The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 83 - I’ll Handle It

Chapter 83 I’ll Handle It

She did not want to see anyone, so she was given space. Even if she chose to be idle in the future, Ji Yan would be able to support her for the rest of her life. No matter how insensible the other siblings were, they would not bully Ji Ning.

Yet ironically, some random outsider came along and bullied her?

Ji Ning stood in silence as her entire body trembled.

“This, this was just an accident.” Cheng Liu, who was feeling gleeful, trembled in fear when she met Ji Yan’s cold gaze. “I didn’t do it on purpose. The music Xiao Ning played was too good. I wanted to get closer to listen to it, but I did not expect to trip over the coffee table. So I lost my balance and pulled Xiao Ning. I didn’t expect her violin to fall off and the water bottle to even smash onto the violin.”

“Xiao Ning, I didn’t do it on purpose,” Cheng Liu took a step forward and grabbed Ji Ning’s hand. Cheng Liu’s eyes turned red as she said, “Can you forgive me?”

Even though she was asking for forgiveness, there was not a word of apology from her.

Shen Hanxing was really annoyed to the core. Cheng Liu had bullied her sisters repeatedly and it was really getting on her nerves.

Shen Hanxing took a step forward with an icy expression. “Cheng Liu, you…”

“Sister-in-law,” Ji Ning suddenly looked up and called out to her. “Let me handle this, okay?” Her doe eyes were filled with determination that she had never shown before. She did not want to continue hiding behind her sister-in-law for protection any longer. Her beloved violin had been destroyed, and she wanted to resolve this by herself.

Seeing Ji Ning’s intentions, Shen Hanxing instantly kept quiet and pursed her lips.

“Xiao Ning, I know you are the kindest person,” Cheng Liu grabbed Ji Ning’s hands that were nervously trembling. While Cheng Liu was thrilled, she had also pretended to be pitiful. Cheng Liu pleaded, “Please don’t blame me. I’ll buy you another violin, okay?”

Cheng Liu long knew that because of Ji Ning’s terrible experiences when she was young, she was now timid and cowardly. Ji Ning did not dare to interact with her family either. So what if Cheng Liu had deliberately destroyed Ji Ning’s violin? Would she even dare to complain to the Ji family?

A useless child who could not utter a single word, she was no different from a mute. She only knew how to hide and cry in a corner. Although Ji Ning had somehow luckily become Maestro Lin Ran’s student, she was still a useless good-for-nothing. Even if Cheng Liu bullied Ji Ning, would she have dared to complain? Looking at Ji Ning trembling, she must be extremely scared. She would probably want to hide in a corner and cry again, right? How pathetic. Someone like Ji Ning should be locked up in a pigsty for the rest of her life instead of coming out to embarrass herself.

However, she was the daughter of the Ji family, the younger sister of Ji Qian and Shen Hanxing. Cheng Liu had no feud with Ji Ning, but she had some aversions with Ji Qian and Shen Hanxing. Thus, Ji Ning deserved to be bullied by her.

Cheng Liu was both excited and pleased with herself. She looked guilty on the surface, but her eyes uncontrollably revealed a sense of smugness.

“Cousin?” Ji Ning’s voice choked with emotion. She was still trembling, her shoulders were shaking uncontrollably. She lifted her head and saw Cheng Liu’s face, which was full of hypocrisy. She bit her lip hard. Suddenly, she raised her hand and slapped Cheng Liu’s face firmly.


“How dare you hit me?” Cheng Liu held her face in disbelief, her eyes widened in an instant.

“Xiao Ning, what are you doing?” Ji Mei, who had been watching the fiasco from the side, was stunned. She realized she could no longer remain indifferent. Ji Mei stepped forward and said anxiously, “Your cousin didn’t do it on purpose. Cheng Liu also said that she would compensate you with another violin. Why did you hit her? Xiao Liu, are you alright? Does it


“Mom…” Cheng Liu’s tears fell. “Look at what I’ve become in the Ji family! Didn’t you say that we are family with the Ji family? It is fine if my cousin-in-law were to hit me, but now even my own cousin can freely slap me. Is this what you call family? I feel that in their eyes, I am not their family. I’m simply a dog that they can hit and scold whenever they please!”

“Cheng Liu, don’t talk nonsense!” Ji Mei’s eyes filled with hatred. She held her daughter’s wrist and tried hard to suppress the anger within her. “We are all family, please don’t let your imagination run wild.”


After she finished speaking, she looked at Ji Ning with disapproval. Ji Mei felt disappointed and rebuked Ji Ning, “Xiao Ning, when you were just brought back, you were so skinny and frail. You weighed less than a child of eight to nine years old even though you were a teenager. Back then, my heart ached for you. I bathed you every day and talked to you.” Ji Mei sighed, “Think about it. You were so obedient back then. Even though you didn’t speak much, I knew that you were kind. But why did you learn to hit people? Look at you now. You do not act like a lady from the Ji family at all. You and Qian Qian used to be very close with me, why are you like this now…”

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