The Great Ruler

Chapter 540 - Ten Pieces of Treasure

Chapter 540 – Ten Pieces of Treasure

The summit was exceptionally quiet. Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at that slender figure that had appeared after the layers of dried blood shredded off his body, their eyes were filled with disbelief. No one could have expected that Mu Chen would actually manage to withstand the fearsome attack of the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper with his physical body.

“That’s too frightening.”

Everyone exchanged a glance with each other as they muttered. Just what level did that fellow’s physical body reach to be able to accomplish such a feat?

Under the lowered voices of discussions, Xue Tiandou’s facial expression was a little ugly. He stared at Mu Chen with a dark gaze. Although the two of them had withstood the lightning sea, the level of their success was categorized as many people had answers in their hearts. After all, he had borrowed the power of an external object, while Mu Chen depended on his physical body.

Although they did not talk about it, they would still feel that Mu Chen had surpassed Xue Tiandou in his accomplishment in the lightni]ng sea. Just this point alone was something that Xue Tiandou could not endure. He came from the Royal Family of the Blood God Clan, his status was something that Mu Chen could not be compared to. Now, he was actually suppressed by Mu Chen.

A smear of bloodlust flashed across Xue Tiandou’s eyes as he sinisterly looked at Mu Chen. “Formidable. I never expected you to have such a card hidden in your sleeves.”

“You’re flattering me.” Mu Chen said as he smiled indifferently.

Xue Tiandou shrugged his shoulders as he chuckled, “Now it’s interesting. If you died in it, you would have disappointed me. Luo Li’s eyesight isn’t so bad to such an extent.”

“Believe me, you will feel even more interested.” Mu Chen said honestly as he stared at Xue Tiandou.

“Really? Then I’ll have to stare With my eyes big and watch.” A smear of mockery rose from the corner of Xue Tiandou’s lips.

“You will have the chance.”

Mu Chen smiled and no longer bothered. With a tap of his feet, he had already flown out of the lightning sea and landed beside Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan.

“Are you alright?” Luo Li asked despite the fact that Mu Chen looked good.

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded. Both of his fists were tightly clenched as a smile rose from the corner of his lips. He could feel that his physical body had grown stronger again… The risk that he had taken before was the right path. Although it was painful, strength that was obtained through suffering was the genuine strength.

Mu Chen swept his gaze. Many people that had touched his gaze all shifted their eyes. There was respect in their eyes. Although the latter had only appeared to have Human Body Disaster in cultivation, they understood that not even Spiritual Energy experts could fight him. The physical body of that fellow was simply too powerful. They didn’t know how he cultivated it.

When Wang Zhong, Mo Yu and the rest had touched gazes with Mu Chen, their eyes were a little dark. However, Mu Chen paid no attention to them.

Wu Yingying’s gaze touched Mu Chen’s for an instant, before she turned her head with a cold expression. The hand that was tightly gripping onto her crescent blade had loosened. However, when she noticed her fine thoughts, she was stunned. Shortly after, she felt anger, why would she care about the life and death of a lecher?

Mu Chen’s gaze leaped through everyone as he gazed upon the great green palace. This area was already the front of the palace as green stone stairs before them had stretched to the palace.

This is the Divine Wood Academy. After all their time and efforts, they finally stood here.

When Mu Chen’s gaze was staring at the ancient palace, all those that had passed through the test of the lightning sea had also directed their gazes over. When they started out, there were thousands of teams and right now, there were only a hundred people.

The elimination rate was simply too alarming.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen was the first that charged out as his feet tapped on the stone stairs and charged straight towards the palace like an arrow that had been shot out.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan closely followed. At the same time, Xue Tiandou, Wang Zhong, Mo Yu and the rest had also turned into steaks of light as they flew out. The Divine Wood Academy was just before them, as long as they made that other step, they would be able to reach the most important place of the Divine Wood Palace.


Rapid breaks of wind resounded as the nearly hundred people present had pushed their speeds to their limits.

Under their speeds, the thousands of steps of stairs only took an instant for them to travel. Thereafter, Mu Chen stood on the summit as his gaze suddenly widened. The ancient palace was clear before his eyes.

The great palace was so extremely majestic that it made them look as small as an ant before it. This palace did not have any walls as it was surrounded by a vast wood-green plaza. On the plaza, there were ten green pillars that stood towering. Those pillars were roughly thousands of feet in height, as if they had pierced through the clouds.

