The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 82 - It Was Similar to Ji Yan’s Imposing Manner

Chapter 82 It Was Similar to Ji Yan’s Imposing Manner

In Ji Ning’s heart, this girl had bullied Fourth Sister before, so Ji Ning naturally stayed away from her. However, Ji Ning was used to retreating and always hiding in her shell. She really did not know how to reject the kindness of others. Ji Ning could only look at her sister-in-law for help. Shen Hanxing subconsciously wanted to help her, but Ji Yan held her hand. She looked up and saw Ji Yan shaking his head at her. He said, “Let her learn how to reject someone on her own.” He lowered his voice, and his breath was right next to her ear. “She can’t hide behind you forever. It’s time for her to grow up.” Shen Hanxing knew what Ji Yan said made sense. After hesitating for a moment, she lowered her eyes and did not move.

In the end, the weak-natured Ji Ning was dragged upstairs by Cheng Liu. “Um…” Ji Mei was thinking about how to swindle the money from Shen Hanxing, so she did not notice the surging undercurrents in the living room. At that moment, she only cared about hinting at Shen Hanxing. She said, “Hanxing, can we talk for a while?”

She was always afraid of her nephew, Ji Yan. She did not dare to ask Ji Yan to leave, so she could only urge Shen Hanxing.

Shen Hanxing felt that it was funny. After reveling in Ji Mei’s nervous expression for a while, Shen Hanxing slowly said, “Okay, let’s go to the study then.”

“I’m going to the study to read some documents,” Ji Yan suddenly said. It was hard to tell whether he was feeling. “You guys can chat in the living room.” After he said that, he turned his wheelchair to go upstairs without waiting for Shen Hanxing to reply.

When Ji Yan was around, he had a strong sense of presence that was hard to ignore even when he did not speak. When he went upstairs, Ji Mei let out a long breath and patted her chest. “Sigh, my nephew is good in every aspect, but he is a little too cold.”

Ji Mei looked left and right and saw that the servants had sensibly left. There was no one else in the living room. Thus, she pretended to be considerate and sympathetic. She sighed, “Everyone in the Ji family is like this. Hanxing, you’ve suffered…”

“Auntie, you’re joking. I don’t feel like I’ve suffered at all,” Shen Hanxing’s eyes were cold, but she smiled. “Mr. Ji is very good.”

Suffered? She was living a life of luxury, she had a harmonious family, and her younger brothers and sisters were obedient. How has she suffered in any way? Her current life could not be any better.

Ji Mei saying that Ji Yan was not good in front of her made Shen Hanxing feel particularly annoyed. Shen Hanxing’s tone was mixed with a hint of unhappiness. Ji Mei was able to thrive in the rich ladies’ circle as she conned one person after another. Thus, she had the basic ability to read people. When she saw Shen Hanxing’s cold and clear gaze at this moment, she suddenly felt a little scared. It became a little harder for her to continue her words.

It was strange. Shen Hanxing was a young lady who was not even twenty years old, so why was her aura so strong? She was just like Ji Mei’s eccentric nephew. It was so scary. Ji Mei’s heart skipped a beat. Fortunately, the iciness coming from Shen Hanxing disappeared in a flash. Shen Hanxing quickly smiled again. She said gently, “Auntie, please don’t take offense. You know that I didn’t grow up in this circle. I’ve already climbed the social ladder by being able to marry into the Ji family and living like this. Therefore, I really don’t feel that my current life is awful, nor do I feel that Ji Yan is not good. So please don’t say what you just said earlier anymore.”

Shen Hanxing’s way of speaking had always been straightforward to the point of being blunt. Ji Mei was momentarily speechless. Fortunately, Ji Mei’s skin was thick enough, so she quickly regained her composure. “Yes, yes, you’re right. It’s my fault. As your aunt, seeing that you poured your heart and soul into Ji Yan, I am also very happy. However, I also want to give you a piece of advice out of concern. With your status, it’s better to save some money for yourself.”

“Of course.”

Shen Hanxing did not refute that. She nodded and said, “I also know that my status is awkward. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked for Auntie’s help. It’s really…”




The violin’s tune changed to a piercing sound, and the girls’ screams interrupted their conversation. Shen Hanxing’s expression changed, and she quickly got up and ran upstairs. Ji Zhou and Ji Yang also opened their room doors and met Ji Yan in the corridor. The whole group rushed into Ji Ning’s room.

They opened the door. The teapot containing fruit tea had fallen to the ground. Beside it was a violin that was stained with water. Ji Ning’s white dress was splashed with tea, and she was squatting beside the violin with red eyes, glaring at Cheng Liu. Shen Hanxing could not understand at all. Where did such a fool like Cheng Liu come from?

Ji Mei had tried her best to please Shen Hanxing and deceive her, but Cheng Liu had repeatedly obstructed Ji Mei and bullied Xiao Ning? Was she asking for a beating?

“What’s going on?” Ji Yan’s eyes were cold.

Ji Ning was young to begin with and had suffered a lot. Everyone was afraid of agitating her after she was finally found and brought back to the Ji family. Thus, they let her do whatever she wanted.

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