The Great Ruler

Chapter 542 - Thorny

Chapter 542 – Thorny

Mu Chen stood on the air. One of his arms had lightning liquid circulating as if the lightning rune was growing on his muscles as it emitted a fearsome power. The other was holding onto the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear in a tilted angle as the speartip had an ancient stone seal on it.

On his chest, there were six lighting runes that vaguely appeared as rampant lightning energy flowed on his body. As his muscles twitched, the surrounding atmosphere exploded. The strength of his physical body had reached a fearsome degree.

This was a sign that Mu Chen’s Lightning God’s Physique had reached Hexa Rune Lightning Physique.

It was the benefit that Mu Chen had obtained when he was in the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper.


A white mist had lightning mixed in it as Mu Chen breathed out. Lightning flickered as Mu Chen’s eyes seemed as if there were lightning born in them. They emitted an indescribable pressure as he looked at the pale-faced Xue Tiandou before him as he had an indifferent gaze. If he did not break through to Hexa Rune Lightning Physique, he might not have the upper hand when he fought with Xue Tiandou. However, no one could have expected his Lightning God’s Physique to break through when he was struck by the Divine Wood Lightning Dipper.

Hexa Rune Lightning Physique enabled Mu Chen to fight with any Spirit Disaster expert.

“Looks like you’re unfated with this treasure.” Mu Chen spoke as he lightly smiled.

Xue Tiandou’s gaze was dark as he stared at Mu Chen. However, underneath that darkness, there was a trace of fear. Since the start, he had never placed Mu Chen on the same level as him. However, he couldn’t help changing that kind of view anymore.

That was because he could sense pressure being emitted from Mu Chen’s body.

The latter’s physical body was much stronger compared to before. To an extent that even he could not disregard.

“You are indeed capable to be able to cultivate your physical body to such an extent. Amongst those of the same generations that I have encountered, your physical body could be ranked in the top ten.” Xue Tiandou said as his tone was cold.

Mu Chen smiled in reply, “Thanks for your praise.”


Xue Tiandou’s pupils seemed as if there were blood seas flowing in them as he slowly said, “No matter how strong your physical body is, there is still a limit to it.”

When Mu Chen heard his words, he did not express his opinion on it. He shifted his gaze towards another direction. Despite the fact that Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan had encountered obstructions, with the strength of the two girls, the obstructions that they both encountered was lighter compared to his own. Therefore, by the time he obtained the Black Tortoise Seal, the two girls had already gotten the two treasures that he had chosen for them.

Luo Li’s hand had a green jade ruler with complicated runes on it. If one were to attentively look at it, one could see dense vitality being emitted from the jade ruler as it seemed like grass.

Wen Qingxuan on the other hand, had a green wooden vine. The wooden vine was extremely simple, unadorned and had a smooth surface. It was similar to a green rope.

Clearly, the two treasures in their hands weren’t ordinary objects. From the appearance of them, they seemed even more shiny compared to the Black Tortoise Seal that Mu Chen had obtained.

When Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan had successfully obtained the treasures, the seven other treasures had already fallen in the hands of others. However, there was a limit to the treasures, after all, as most of the people there were empty-handed, which made them feel unwilling, but there was nothing that they could do.

As the ten treasures had fallen in the hands of others, the intense battles from before had settled down. However, anyone could feel the tense atmosphere as there were many eyeing gazes.

The faces of Wang Zhong, Mo Yu and their group were the ugliest. When Mu Chen and Xue Tiandou fought, they had targeted Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan separately. However, the ending results could be seen. From a certain extent, the two girls had sharper means compared to Mu Chen. Despite the fact that they had given their all, they still lost to the two girls and ended up empty-handed.

As for Wu Yingying and the Four Seas Spiritual Academies, they did not partake in the intense battles as they had their eyes on the other weaker seven treasures. Therefore, they had gains from the battle. Although the treasures that they had obtained were Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifacts, they could still be considered as decent harvests.

The atmosphere in this plaza became a little strange.

Xue Tiandou stared at Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan as light flickered in his eyes. If he was dealing with Mu Chen alone, he still had some confidence. However, with Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan, even someone as prideful as him could only retreat.

“Mu Chen, aren’t you guys a little too much?”

As Xue Tiandou’s eyes flickered, a cold voice resounded from a corner. Everyone directed their gazes over and saw Wang Zhong staring at Mu Chen with hatred, “There are only three Quasi-Divine Artifacts here and all three of them are seized by your group. Are you going to let us return empty-handed?”

Wang Zhong’s words were rather vicious. After all, the demands exceeded the supply. With Mu Chen’s group of three gathered together, their strength was rather powerful and not a single side could gain any advantage if they were to act. Therefore, he was trying to isolate Mu Chen’s group.

An uproar resounded in the entire plaza. Some people were unresigned as they couldn’t help directing their gazes over to Mu Chen’s group as fear and greed flickered in their eyes at the same time.

“Haha, Brother Wang Zhong is right. Mu Chen, a person cannot be too greedy, incase you’ll die from bursting.” Mo Yu coldly smiled at this instant as well. He had already originally hated Mu Chen. Adding on to Mu Chen’s group of three seizing the three Quasi-Divine Artifacts, he would naturally hit him when he’s down.