The towering green pillars were filled with profound light runes as faint light emitted. It gave others a feeling that it couldn’t be shook.

However, the gaze of Mu Chen and his group only stopped on the ten towering pillars for a brief moment before directing it towards the peak of them. There were ten green light balls and within those light balls, there were waves of Spiritual Energy ripples being emitted from them. Causing the Spiritual Energy between this heaven and earth to seem as if it was boiling.

Everyone’s gazes were fixed onto those light balls. Shortly after, there were fiery blazes surging from their eyes as they could vaguely see that within every light ball, there was equipment. They were either swords, scrolls or armours…

However, those items were emitting astonishing amounts of Spiritual Energy ripples. Clearly, they were not your everyday ordinary products.

Everyone’s gazes were staring at the ten light balls in heat. Although they could not guarantee what those items in the light balls were, even a retard would tell that those were treasures!

“I’m afraid that…even Quasi-Divine Artifact are present within them.”

Luo Li approached Mu Chen as she softly spoke.

When Mu Chen heard her words, he nodded his head, but he actions could not be noticed. His gaze swept past those light balls as he spoke in a voice that only the three of them could hear, “Luo Li, you go for the third left and Captain Wen Qingxuan, go for the fifth right.”

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were stunned for a moment as they calmly nodded their heads. From the looks of it, it seems that Mu Chen knows some stuff…

“Let’s go!”

Mu Chen’s eyes flickered and, thereafter, he issued a deep bark. A dragon image appeared beneath his feet as he flew out.


Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan flew out in an instant as they charged towards the light balls that Mu Chen had mentioned earlier.

When they moved, Mu Chen had also pushed his speed to the limit. The one he had targeted was a light ball on the ninth right as he had already known what treasures were there with his identity as a Successor. Those three lights that he had pointed out were the most powerful among all.

Those three were Quasi-Divine Artifacts!

Although Quasi-Divine Artifacts were of the lowest level amongst the Divine Artifacts, they had surpassed the category of Spiritual Artifact. Every single Divine Artifact possessed the power to explosively increase one’s strength. Their might was not something that a Spiritual Artifact could be compared to. Currently, aside from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, Mu Chen only had the Demonic Dragon Devouring Spear that could he called a treasure. Although it was a Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact, it was vastly incomparable to a Quasi-Divine Artifact.

When the three of them moved, it had thoroughly made everyone that was eyeing those light balls to move as well. Their speed wasn’t slow as they immediately burst out. However, they could not judge which was the best among the ten light balls and could only try their luck.

Mu Chen, however, did not have any hesitation. The dragon beneath his feet roared as it became like a soaring dragon. In a wink of an eye, he had already appeared before the ninth towering pillar. Thereafter, his figure exploded and in the next instant, he had already appeared on the peak of the pillar. His eyes were filled with the light that was before him. Mu Chen focused his gaze over and could vaguely see an object in the light.

It was a Stone Seal that was carved from some unknown item. The Stone Seal was dark-green in colour as it appeared extremely antique. There wasn’t any unnecessary flowery patterns on it, only a black tortoise carved on the top of it. The tortoise was extremely mottled, as if the countless years and months had left behind its marks.

Mu Chen’s line-of-sight was focused on the Stone Tortoise Seal as he could feel the Spiritual Energy within his body become heavy. His gaze froze at that instant. What a formidable object. With just a look, it was as if he had tens of thousands of catties placed on him to the point that even his Spiritual Energy was affected by it.

“Indeed worthy of being a Quasi-Divine Artifact.”

Mu Chen praised in his heart. With the news of the Successor, he already knew that there was a divine object in the Divine Wood Palace that’s called the Black Tortoise Seal that could suppress anything. From the looks of it, this should be it.

Since he had already found the treasure, it was impossible for him to give up. He circulated his Spiritual Energy as black lightning flickered on the surface of his body. He extended his hand as it pierced through the light, towards the Black Tortoise Seal at lightning speed.


However, just when he was about to grab ahold of the Black Tortoise Seal, an extremely break of wind resounded above his head. A blood pike was aimed at his head as it brought along the reeking smell of blood in an extremely challenging angle.

That attack was extremely vicious. As long as Mu Chen grabbed the Black Tortoise Seal, the pike would pierce through his brain.

Mu Chen’s gaze past the long pike. Behind the pike, it was Xue Tiandou, who did not have any expression on his face. As for his gaze, it was cold at this instant. This fellow was really haunting as he had been eyeing him and not letting him go.

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