The Crippled Boss Loves Me

Chapter 97 - Where’s Your Boss?

Chapter 97 Where’s Your Boss?

Han Qi nodded. “Yes, I already have a preliminary understanding of this company’s situation. Next, we need to do a…”

“Alright, alright, I don’t want to hear it,” Shen Hanxing waved her hand. She asked indifferently, “Just tell me directly whether I can invest in it or not. If I can, how much should I invest?”

Cheng Dong and Ji Mei looked at each other. Their faces were filled with greed and excitement. They really liked this kind of stupid and rich person who wasted a lot of money.

“Miss Shen, I can’t tell you the result right now,” Han Qi looked helpless. “We need to conduct a risk assessment and then give you an accurate answer. But what I can tell you now is…” he paused, and a smile appeared in his eyes. “The returns from foreign trade are great, and the investment prospects are quite good.”

See? Students who had just graduated all thought that they could do everything. They thought that they could make a lot of money for their boss with just a few simple assessments. However, they didn’t know that they were all being deceived.

Cheng Dong was even more satisfied and was willing to put on an understanding look. “Investment is a big matter after all. Miss Shen, you can go back and think about it carefully. There’s no rush.”

“Hanxing, we’re family. I won’t lie to you,” Ji Mei chimed in. “If CEO Cheng didn’t intend to expand the company, he wouldn’t have a lack of funds. So such an opportunity wouldn’t have landed on us. Think about it carefully. This investment is definitely going to be profitable for all of us.”

Shen Hanxing pretended to look very excited. She turned to urge Han Qi, “Assistant Han, when you go back, come up with a plan for me as soon as possible. And give me a specific figure to invest in this, understand?”

Han Qi gave an affirmative answer.

Cheng Dong felt that this deal was already in the bag, so he pleasantly invited them to have lunch together with him. Shen Hanxing did not have a good impression of Cheng Dong, so she naturally could not be bothered to deal with him. Coincidentally, she was also a stupid and arrogant id*ot in their eyes. Even if she rejected him directly, it would not arouse any suspicion.

After rejecting Cheng Dong’s lunch invitation, Shen Hanxing separated from Ji Mei at the company entrance. Han Qi also rushed back to the company. However, Shen Hanxing was not in a hurry to get in the car. Instead, she said to the driver, “I need to go to that shopping mall in front to buy something. You go back first. I’ll take a taxi back later.”

After the driver left, Shen Hanxing did not go to the shopping mall. Instead, after hesitating for a bit, she turned to another road. The direction she walked in was a quiet alley. Usually, there were a couple of people passing by. However, it was working hours right now, so there was not a single person in sight. The only sound in the entire alley was the crisp sound of her high heels hitting the flagstones. When she reached the middle of the alley, the sound of the wind suddenly came from behind her. Before she could react, a handkerchief with a pungent smell covered her mouth and nose.

Shen Hanxing struggled twice as she tried to pull away from the big hand that was covering her nose. However, her vision gradually blurred, and her hands and feet went limp. Her body helplessly fell to the ground, and her vision turned pitch black. “Ha, the young lady is quite alert.” The man picked her up, tied her hands and feet, and threw her into the van that had been waiting at the entrance of the alley. “We’re done. Let’s go back.”

“Tsk, this rich lady from a powerful family is really f*cking beautiful,” the gangster who was driving, whistled and laughed dirtily. “If Boss hadn’t told me beforehand, I would really like to have a taste of a rich and powerful wife.”

“In your dreams!” the man who knocked her out laughed. “Hurry up and drive. Boss is waiting for us.”

The van quickly started and disappeared into the traffic.

When Shen Hanxing woke up, it was past three in the afternoon. The place where she was was pitch-black and she could not see clearly. The faint sound of heavy metal music could be heard from outside. There were also people whispering at the door.

Shen Hanxing straightened her body and found that her hands were tied behind her back. She sat where she was and narrowed her eyes. After she got used to the darkness, she kicked the glass coffee table not far away. The things on the coffee table fell with a clear cracking sound.


The guards outside stopped talking and pushed the door open. Light shone in from outside the door. Then, with a clack, the lights were turned on.

Shen Hanxing quickly scanned the surrounding environment. It looked like a private room in a nightclub. The lights were dim and ambiguous, and only basic visibility was maintained. Tied up, Shen Hanxing sat on the ground calmly and coldly looked at the two people who rushed in. She asked, “Where’s your boss?”

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