“Mu Chen, looks like you have quite a bit of enemies here.” Xue Tiandou smiled as he looked at the scene before him in rumination.

Mu Chen had no expression on his face, whereas Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan’s faces turned a little cold. The two girls flew to Mu Chen’s side as they swept their cold gazes.

“Friend, from the looks of it, it seems like you have some grudges with Mu Chen’s group. Why don’t we join hands for once?” Wang Zhong’s heart trembled when he saw Wen Qingxuan’s cold gaze. He had too much fear for the latter and, therefore, he shifted his gaze and looked at Xue Tiandou. That person’s strength could not be underestimated, since he had already reached First Grade Spirit Disaster, judging from his battle with Mu Chen earlier.

“Haha, I’m rather interested in this. You can leave Mu Chen to me to deal with.” Xue Tiandou lightly smiled as he nodded his head. Wang Zhong’s suggestion was what he had in mind. After all, he knew that it was difficult for him to deal with Mu Chen’s group of three all by himself.

Wang Zhong rejoiced at Xue Tiandou’s reply. He knew how hard Mu Chen was to deal with. The latter had defeated a First Grade Spirit Disaster when he was in the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. Therefore, it was great news to him that Xue Tiandou was willing to deal with Mu Chen.

“Haha, are the friends of Martial Spiritual Academy and the Four Sea Spiritual Academies interested to join in? I believe that the temptation of Quasi-Divine Artifacts is sufficient, right?”

After pulling Xue Tiandou to their camp, Wang Zhong looked at Wu Yingying, as well as the Four Sea Spiritual Academies. From the looks of it, he was obviously trying to pull people to deal with Mu Chen and his group together.

When Wu Yingying and the four Captains of the Four Sea Spiritual Academies heard his words, their faces changed a little that could not be noticed.

Wu Yingying looked towards Mu Chen. The latter did not have any expression, but the lightning that was flickering on the surface of his body revealed the rage and killing intent in his heart.

“You have already pulled two parties to your camp. If you were to pull us along to snatch for the three Quasi-Divine Artifact, how are we going to split amongst us? Are we going to fight another round?” Wu Yingying said indifferently.

Wang Zhong’s face changed at her words because Wu Yingying’s words were too sharp to the point that he didn’t know how to refute. After all, there were only three Quasi-Divine Artifacts and with Wang Zhong’s character, it was impossible for him to return empty-handed. Therefore, there would still be a round of intense battles for the distribution of Quasi-Divine Artifacts after dealing with Mu Chen.

The four Captains of the Four Sea Spiritual Academies exchanged looks as they shook their heads in the end, “Captain Wang Zhong, I apologize. We of the Four Sea Spiritual Academies have no intention to join. Although Quasi-Divine Artifacts are rare, since we have no fate to them, we will not force them.”

They rejected Wang Zhong’s invitation as they saw that be it Mu Chen’s group or Wang Zhong’s group, none of them were easy to deal with. Although they had some strength, there wasn’t any benefits in them partaking in the battle. Therefore, just as Wu Yingying had said, even after dealing with Mu Chen’s group, it might not guarantee that they would get the Quasi-Divine Artifacts. Who knows if all their efforts would be for naught and benefitted others instead?

Wang Zhong’s expression was a little ugly as he couldn’t help ruthlessly glancing at Wu Yingying. It was because the latter had picked such a point that caused the other party to withdraw their stirring hearts.

Wu Yingying paid no attention to him as she folded her arms. An arc appeared on her squashed chest as she coldly swept a glance at Mu Chen and snorted, “If you guys want to fight, feel free to fight. When you guys are tired from fighting, I will naturally act.”

Mu Chen smiled as he gave a grateful gaze towards Wu Yingying. He knew that her words earlier had dispelled the thoughts for many people.

However, Wu Yingying’s face was still cold as she paid no attention to his grateful gaze.

Wang Zhong’s face was ashened as he coldly smiled, “It will still be enough without you guys.”

As he finished speaking, he waved his sleeve as a ray of light flickered. A huge statue appeared on the plaza. It was a Divine Wood Guard. Furthermore, from the ripples emitted from that Divine Wood Guard, its power did’t seem to be any weaker compared to the one in Mu Chen’s possession.

Mo Yu chuckled at the sight of it as he flicked his hand and another similar statue appeared.

“Since everyone has summoned this thing, then I’ll not stay my hands as well.” Xue Tiandou lazily smiled as he summoned another identical Divine Wood Guard with a movement of his hand.

The entire plaza was a little quiet as everyone directed their astonished gazes towards the three Divine Wood Guard. Who could have expected that Wang Zhong’s party would suddenly summon three First Grade Spirit Disaster puppets?

Mu Chen looked at the three puppets as he focused his gaze. Seems like every single team that had obtained the Divine Wood Plaque had also obtained a Divine Wood Guard.

Furthermore, from the formation, three of these Divine Wood Guards would represent three First Grade Spirit Disaster puppets. By adding Xue Tiandou, Wang Zhong and Mo Yu’s party, this formation was rather troublesome to them.

Seems like things have started to become thorny.

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