The Great Ruler

Chapter 543 - Two Girls

Chapter 543 – Two Girls

Three colossal Divine Wood Guards stood on the plaza as the shadows from their huge bodies had covered the entire plaza. A formless pressure brought by them had caused many people’s expressions to turn grave as fear filled their eyes. No one could have expected that Wang Zhong, Xue Tiandou and Mo Yu would have such powerful trump cards in their hands.

A Divine Wood Guard represented a First Grade Spirit Disaster expert. This strong entity was capable of defeating an elite team.

And now, there were three of such Divine Wood Guards.

Many people directed their gazes over to Mu Chen’s group of three. However, they saw that Mu Chen’s group of three did not panic. Clearly, they had already expected it. Excitement filled their hearts as they had a favourable opinion of Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan. After all, Wen Qingxuan was once the numero uno, so others couldn’t help the fear in their hearts for her.

But. right now, there were three Divine Wood Guards that broke this balance. Three First Grade Spirit Disasters weren’t easy to deal with.

Seemed like there would be a genuine ferocious battle this time around.

“Haha. Mu Chen, looks like the situation isn’t in your grasp all the time.” Wang Zhong smiled as he looked at Mu Chen. Three Divine Wood Guards had boosted his confidence. He refuse to believe that with such an overwhelming advantage, they still could not suppress Mu Chen and his group.

Mu Chen did not have too many ripples on his face as he swept his gaze, before looking at Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan as he softly said, “I’ll deal with Xue Tiandou.”

Amongst the three, Xue Tiandou was clearly the strongest. Fighting with him would most definitely be the hardest. Although Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan’s strengths were rather alarming, this was something that a man had to do at this point of time.

“Can you do it?” Wen Qingxuan took a glance at Xue Tiandou. That fellow was the most dangerous amongst the three. Although Mu Chen had the upper hand during their previous battle and managed to seize the stone seal, a majority of it was due to his powerful physique that far surpassed the expectations of Xue Tiandou. Now that the latter had preparations, victory would probably be much more difficult.

“Don’t ask a man this sort of question. Even if he can’t, he will still force his way up,” said Mu Chen.

Wen Qingxuan was dazed for a brief moment. Shortly after, who knows where her trail of thoughts had led her as redness appeared on her fair skin as she ruthlessly stared at Mu Chen, “Lecher!”

Mu Chen was dumbfounded. Thereafter, he figured it out and he couldn’t help having a weird smile as he teased, “I’m speaking about the problem of honor, what are you thinking?”

Wen Qingxuan’s blush was comparable to the sunset’s glow as she tightly gripped onto her golden warspear as she gritted her teeth, “I dare you to ask again?”

Seeing as Wen Qingxuan was about to explode, Mu Chen laughed and no longer teased her. The current situation wasn’t too good and if he were to cause Wen Qingxuan to run from the anger, it would certainly be a headache for him.

“How are we going to divide them?” Luo Li was already immune to the quarrel of them both as she helplessly reminded them of the situation before them.

“Leave Xue Tiandou and his Divine Wood Guard to me.” Wen Qingxuan coldly snorted as a chill surged in her phoenix-like eyes. Her face was filled with killing intent. Clearly, she was annoyed with those that dared to find her trouble. Did those fellows no longer fear her since they thought that she was no longer the numero uno?

Luo Li took a glance at Wen Qingxuan. She naturally knew that Xue Tiandou was the hardest to deal with amongst the other party and since Wen Qingxuan chose him at the first hand, it had clearly loosened their pressure.

Thereafter, Luo Li looked at Mu Chen. The latter was staring at Xue Tiandou as he lightly shook his head.

“What’s your opinion?” Wen Qingxuan said unhappily at the sight of his action.

“Can the both of you obstruct them for a period of time?” Mu Chen said softly.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were startled as they looked at Mu Chen in doubt. However, the former quickly thought of something as her charming eyes focused, “You’re going to form a Spiritual Array?”

Mu Chen slowly nodded his head.

“Is… is your Spiritual Array… reliable?” Wen Qingxuan couldn’t help asking him. Just when that word was about to slip from her mouth, her face blushed as she quickly changed a word.

“Even more reliable than me!” Mu Chen said seriously as he couldn’t, but was about to laugh.

Wen Qingxuan rolled her eyes at him as she spoke lightly, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll believe you for once. Me and Luo Li will obstruct them. However, if your Spiritual Array doesn’t have too much of an effect… I’ll take charge of the situation next and even you have to listen to my commands.”

Mu Chen was startled as he looked at the charming features of the girl before him and nodded with a smile.

“I will hurry up.”

