The Great Ruler

Chapter 544 - Might of the Two Girls

Chapter 544 – Might of the Two Girls

Powerful Spiritual Energy swept out like a tornado as the powerful might from the Spiritual Energy made everyone in the plaza take a few steps back, fearing that they might be affected by the ripples of the battle.

Xue Tiandou and Wang Zhong both unleashed their strength as First Grade Spirit Disasters, whereas Mo Yu and his team of three controlled the nine puppets, as well as the Divine Wood Guard, as they stared at the opposition as prey. They surrounded Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan in a fan shape as powerful pressure shrouded towards the two girls like tidal waves.


Wen Qingxuan coldly snorted in disdain, facing the pressure as she held onto her warspear as brilliant golden light swept out from her body. Vaguely, one could hear the clear cry of a phoenix from the surging golden light.

Luo Li, on the other hand, maintained a calm expression as ripples fluctuated from the hand that she used to hold onto the Luo God Sword. A formless sharp sword intent was being emitted as it caused ripples to appear in the space.

“Let’s go!”

Xue Tiandou suddenly barked as his scarlet gaze fixed onto the two girls.


Boundless Spiritual Energy instantly exploded similar to a volcano. The three Divine Wood Guards were the first to move as they charged forward with their quaking steps. Their fists flickered with green light as they tore through the sky and targeted the two girls standing on the shoulders of the opposing Divine Wood Guard.


A clear sword cry rang out in this heaven and earth as everyone could see an eye-stinging brilliance of sword light bursting forth from Mu Chen’s location. Within the sword light, there was an indescribable sword intent contained, as if it could pierce through the heavens and earth.


Sword light gathered and instantly turned into three sword images the size of roughly three hundred meters. Luo Li’s long hair that was originally bundled up had dropped down at this instant and looked like a silvery river that flowed down her waist. Her jade-like hand formed sword seals and her crystal-clear pupils seemed as if there was a sword river flowing in them.

Luo God Sword Art – Forming Sword Image!

Luo Li’s slender fingers pointed out as the three sword images swept out while whistling. In a rustle, they had tore the space as they stabbed towards the fists of the three Divine Wood Guards.


The huge fists and sword images heavily clashed as a sharp Sword Aura swept out, causing the surrounding space to be twisted.

When the Sword Aura had dispersed, the three Divine Wood Guards’ charge was stopped as deep sword marks were left behind on their metallic fists. Fortunately, those Divine Wood Guard did not have any sensation of pain. Otherwise, blood would be flowing down from them, if they were someone else.

Everyone couldn’t help staring at that scene as they looked at the slender figure with their eyes filled with astonishment.

Those were three Divine Wood Guards, whose strengths were comparable to First Grade Spirit Disasters. But, right now, they were stopped by a sword from Luo Li, not allowing their colossal bodies to move half a step forward.

Some people inwardly smacked their lips. Previously, they saw how powerful Mu Chen was and they had also heard of some rumors regarding Luo Li. Thus, they did not dare to belittle her. However, no one could have expected that this quiet beauty that stood beside Mu Chen would possess such fearsome strength.

Just that previous attack alone was even stronger compared to Mu Chen from before.

At the rear, Xue Tiandou, Wang Zhong and Mo Yu’s group were startled by Luo Li’s sharp attacks. Mo Yu clenched his teeth as the nine puppets flew out. The nine puppets held warlances as they turned into streaks of light. They were flashing from the rear of the Divine Wood Guard as they unleashed their torriential attacks towards Luo Li.

“I have said previously not to embarrass yourself with these scraps of metal!”

Seeing the nine puppets charging out, a cold voice resounded as a brilliant golden light swept out. A golden warspear was like a golden phoenix as it swept out along with extremely powerful Spiritual Energy. The spear light flickered as it pierced through a puppet. Furthermore, that fearsome strength had even sent the puppet flying. At the same time, the remaining gale swept towards the other eight puppets.


