right?”

She raised a finger and pointed upwards.

Ji Yan was even more surprised. He realized that Shen Hanxing was even more sensitive than he had imagined. Seeing Ji Yan’s expression, Shen Hanxing smiled. “Are you surprised? Actually, you don’t have to be surprised. Our slum is also very chaotic. It’s not much better than your upper-class society. No matter what kind of forces are involved, they all want to get involved. All kinds of connections are complicated. I know these things very well.”

Old Master Ji assigned that foreign trade company to Ji Mei was probably to separate that company from the Ji Corporation so that no one would notice that something was wrong. They were businessmen unwilling to apply for bankruptcy even though they lost money every year. They were all profit-oriented businessmen, so there was no need to use the pretense of being sentimental. Why would they spend so much money on foreign trade companies every year if there weren’t some discrete reason?

Her intelligence was beyond imagination.

However, Ji Yan didn’t have the time to be surprised and didn’t have the time to care about these things. As Shen Hanxing leaned over, the cold fragrance on her body and the scent of wine assailed Ji Yan’s nostrils. Before Ji Yan could react, he suddenly reached out and grabbed her cold fair wrist, gently rubbing it twice.

After Ji Yan came back to his senses, he looked at the wrist in his palm. He didn’t take his hand back, but his gaze became deeper. He stared straight at Shen Hanxing. “Did you drink?”

Ji Yan’s voice was pleasant to hear, and he deliberately lowered it, making it even more magnetic. It was as if there was a small hook hanging on it. It circled her ear, making her ear feel itchy.

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