The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak

Chapter 106 - Assassins

The man pulled down his hood and revealed his face to the rest. He smiled and said, “Long time no see brat.”

Bryan and Souta revealed a surprised expression as both of them knew this man.

Souta smiled and said, “I should have killed you at that time. Well, I won’t let you go this time.”

He then quickly grabbed the handle of the Vajra sword and pulled it out. He used the [Crimson Moon] skill.


Bryan quickly reacted as he went beside Lumilia and Cl.u.s.ter. He took the two away as he knew that Souta was going to fight here in this place.

Brando was stunned as he doesn’t know what’s happening. He didn’t even know who’s this man and had no idea what’s their relationship.

The other man pulled out a dagger and quickly stepped forward in front of his comrade. He raised his dagger and blocked Souta’s attack.


The man managed to block his attack, so Souta quickly turned to Brando and shouted, “Brando, protect them you’re a shielder, right? Then, it’s your job to protect them!”

Brando nodded and went beside Lumilia and Cl.u.s.ter. Lumilia took Cl.u.s.ter in her arms as she took a distance and casted defensive spell.

Bryan knew what to do in this kind of situation. Since Souta asked Brando to protect the rest, he had to fight now.

Souta once again used [Crimson Moon], but his attack was blocked by the man once again.

“Damn!” Souta cursed as he gathered his mana and casted [Agility Boost], and [Strength Boost]. He narrowed his eyes as he observed the two figures in front of him.

The man who blocked his attack was wearing a black cloak. His figure was muscular and his feature was sharp with a scar on his right eye. He was armed with a sharp dagger and Souta guessed that it was an orange grade weapon.

Souta knew the other man. That man was Vince, the knight that he fought before in the Desolate Woods. And now this man came to kill them.

He then heard a sound in his head.


[Quest Triggered!]

[Protect]: Protect Lumilia from the assassin that came to take her life. Time limit: 5:00 Rewards: 20,000 exp, 6 free attribute points, and 3 skill points

‘Hmm…? So their target is class rep, not Cl.u.s.ter.’ Souta thought. He knew that Lumilia’s apartment was protected by Institute, so these assassins couldn’t enter there easily. They must have thought that this was a chance since only he, Bryan, and Brando was here. Also, they wouldn’t be able to fight well because of their injuries.

“This is getting bad,” Souta muttered in a low voice. He accepted the quest without hesitation. Well, it’s class rep he was talking about.

One of the customers here stood and approached them. He was going to say something when his head flew in the air.


His blood spurted out like a fountain.

The whole place turned quiet as no one dared to utter a single word.

In the next moment, their face was painted with fear and they screamed loudly. Fear consumed their hearts as they started to panic.



Brando and Bryan opened their eyes widely at this scene.

Lumilia covered Cl.u.s.ter’s eyes with her hands. She doesn’t want her to see this scene.

The man with a dagger looked at them with an annoyed expression. He opened his mouth and said, “So noisy!” He then waved the dagger and blue light swept out towards the other customers.


Suddenly, Bryan appeared in front of them and casted defensive spell. He wasn’t going to let other people die.


Souta glanced at Bryan then he used [Cat’s Speed] and [Triple Muscle Strengthening]. He then dashed towards the man with a dagger.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Souta slashed his sword several times but the man simply parried all of his attacks.

“An assassin attacking his target openly, are you an amateur or not?” Souta mocked the man while slashing his sword.

“Don’t worry, all of you will die here.” The man said while blocking Souta’s attack.

Souta frowned as he felt his wounds opening up. This was really not a good situation for him. He just fought this morning, so his stamina and mana haven’t recovered yet.

The man blocked his sword and quickly launched a powerful punch.


Souta moved his body and he managed to avoid the punch. He then saw the man stomped his feet on the floor.


The floor cracked before it collapsed.


“Damn!” Souta found himself falling on the first floor. He adjusted his body and used [Air Walk].

In just a second, he arrived on the second floor and clashed again with the man with a scar on his face.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Vince was surprised and thought that they would be able to kill Souta quickly. He didn’t think that Souta would grow this powerful in just two months.

He shook his head and looked at Lumilia, their target.

After he survived in the calamity, he didn’t go back to Melosa Country immediately. He first rested in the Dry Gultch town and saw Souta’s group there. He observed them and found that Lumilia was a noble of an opposing country and Souta was her guard at that time.

He then went back to his country. He reported what happened there and his lord was enraged. They lost a lot of people there and wanted to take revenge, so they hired an assassin to kill the opposing people and that’s Lumilia.

