The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 94 - Let’s Perform Together

Chapter 94 Let’s Perform Together

Facing the camera for the first time, Ji Ning was very shy. She mustered up her courage and said softly to the camera, “Hello everyone, I’m Ji Ning,” she paused. Then, she continued, “I’ve seen the news. The person who played the violin like a saw in the video was indeed


Ji Ning did not care about the reactions of the audience on the screen. She spoke in a small but firm voice about not daring to play in front of others or even speak because of her childhood experience.

It was very difficult to describe her past self to others. It was tantamount to tearing open her wound. However, Ji Ning was very brave. Even though her nervous fingers were trembling, she still finished what she wanted to say.

“Of course, I’m not saying these things to show how pitiful I am. I just want everyone to know the truth,” Ji Ning smiled bitterly. “Speaking of which, you guys probably don’t know how I’m feeling right now. Just standing here is enough to make me sweat all over. I originally thought that I would always be a cowardly good-for-nothing. I would probably only rot in a dark corner and die whenever. Perhaps death was a form of release for me. Until… Sister-in-law came to our house.”

Ji Ning’s little face, which had been expressionless all this time, suddenly lit up. She pursed her lips and smiled shyly, “My sister-in-law was the one who taught me to face the world bravely and step out of the cage that imprisoned me. So, today, I want to perform two pieces with my sister-in-law for everyone.”

After she finished speaking, her eyes sparkled as she looked at Shen Hanxing outside the camera lens. Her eyes were filled with admiration and adoration. “Sister-in-law, can I?” The Ji Ning now was still timid and shy, but her courage was beyond everyone’s imagination.

The Ji Ning now was a completely different person from the little girl who could only hug her knees and hide at the foot of the bed when they first met. Back then, her face was filled with vigilance and she could not speak.

Shen Hanxing could not help but laugh. She grabbed Ji Ning’s outstretched hand and stood in front of the camera with her.

The audience was instantly excited!

“Ah, I also want such a sister-in-law!”

“Shen Hanxing is not wearing makeup at all, right? Her skin is so good, and she is so beautiful! Ah! I am so envious!”

“You’re telling me such a beautiful lady still needs to use tricks to seduce a man? If I were a man, I would crazily pounce on her if she stood there, okay? It would be unreasonable if no one was tempted by such a beauty!” Shen Hanxing was wearing a silk nightgown. The thin belt outlined her slim waist. Her long ink-splashed hair hung behind her head, but it couldn’t hide her graceful figure. The style of the nightgown was very conservative, only revealing her neck. Her fair and delicate skin was like top-quality suet jade, sparkling under the light.

Her eyebrows were blurred and languid. Her beauty was very impactful. Just one look was enough to make people involuntarily intoxicated. It was no wonder that the live stream audience would act like this.

Shen Hanxing did not look at the comments on the screen. Both Sehn Hanxing and Ji Ning played the violin, completely immersed in the performance. The two of them coordinated with each other very well. They played back and forth, putting on a grand audio-visual feast.

The live stream audience was completely conquered. The densely packed praises covered up the live stream.

After the performance ended, Shen Hanxing raised her eyes to look at the camera. She calmly said, “Xiao Ning has the talent for the violin and she works hard. I believe that she will go further with the violin in the future. I hope that she can play the violin happily and not be affected by some random things. Moreover, thank you all for coming to listen to our performance today. I also hope that everyone will give Ji Ning more support in the future.”

After saying that, Shen Hanxing smiled at the camera as if thousands of stars had fallen into her eyes. It was full of trust and expectation for her younger sister.

With such a sister-in-law, what more could she ask for! Being praised by Shen Hanxing in front of so many people, Ji Ning’s chest surged with intense emotions. Her ears turned pink, and her eyes sparkled. Ji Ning smiled and looked at the camera. “To be able to reach where I am today, the person I’m most thankful to is my sister-in-law. I love her very much, and I hope that you guys won’t hurt her.”

Now that all the misunderstandings had been cleared up, the audience showed great tolerance towards this beautiful and talented young lady. They all nodded their heads in agreement. When Ji Mo, who was in charge of the live broadcast, saw this scene, his eyes moved as if he was deep in thought. The other younger siblings of the Ji family who were standing guard outside the camera also discovered a new way to show off their big sister-in-law. Unfortunately, that lass, Ji Ning, beat them to it!

Other than the members of the Ji family, there was another person who was not asleep as well even though it was late. He looked at the person on the camera phone in a daze.

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