Mu Chen nodded his head and, thereafter, he waved his hand and a similar Divine Wood Guard appeared, “This Divine Wood Guard will share some of the burden, the two of you be careful.”

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan exchanged a glance as they nodded their heads. The two girls appeared on the two sides of the Divine Wood Guard. One had a golden warspear in her hand, while the other had a longsword. Wind whistled as the hair of the two girls fluttered in the wind. That scene was extremely shaking to the core.

Everyone in the plaza could not help having their eyes light up as they looked at the two slender girls. The two girls possessed unrivalled beauty, but their temperaments were different.

Wen Qingxuan held onto the warspear as her golden battle armour covered her exquisite figure and her fine hair dropped down to her waist. Her long and narrow phoenix-like eyes were flickering with coldness and pride. Her current appearance made her look like a war goddess that was emitting fearsome fighting spirit.

Luo Li, on the other hand, stood towering as her longsword was held at a tilted angle. Her long azure dress tightly stuck to her soft body as her alluring curves were drawn out. Despite having outstanding beauty, her crystal-clear pupils were the most charming. They were clear, without any impurities, causing others to be drunk on her charm. Her fighting spirit wasn’t as sharp as Wen Qingxuan’s but when her eyes slightly hung down, there was a trace of chill that flashed past.

The two girls stood on the left and right of the Divine Wood Guard. The breathtaking appearance made god-knows how many people swallow their saliva. Thereafter, they all felt envy towards Mu Chen. How was that fellow so blessed to such an extent…?

“Haha, you’re planning to let the girls lead the fight?” When Xue Tiandou saw Luo Li, a strong possessive desire rose as he mocked while looking at Mu Chen’s direction.

Mu Chen wasn’t bothered with his mockery as he sat down on the sky with indifference.

When Xue Tiandou saw that, his eyes flashed with a chill as he flicked with his finger and blood-red Spiritual Energy shot towards Mu Chen’s direction.


An extremely sharp sword light swept past as it instantly shredded the Spiritual Energy.

Luo Li’s fingers rolled a strand of her long hair as she lightly stared at Xue Tiandou, “He doesn’t have the time to be bothered with you right now. If you want to fight, I’ll accompany you.”

Xue Tiandou’s face turned dark.

“Hmph, what a big tone from you. I know that the strength of the two of you isn’t ordinary. However, aren’t you indulging in your fantasy if you think that you can obstruct all of us?” Wang Zhong coldly snorted.

“Even if Ji Xuan is here, he wouldn’t dare to speak as such to me. Who are you?” Wen Qingxuan coldly laughed. Her disdainful tone made the corner of Wang Zhong’s eyes twitch.

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll have to experience it!” Mo Yu’s eyes were cold when he looked at Mu Chen as he had guessed something. In an instant, his sleeves trembled as three streaks of light flew out. At the same time, Qin Feng and Liu Xiong both had three streaks of light shooting out separately.

Nine streaks of light flew over as they expanded in size. They turned into nine humanoid puppets. Those puppets were a little mottled with a faint green light on the surface of their bodies. On their bodies, there were numerous savage scars, which seemed to have indicated that they suffered a huge battle in ancient time, causing them to be a little damaged.

Despite being damaged, powerful ripples could be felt from their bodies. Although that degree could not be compared to the Divine Wood Guard, they were comparable to a Spiritual Energy Disaster in strength.

Mo Yu and his group still had such a trump card!

“Haha, thanks to you guys, although we did not obtain the treasure in the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, we found some puppets that were buried in that forest.” Mo Yu coldly smiled.

With nine puppets with the strength of Spiritual Energy Disaster, they could even fight with First Grade Spirit Disaster experts. No wonder Mo Yu and his group was not afraid when they saw Mu Chen again, so they had this kind of trump card.

“Bunch of scraps, why bother taking out to embarrass yourself?”

Faced with their pride, Wen Qingxuan only lightly swept a glance as her casual words made the faces of Mo Yu and his group ashen.

“Since you’re so confident of yourself, then let us take a look at your skill.”

Xue Tiandou’s gaze was dark as he took a step forth. His blood river Spiritual Energy whistled out as it carried along a dense smell of blood and filled this heaven and earth.

Wang Zhong issued a soft snort as he had also pushed his Spiritual Energy to the limits. Although it was weaker compared to Xue Tiandou, it was still the strength of a First Grade Spirit Disaster.

Mo Yu, Qin Feng and Liu Xiong waved their sleeves as their nine puppets, as well as the Divine Wood Guard, took a step forth. They formed a fan-shaped formation as they surrounded Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan.

At this instant, everyone held their breath at the sight of the formation as their hearts began to race.

They, too, wish to know if those two fragile-looking girls could withstand the attacks of such a formation.

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