The Great Ruler

Chapter 538 - Divine Wood Lightning Dipper

Chapter 538 – Divine Wood Lightning Dipper


Rampant thunderous roars resounded from the green sea of lightning between this heaven and earth, making others feel alarmed by it.

At the two sides of the sea of lightning, everyone raised their heads to look at the sea of lightning. At the depths of it stood two figures that looked fragile as the green lightning rolled. It was as if they would collapse in the next moment.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan exchanged gave gazes because even they could feel some danger coming from the sea of lightning. Previously, they had easily endured for a joss stick of time. But if they were to enter now, it might not be so easy anymore.

“Looks like the Divine Wood Palace is testing the so-called ‘Successors’.” Wen Qingxuan said softly.

The so-called “Successors” that Mu Chen and Xue Tiandou became did not bring them any benefits here. On the contrary, it brought them quite a bit of trouble as everyone could see that they would have passed this test if it wasn’t for the identity of Successors that the two of them possessed.

Luo Li lightly nodded her head, “Since they are Successors, then they naturally can’t be mediocre. It was reasonable for the Divine Wood Palace to leave behind such a test. After all, they did not want the inheritance of their Divine Wood Palace to fall in the hands of a useless person.”

“Then, we’ll see how they are going to break through this situation.” Wen Qingxuan softly said.


Roaring of thunder continued to resound as Mu Chen stood in the sea of lightning. His face was also filled with solemn at this instant as he could sense how rampant the sea of lightning was at this moment. Beneath the clouds, there was green lightning slowly wiggling about as if it was a huge green dragon rummaging, emitting fearsome might from its colossal body.


Mu Chen deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as both of his fists were tightly clenched. His gaze was exceptionally sharp at this instant.


The brewing sea of lightning exploded in the next instant. Everyone could see the clouds being torn apart as the green light appeared. A gigantic green light that was a few hundred feet swept out. It was like a huge dragon as it charged towards Mu Chen.

The surface of the green light didn’t seem like lightning, it was more like the surface of an ancient tree, since it was filled with old tree patterns. It did not seem rampant but only the one that was targeted by it could feel its might.

Black lightning was frantically flickering on Mu Chen’s body, making his skin to turn black. A metallic luster was flowing on the surface of Mu Chen’s skin. Clearly, Mu Chen had pushed his Lightning God’s Physique to the limits.


The huge dragon that was made of lightning heavily struck against Mu Chen. Black and green lightning clashed, causing even the surrounding space to twist from the powerful energy collision.


Mu Chen’s figure flew out in a terrible state. He heavily stomped on the air for a few hundred steps, before he managed to stabilise his figure. The cloths on his upper body were already reduced to ashes. Five lightning runes flickered with light on his chest as his shoulders were covered in blood.

At the two ends of the lightning sea, there was a low commotion that resounded. Even Peak Spiritual Energy Disasters would suffer heavy injuries from that lightning. However, Mu Chen had managed to withstand it. Wasn’t that fellow’s physical body a little too powerful?

“Hmph, you’re courting death. You were already in such a state from the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper. I’ll see how you’re going to endure the remaining time of nine joss sticks!” Wang Zhong’s mouth rose to a mocking smile as he watched the scene.

Mo Yu, Qin Feng and the rest of the Academy Alliance were also sneering at the sight of it.

Wu Yingying stared at the figure in the lightning sea as she maintained a chilled expression. However, the crescent blade was gripped even tighter.


Lightning roared again. However, it wasn’t from Mu Chen’s direction but was from Xue Tiandou. The latter’s face was a little grave as he formed seals with both of his hands. Scarlet blood-coloured boundless Spiritual Energy swept out as it seemed like a bloody river circulated around him that withstood the green lightning.

Scarlet-red Spiritual Energy exploded as Xue Tiandou also moved back from the collision as a smear of blood appeared on his palm. However, it was wiped away without batting an eyelid. He gazed over at Mu Chen’s direction as a cold smile rose on his lips. At least compared to Mu Chen, he had a much easier time. If they were to continue, the gap between Mu Chen and him would start to appear. At that time, he wanted to see if that fellow would still dare to talk before him.

That first lightning was clearly just an opening. The lightning sea was barely silent for an instant before everyone could watch in astonishment as huge lightning bolts constantly charged out of the lightning sea as green light rolled. Thereafter, those lightning bolts charged towards Xue Tiandou and Mu Chen.

The previous scene was just paled into insignificance in comparison!

Clearly, the lightning sea had finally unleashed its might.

When Mu Chen saw the scene unfolding before him, his face could not help changing. Shortly after, he heavily stomped his feet as black and white-coloured Spiritual Energy swept forth, clashing towards the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper.

He was finally forced to use his Spiritual Energy to defend.

Bloody rivers were spreading around Xue Tiandou as his powerful Spiritual Energy swept out. The Spiritual Energy that he had cultivated was reeking of blood as it became especially cold and sharp. The bloody rivers revolved around him, overlapping each other as the green lightning’s attack came crashing.

Boom! Boom!

The entire lightning sea exploded as one green lightning after another streaked across the sky as they clashed against the two figures.

The ripples that were caused from the impacts tore a layer of the lightning sea apart.

Everyone’s hearts were alarmed by the scene. Based on this scene before them, even a Peak Spiritual Energy Disaster expert would be reduced to ashes.


The huge roaring continued and, in an instant, four joss sticks of time had passed. As time passed, everyone could sense the attack of the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper became more and more rampant…

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan could not help clench their fists.


Another huge dragon made of lightning tore apart the defenses formed by the black and white Spiritual Energy as it heavily struck against Mu Chen. A groan came from his throat as his figure retreated. A majority of his body was charred by it.


On another corner, Xue Tiandou was also sent back. His sleeve was shredded to pieces as blood flowed down from his shoulders. Even the Spiritual Energy fluctuations around him became a little messed up.

It was already the seventh joss stick of time.

However, everyone knew that the last three sticks were the hardest.

The green light that was emitted from the lightning sea as it rolled was extremely dazzling to the eyes.


Facing this scene, Xue Tiandou smiled. He looked at Mu Chen with a playful smile as he chuckled, “If you back off now, you might still be able to keep your life.”

Mu Chen indifferently glanced at him and no longer bothered.

Those outside the lightning sea were looking at Xue Tiandou in astonishment, wasn’t he worried about himself?


As they puzzled over that question, the lightning sea had finally thoroughly exploded. Layers and layers of the lightning sea were torn apart as the dazzling green light became like pillars as they soared to the heavens, before diving down. Green light expanded as it seemed as if the Divine Wood Lightning was about to pierce through the heavens and earth.


Xue Tiandou laughed as he watched the incoming attack. His fist clenched as a green light flickered on his hand. It was a simple and unadorned bell of green wood. The wooden bell did not stand out, but everyone could sense a peculiar energy being emitted from it.

“This Wooden Spiritual Bell was something I obtain from the Divine Wood Palace. It just so happens to be able to restrain the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper. Originally, I did not plan to use it. But looking from this situation, I can’t hold my hands anymore.” Xue Tiandou chuckled as he looked at Mu Chen. He flickered his fingers as the Wooden Spiritual Bell rapidly expanded in size to a few hundred feet as it hovered above Xue Tiandou’s head.

Boom! Boom!

The Divine Wood Lightning Dipper whistled as it flew down and struck the Wooden Spiritual Bell. An explosion roared. However, no matter how the lightning struck, it could not break through the Wooden Spiritual Bell.

Outside the lightning sea, endless people were looking in envy. No wonder Xue Tiandou was so fearless, so he possessed such a treasure.

“Xue Tiandou had a Spiritual Artifact that could protect him, what about Mu Chen?” Some people looked at Mu Chen. From the current situation, it didn’t look to be a problem for Xue Tiandou to withstand the three joss sticks of time. But what about Mu Chen?

Under the gazes of others, Mu Chen’s charming face still maintained a calm demeanor as he raised his head, looking at the descending lightning. Shortly after, he deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as light flickered in his black pupils. This made Mu Chen look more prideful.

“If you want to kill me, Mu Chen, it will not be so easy!”

Mu Chen waved his sleeves as the boundless Spiritual Energy around him instantly disappeared.

Those outside the lightning sea widened their mouths from his actions. This fellow was going to call back his Spiritual Energy?

Mu Chen was not bothered with those gazes. Not only did he withdraw his Spiritual Energy, he even sat down as he formed seals with both his hands. The surface of his body was flickering with black lightning. Underneath his skin, his veins were like earthworms as they wiggled, emitting astonishing power at the same time.

He was actually planning to withstand the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper with his physical body!

“That fellow… is he courting death?”

Everyone was dumbfounded by his actions.

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