The Great Ruler

Chapter 536 - Climbing the Mountain

Chapter 536 – Climbing the Mountain

Beneath the mountain peak that was tens of thousands of feet, the breaking of wind resounded as one streak of light after another was constantly approaching this direction. Filling this land with noise and causing it to become even more chaotic and noisy.

Mu Chen and his group stood at a position that was the closest to that huge peak. In this inner circle, all those that possessed the qualification to stop in this region were all teams that possessed powerful strength. After all, there were too many people here and without sufficient strength to hold a good position, they would instantly be thrown away.

In this region, the position they stood was held with strength.

Mu Chen’s gaze was cold as he stared at Xue Tiandou. Compared to Wang Zhong, Mo Yu and the rest, this fellow was naturally the one that concealed himself the best. He originated from one of the four God Clans of the West Heaven Realm. It was a clan that possessed unimaginable depth. Clearly, Xue Tiandou’s position in the Blood God Clan was not someone like Xue Shi from before could compare to.

This fellow came for Luo Li and, naturally, Mu Chen would definitely not let him lay his hands on her.

Faced with Mu Chen’s sharp gaze, Xue Tiandou smiled. His smile contained coldness that should make one shiver.

Luo Li, who was standing beside Mu Chen, was tightly gripping her Luo God Sword. Her crystal clear pupils had a chill moving within them. Her heart was filled with uncontrollable killing intent for someone of the Blood God Clan. If it wasn’t for their current situation being unsuitable, she might have not held her hands and killed this person from the Royal Family of the Blood God Clan.


Just when they had a chill flowing in their eyes as they glanced at each other, another ancient bell rang from the mountain peak. The bell swayed in the heavens and earth as it brought along an aura from the ancients…

Buzz. Buzzzz.

When the bell rang, the light ring around the green great palace seemed to have weakened.

Everyone could see the energy on the light ring being weakened by a great amount in that instant.

“Let’s go!”

Among the ocean of people, someone barked as his voice resounded like thunder.


The atmosphere in this region instantly exploded as countless teams were seen flying up with boundless Spiritual Energy surrounding them. Their figures had turned into streaks of light as they flew towards the colossal peak.

Mu Chen’s figure had also flown out at this instant and at his rear, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan followed with Xu Huang and the rest after them.

Everyone was clear that this was the best time to ascend the mountain. Therefore, no one hesitated.

The earth-shattering amount of light rays streaked across the horizon. After a dozen breaths of time, they had managed to reach the waist of the mountain with the leading light figure not far away from the peak.


Just when the the first person charged towards the summit, the colossal light ring around the palace exploded with a deep sound. Thereafter, countless light beams that were like stormy raindrops rained down from the light ring.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The light beam quickly hit against a human figure. Although that light beam wasn’t sharp, those that were hit by it instantly bounced back, no matter what powerful defence he possessed or defensive Spiritual Artifact he had. Fresh blood spurted out as that figure was like a bird whose wings were suddenly broken as he fell from the massive height.

Mu Chen’s figure charged as he passed through countless light figures. He seemed to have felt how powerful those light beams were, but he still maintained a calm composure as he had expected such an event.


A light beam fell from the sky as it shrouded Mu Chen’s figure. That speed had reached a limit that even Luo Li and the rest who were close to him could not provide him any aid in time.


Black lightning that was like a lightning dragon burst forth from Mu Chen’s body. Lightning flickered on his skin as he seemed like a lightning god, mighty and powerful.


That light beam clashed against Mu Chen’s body, causing his body to jolt. However, his feet tapped the ground as he pushed through the light beam towards the summit.

Just when Mu Chen was shrouded by the light beam, Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li were also targeted by other light beams.


Wen Qingxuan coldly snorted as dazzling golden light was emitted as her golden warspear appeared in her hand in a gripping motion. Spear light swept out as she seemed like a war goddess, forcefully clashing with the light beam.


Luo Li, however, had maintained a calm expression as the Luo God Sword in her hands burst forth with sharp sword light as it slashed down.


The two figures charged through the light beams at the same time as they chased after Mu Chen.


At the same time, a few other figures had charged through as well from other locations. Powerful and boundless Spiritual Energy swept out from their bodies as they had managed to forcefully withstand the descending light beams and charged towards the summit.