When the puppet that was pierced through flew away, it powerlessly fell down as the Spiritual Energy was drained, shattering into fragments.


The golden warspear flew back as it returned to Wen Qingxuan’s hand. She swept her phoenix-like gaze as her cold stare fixed onto Xue Tiandou and the rest that were at the rear.

Xue Tiandou’s face was dark. The surrounding Spiritual Energy around him had been brewed to the limits as the redness in his eyes grew stronger. He made a gripping action as a scarlet-red longspear appeared in his hand. That spear was especially red in colour as there were drops of blood falling off of it. A sinister energy was being emitted from it.


Xue Tiandou heavily stomped his feet as the air beneath his feet exploded. His figure had appeared before Wen Qingxuan at an astonishing speed as his blood-red longspear aimed at the latter’s neck at a tricky angle.


Wen Qingxuan coldly snorted as she did not attempt to avoid Xue Tiandou’s attacks. Her hand jolted as her golden warspear stabbed out. Golden light expanded as if it was a phoenix that had appeared from within the spear, showing how tyrannical it was.


The speartips accurately clashed together as ripples fluctuated throughout the space. The layers of the surrounding space exploded.

Xue Tiandou’s face was exceptionally grave as he could feel the Spiritual Energy ripples contained in the golden warspear. Faced with the waves-like Spiritual Energy, he had also pushed his power to the limits. Despite that, he still could not shake it in the slightest.

The strength of the girl before him had far surpassed his imagination.

Xue Tiandou’s eyes flickered as blood light surfaced and his figure mysteriously disappeared.


When he reappeared, he had mysteriously appeared behind Wen Qingxuan. The longspear bolted out as it aimed at the back of the latter at lightning speed.


The longspear pierced through the back of Wen Qingxuan. However, there wasn’t any flow of blood as that figure gradually disappeared.

“After image?”

Xue Tiandou’s pupils abruptly shrank. Wen Qingxuan’s speed was actually fast to such an extent? It had even surpassed his Blood God Shadow?


A tyrannical gale swept out from behind him. Xue Tiandou quickly turned around to defend in haste as it moved the body of his spear before him as it withstood the golden warspear like a pole.


Sparks flew as a powerful energy surged forth from the body of his spear. The impact made Xue Tiandou feel pain on the webs on his hand as his figure flew out in a terrible state for a few hundred meters, before he could stabilise himself.

The surroundings were in an uproar.

Everyone had witnessed the fight Xue Tiandou previously had with Mu Chen. Mu Chen only had the upper hand after rounds of intense battle. But right now, Wen Qing Xuan already held the upper hand in just an exchange. The title of numero uno of the Ranking Board was not in vain.

Wen Qingxuan stood on the air as usual after she had beaten Xue Tiandou back. Her charming face was filled with dense fighting intent as her golden battle armour emitted dazzling light. She seemed like a living war goddess from the pride in her eyes, which made others feel a rush of excitement and felt intimidated, not daring to be profane.

Her rosy lips rose as she looked at Xue Tiandou. However, there was a smear of astonishment that flashed past her eyes. The strength of Xue Tiandou had also surpassed her expectations. No wonder Mu Chen could not deal with him in a short time. That fellow’s strength was much stronger compared to ordinary First Grade Spirit Disasters.

Xue Tiandou had no expression on his face as he loosened his numb palm. Thereafter, he tightly gripped his scarlet-red longspear as bloodlust surged forth from his eyes.

“Everyone, do not lay your hands. They are trying to delay time so Mu Chen can prepare his finishing move.” Xue Tiandou rwsounded in a cold tone.

Hearing his words, Wang Zhong and the rest directed their gazes towards the rear. Naturally, they saw Mu Chen sitting on the sky. But not knowing when, there was a frightening amount of Spiritual Energy ripples being emitted as light intertwined. It was clearly a formidable Spiritual Array taking form.

“That’s the Lesser Thousand Sword Spiritual Array!” