The Great Ruler

Chapter 539 - Clearing With Physique

Chapter 539 – Clearing With Physique


The earth-shattering lightning roared as it resounded in the region. Within the lightning sea, lightning clouds were frantically rolling. Up in the sky, there were huge dragons diving down. Judging from their might, it seemed as if they were intending to destroy this land.

Under the countless dumbfounded gazes, Mu Chen quietly sat in the lightning sea as he had withdrew all the Spiritual Energy around him. His charming face was exceptionally calm at the moment as he slightly raised his head. Insanity surged from the depths of his eyes as his black pupils reflected the green lightning.

“Since the Penta Rune Lightning Physique is not able to stop you…then let’s make it stronger!”

Mu Chen tightly clenched his fists as he had an unswerving expression on his face. Although the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper was fearsome, it was also an opportunity for Mu Chen. The cultivation of the Lightning God’s Physique could not be separated from lightning. No matter what lightning it was, it was all from the same origin of Dao. Using such energy to refine his Lightning God’s Physique would only increase its efficiency. However, it contained quite a bit of danger as well. After all, it was impossible to control such energy. The moment he lost control, he would suffer great injuries from it.

However, since when had Mu Chen’s cultivation path strayed from the word danger? Without great willpower, the path to becoming an expert could only be ordinary.

Therefore, this danger wasn’t something that made Mu Chen feel fear.

Both of his eyes were tightly shut as both of his hands made the seal to cultivate the Lightning God’s Physique. Inside his body, Spiritual Energy was also surging as if there was a great enemy as it made preparations.


As the lightning roared, a green lightning streaked across the horizon as it dived down without the slightest leniency as it struck Mu Chen.

It was as if Mu Chen had suffered a great impact as his body trembled. His flesh and skin were torn apart as fresh blood flowed, drenching half of his body in blood. But even so, Mu Chen kept both of his eyes tightly shut. Only his slightly trembling body could show his rebellion.


Black and green lightning flickered on the surface of Mu Chen’s body as the two energies started their battle, neither giving way to the other.

Boom! Boom!

Lightning constantly roared as one green dragon lightning after another dived down and struck Mu Chen’s body.

Lightning madly flickered as the green light had nearly covered Mu Chen.

In the sky that Mu Chen sat, clouds were torn apart. Within a few hundred feet of him, space was twisted from the violent impact.

The scene was something that made the scalps of others tingle.

The faces of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan turned even more grave at this moment. Because of how violent the lightning energy was, they could not sense the Spiritual Energy ripples coming from Mu Chen. Therefore, they could not tell if his situation was good or bad.

“That fellow is simply too reckless.” Wen Qingxuan could not refrain herself from commenting. Although Mu Chen appeared with the strength of Human Body Disaster, she was well-aware of the number of cards Mu Chen had up his sleeves. If he were to thoroughly unleash them, he wouldn’t have landed in such a terrible state by the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper. However, who could have expected that he gave up on those methods and chose the stupidest method?

Luo Li’s pupils stared at the region where green light expanded as she did not speak. At this time, she chose to believe in Mu Chen, since the latter wasn’t a reckless person. Since he made his choice, then he naturally had his reason and confidence for doing so.

“Xue Tiandou was fine by using the Wooden Spiritual Bell.” Wen Qingxuan looked at another direction where Xua Tiandou stood. The green bell hovered on his head as it emitted faint green luster. The Divine Wood Lightning Dippers that fell from the heavens were all withstood by it. It should be a Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact. Furthermore, it possessed the ability to counter the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper. Therefore, there wasn’t any difficulty for him to carry on.

Therefore, the comparison between the two was rather clear cut.

One had it easy while the other was covered in blood…

“Before it ends, no one can guarantee the outcome.” Luo Li said softly.

Wen Qingxuan could only nod at her words.

Such discussion was not only limited to the two of them. Everyone else was doing the same thing in this region. After all, Mu Chen’s difficulty and Xue Tiandou’s easiness was too obvious.

Time flowed among the discussions.

The three joss stick time was about to end.


Rampant thunderous roars still resounded between this heaven and earth.

Xue Tiandou stood on the air as he had both his hands behind him. Blood-red Spiritual Energy constantly surged out of his body into the wooden bell. The Divine Wood Lightning Dipper was striking the wooden bell as it gave off a sharp and clear sound. However, it was still unable to harm him, only exhausting his Spiritual Energy by quite a bit.