Even though Lumilia wasn’t the culprit of the calamity, she was still there. Lumilia’s group prevented everyone from taking the Mystical Light Cherry. Vince’s group didn’t even manage to bring out some benefits in the Desolate Woods but instead, they suffered heavy casualties.

His lord just wanted to vent his anger. All the other things were just an excuse.

“It’s all their fault. Yeah, it’s all their fault.” Vince muttered to himself while looking at Lumilia.

Several figures broke the window and entered the second floor. They were all wearing black cloaks. They stood up and looked at everyone.

One of the figures stepped forward and said, “Kill everyone here immediately. The city guard will arrive in this place soon.”

Brando activated all of his combat arts that could increase his strength. He knew that he wasn’t strong and if one of these people could match Souta then he was sure that he couldn’t handle them alone.

Suddenly, a figure flew and crashed in the pillar of the room.


It shook the whole area and cracks started to spread around.

Brando looked at it and was surprised when he saw that it was Souta.

“Brother Souta!” Cl.u.s.ter shouted worriedly.

“Ouch!” Souta groaned in pain as he won’t a mouthful of blood. He stood up and patted his clothes. These people were too strong for his current condition. If he wasn’t injured in the first place, then he would be able to put up a decent fight.

He looked at his mana and saw that he could only cast his spells seven more times. His stamina wasn’t going to last too.

“The hell with this! There are five more assassins!”

Souta cursed when he saw another five people wearing black cloaks. He glanced at Lumilia’s group and at his opponents. He assessed that they were at a disadvantage in number and also in strength.

“There’s no choice but to do this,” Souta muttered as he casted [Shadow Bind] spell. He then circulated his mana around his body.

The black figures quickly move their body and dodged the shadows that were trying to bind them.

He then used [Cross Moon] to destroy all the pillars of the room.


“Brando! Protect class rep and Cl.u.s.ter!” Souta shouted at them.

“What about Bryan and the other people?” Brando replied to him.

“We don’t have time to worry about them!” Souta said as the ceiling collapsed.

Debris of rocks fell down and crashed the ground. Some of the rocks crushed the customers into meat paste. The black figures immediately jumped out of the window while Vince and the man with a scar on his right eye casted defensive spell as they were far from the window.

“Damn! That brat!” Vince cursed as he looked at Souta.

Souta looked down and he slashed the floor beneath him. He jumped down on the first floor.

He doesn’t care about the other people in this restaurant. As long as they survive, it’s okay for him. Souta wasn’t worried about Bryan as he knew that guy has some sort of luck in this kind of situation. He guessed that he will found Bryan later who miraculously survived.

He landed on the first floor and he also destroyed the pillars. He wanted this whole building to fell down and it will give him some time.

But the black figures who went outside through the window saw him.

Two of them immediately went inside the first floor and threw a powerful punch at Souta.

Souta tried to block the punch but the enemies were faster than him even with all of his buffs.

Bang! Bang!

“Argh!” Souta flew and crashed in the wall. He was gasping as the bandage on his left hand was now blood-red in color. ‘Damn! This is bad! The special test this morning drained my mana and stamina!’ He cursed in his mind. His hands were trembling and sweat kept pouring. His vision was getting blurred.

‘Do you want me to kill them for you? Just let me borrow your body.’ A sweet voice sounded in his mind. Souta knew that it was the [Vajra Sword Saya].

The two figures slowly approached him.

‘Okay, I’ll let you borrow my body.’ Souta lifted up his head with great effort. He looked at these people with a smile but the next second his smile turned stiff because of the [Vajra Sword Saya].

‘I’ve changed my mind, ufufu.’ The [Vajra Sword Saya] laughed in his mind.

‘You kidding me, right?!’ Souta looked at the two figures who arrived in front of him.

“Just die!!” The two figures took out daggers in both of their hands before they raised it above their heads.

Souta closed his eyes and cursed the Vajra sword in his mind. He saw a red figure in his mind laughing at him.

‘Damn! You f.u.c.k.i.n.g sword!’

But after a few seconds, he still hasn’t felt anything. He opened his eyes and saw the two figures didn’t have their heads anymore.

Their heads fell down and rolled on the ground. Their eyes were widely opened as they couldn’t believe that they died.

“Ah~ no one could kill him in my presence, only I could do that.” A feminine voice sounded.

Souta saw a woman approached him. The woman arrived in front of him and held his cheeks.

“Ah~ You’re amazing, marvelous, wonderful, incredible- ah~ I love you. I like you. I want you to myself but you’re still not ripe. I’ll let you go for now. But after this, in the next test, I will crush you!”

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