The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 91 - Stop Quarreling

Chapter 91 Stop Quarreling

Public opinion was practically catastrophic when the Ji family didn’t come out to express their stance in time.

“I thought that Mrs. Ji was beautiful. No wonder someone from the slums like her could marry into a rich family. She has so many tricks up her sleeve. How repulsive!”

“Are these men bewitched? So many men sharing a woman, aren’t they afraid of getting sick?”

“The news about the rich and powerful always surprises people!”

There was no reaction from the Ji Corporation. Even if the Wei Corporation had stepped forward to express its stance, it did not stop the netizens from guessing. The Zhuang family’s attitude was very firm. They directly said that what was written on the news was fake. Shen Hanxing was only a junior that Old Master Zhuang admired very much. The photo was taken from a deceiving angle. They also said that the Zhuang family would pursue those responsible for spreading these rumors.

Compared to the Zhuang family, Wei Yong’s attitude was a little intriguing. The Wei family was a military family. A few of their elders had fought in wars before, so the younger generation of the family also had a strong military aura. Wei Yong casually expressed, “Things are not as dirty as you think. I personally admire Ms. Shen Hanxing very much. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky as CEO Ji. Miss Ji Ning was accepted as Maestro Lin Ran’s student because of her own ability. Don’t make wild guesses and follow the herd. Otherwise, you may wait for a lawyer’s letter.”

But soon, someone came forward and said that Ji Ning didn’t have any ability at all. He even brought out a video. In the video, Ji Ning’s face was pale as she held the violin. Her violin bow made an ear-piercing noise on the strings. It was very difficult to learn the violin well, but it was still possible to play a simple song after picking it up. Therefore, when Ji Ning’s video was released, it immediately caused countless jeers.

After Shen Hanxing watched all the news, before she could do anything else, there was a knock on her door.

Ji Yan changed into casual home clothes and sat in a wheelchair. His hair was slightly wet. He held his phone in his hand and looked at her. “You saw the news too?”

“I just saw it,” Shen Hanxing nodded.

Her younger siblings had also seen the news and were hiding behind the door to eavesdrop. Ji Ning was also there with them. Her eyes were filled with guilt and nervousness as she said to everyone, “I’m sorry…”

She was useless. Even becoming Maestro Lin Ran’s student could bring so much trouble to her sister-in-law.

“What do you have to be sorry about?” Ji Qian rolled her eyes. She said angrily, “You didn’t do anything wrong. The ones who are wrong are those who spread these rumors. They start rumors using a picture and make up the rest of the story behind it!”

“These messy news media should have closed down a long time ago,” Ji Yang’s eyes were filled with anger as he furiously kicked the door. “Don’t let me catch them, or else I’ll definitely beat them up!” “Other than beating people up, what else do you know how to do?” Ji Zhou looked at him unhappily. “What happens after you beat them up? Have them publish another article on how the third young master of the Ji family is violent and beats people up on the street?”

“Well, since you know everything, then think of a way to solve this!” Ji Yang shouted angrily.

“Alright, what are you all arguing about?” Shen Hanxing glanced at them indifferently. As the party involved in all those rumors, Shen Hanxing was exceptionally calm. “The news didn’t affect me in any way. On the contrary, you two are the ones who have disturbed me.” After saying that, she looked at the impulsive Ji Yang. “You can’t even beat me. Yet you keep saying that you want to beat this person and that person all day long.”

Ji Yang opened his mouth. Who could beat his sister-in-law’s swift and decisive skills?

“I’ll contact Maestro Lin Ran,” Ji Yan’s voice was calm. He said in an orderly manner, “The Ji Corporation will make another statement. We will get someone to pull up the surveillance footage from the banquet.” “Big Brother, is there anything we can help you with?” Ji Qian was still fuming. “We can’t let them slander sister-in-law like this!”

Ji Zhou’s eyes flashed, but he did not say anything. His dark eyes thoughtfully glanced at Ji Ning, who was standing behind him.

“Everyone, go back and rest. It’s getting late.” After Ji Yan finished speaking, he waited for Ji Yang and the others to leave, but he did not move.

Shen Hanxing was about to speak when her phone suddenly rang. It was an unfamiliar number. Shen Hanxing subconsciously picked it up. “Hello?”

“Shen Hanxing, look at what you’ve done!”

Shen Yong’s flustered voice sounded, “The Shen family has been completely humiliated by you! Is this what your good grandmother taught you? Flirting around outside like this, do you have no morals?!”

“Shen Yong!” Shen Hanxing’s expression suddenly turned cold. Her voice was terrifyingly ruthless, “If you want to go mad, don’t bring my grandmother into this. How my grandmother teaches children is not for a cheating man like you to judge. If you say another word about my grandmother, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

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