Compared to Mu Chen, he clearly had it too easy.

Xue Tiandou’s gaze were indifferent as he looked at the other direction, which had green lightning spreading. Vaguely, he could see that the figure no longer trembled, as if he was forcefully enduring it. A smear of mockery appeared on his lips. That fellow is really seeking death. Is he really trying to use his physical body to withstand the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper? The one that Luo Li likes is actually such trash?

Xue Tiandou shook his head in pity as the cold sneer that hung on his mouth became even richer.

Time gradually flowed as everyone could sense that the originally rampant lightning sea had gradually started to calm down. Clearly, this was the sign that the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper was ending.


The last gigantic green lightning whistled as it dived down. Thunderous roars resounded through the heavens as it thoroughly disappeared. The entire region seemed to have become silent by a lot.

Xue Tiandou stood on the sky as he extended his hand out. The wooden bell above his head rapidly shrank before landing in his hand. He gave it a glance and noticed that the surface of the wooden bell had dulled a little. Clearly, there was wear and tear.

“Looks like it has ended.”

Xue Tiandou indifferently smiled. He looked at the brilliant green light far away. There wasn’t any Spiritual Energy ripples coming from that direction.

Not only him, everyone at the two ends of the lightning sea had also directed their gazes over. They were thinking the same question, wondering what the situation was like inside…

Under their gazes, the green light gradually dispersed. As the green light dispersed, a figure that was seated gradually appeared before showing himself to the eyes of everyone.


When that figure was clear to everyone, everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

The faces of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan also changed.

The figure that was quietly seated had dark red covering his body. The surface of his body was covered by dried up layers and layers of blood. The blood covered every single inch of his body. The dark-red colour made others feel their scalps tingling at the sight of it. They could only imagine what sort of pain Mu Chen was experiencing earlier to cause such layers of fresh blood to turn into this colour.

“He couldn’t have died, right?”

Someone quietly said as there wasn’t any movement in those layers of blood, not even breathing was present.

“He deserves it!”

Those of the Saint Spiritual Academy and the Academy Alliance had joy filling their faces as they forced a voice with their teeth gnashing.

Wu Yingying was also gritting her teeth as the hand that was holding onto her crescent blade had turned white from the strength she used.

Xue Tiandou stared at that blood figure as he smiled indifferently. He then shook his head and paid no attention. He took a step towards one end of the lightning sea. The posture of his firm and steady steps made him look like a winner. He originally wanted to fight with Mu Chen, but who could have thought that the latter did not have the fortune for it?

“Not being able to pass through such a test, saved my efforts.” Xue Tiandou said with indifference.

He took a step forward.


Just when he moved, there was suddenly a cracking noise that resounded in this quiet region.

Xue Tiandou’s steps froze as he turned his head, little by little. He fixed his gaze onto that blood figure that wasn’t moving. In the next instant, his pupils shrank as he saw fine cracks appearing on the dried layers of blood as it quickly spread out.

Crack. Crack.

The cracking sound became even more concentrated that even those on the two sides of the lightning sea could clearly hear it. Shortly after, their faces changed as they looked at that figure. Pieces and pieces of dried blood was actually falling off…

After those layers of dried blood had fallen off, a fair-looking skin appeared with fluorescence shining on the surface of the skin. Underneath the skin, faint green light could be seen.

Pieces and pieces of dried blood rapidly fell off completely.

As the layers of blood fell off, Mu Chen’s figure had, once again, appeared in the sight of everyone. He was still sitting down with his eyes closed. However, everyone could sense that it was as if light was being emitted from his body. Vaguely, there was fine thunderous roars resounding from his body.

Xue Tiandou had fixed his eyes onto that figure.

Mu Chen’s eyes slightly trembled as he slowly opened them under the countless astonished gazes.


When he had opened his eyes, everyone could hear the roaring of lightning had that had, once again, resounded in this area. Green and black lightning intertwined in his black pupils, making the youth seem even more mysterious.

Many people had their breathing paused for that instant. Even those of the Saint Spiritual Academy and the Academy Alliance had their sneers frozen on their face.

Mu Chen, he is actually still alive!

He had actually withstood the fearsome Divine Wood Lightning Dipper with his physical body!

At this moment, even Xue Tiandou’s face had turned ugly.

Whereas charming smiles appeared on the faces of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan.

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