Deep and muffled noises constantly resounded in the sky as countless figures were bounced back as they spat out blood. However, there were also several powerful people that had managed to break through the light beams. Some people with great eyesight had also noticed the fact that with more people charging towards the mountain, the power behind the light beams would also be weakened. This made others well-astonished. If it was to a solo charge, wouldn’t that mean that even Sovereign realm experts would be injured by it?


A dragon image appeared beneath Mu Chen’s feet as his figure flashed. He had arrived at the summit of the mountain as his figure landed on a platform that was made from green wood.

Behind him, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan followed. After a while longer, Xu Huang and the rest followed after, but their states were a little terrible compared to the prior three. Luckily, they did not follow them too quickky; otherwise, they might not have been able to sustain the attack from the light beam. But even so, they were nearly shot down to the bottom.


After Mu Chen had ascended the summit, one figure after another had also appeared on the platform. It was a black patch of people but compared to the amount at the bottom of the mountain, god-knows how many were stopped by the first level of defense. At least eighty percent was blocked out.

Mu Chen swept his glance around and saw that Xue Tiandou, Wang Zhong, Mo Yu and Wu Yingying had also successfully ascended the summit.

As everyone reached the summit, the surrounding light ring burst forth with dazzling luster once again. Along with it, there was a heart-alarming thunderous roar.

Deep green light swept out from the light ring as it spread to this platform. Isolating the people here from the Divine Wood Academy.

Rumble! Rumble!

The green light seemed as if it was a green sea of clouds as it surged. Thereafter, deep green lightning appeared amongst the clouds as it flashed through, bring along astonishing roars of thunder.


Everyone looked at the sight of the lightning sea as their faces changed.

“It’s the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper…” Luo Li’s face was a little grave as she spoke. Within the heaven and earth, there were many bizarre energies born from the world. Their might was unimaginable, similar to the Divine Black Lightning that Mu Chen had previously used to refine his Lightning God’s Physique. As for this Divine Wood Lightning Dipper, it was said that this lightning could only be born in a place filled with the aura of wood, after compressing the aura of wood to the limit and, thereafter, giving the birth of lightning.

This energy was extremely bizarre and hard to deal with as it was like maggots. The instant it entered a body, it would cause Spiritual Energy to explode.

Therefore, when everyone saw what was before them, their faces turned ugly.

“This Divine Wood Academy is, indeed, a place that’s not easy to enter.”

Mu Chen had also softly sighed.

Behind him, the faces of Xu Huang and the rest turned ugly and, shortly after, they bitterly smiled. They had exerted great effort just to pass through the first obstacle and if they were to charge through this sea of lightning, how could they be able to keep their lives? Seems like they could only hold their steps here.

“Those who wish to enter the Divine Academy has to be purified by the sea of lightning in the time it takes to burn a joss stick.”

When the green sea of lightning appeared, an ancient and empty voice indifferently resounded vetween this heaven and earth, as if it came from the ancient times.

Many faces changed when they heard that voice. It wanted them to enter this sea of lightning? Furthermore, they had to hold on for the time it takes to burn a joss stick…doesn’t that simply mean to take their life?

Mu Chen’s expression was exceptionally grave. However, just when he was about the speak, the empty voice resounded once again.

“Those who obtained the position of Successor has to entire ten-fold the amount of time.”

Mu Chen’s eyes abruptly shrank. Ten times? This god-damned Divine Wood Palace, what dogshit Successor position was this? Was that meant to play someone to death?


Many people were confused. Clearly, they had not heard of the term Successor prior to this. However, they felt relieved as that meant that they will not be the ones to suffer. This sea of lightning before them was extremely fearsome. A joss stick of time was still something that they could still strive for, but if the time were to extend by ten times, even Spirit Disaster experts would have to retreat.


Just when everyone was discussing, a streak of light shot out of the sea of the lightning that shrouded Mu Chen, whose face had turned ugly.

The surrounding gazes were astonished as they gazed at Mu Chen. As for Wang Zhong, Mo Yu and the rest, they were briefly stunned, before having joy surfacing in their eyes from Mu Chen’s misfortune.

Mu Chen disregarded those gazes as he maintained an indifferent expression. Just when he was about to step forth, his expression suddenly changed as he saw another streak of light shoot out from the sea of lightning and shone onto another direction. At that direction, Xue Tiandou was also shrouded in the light with a calm expression.

Mu Chen’s pupils shrank for a brief moment. This Xue Tiandou had also obtained the identity of a Successor?

So it turns out that he wasn’t the only one.

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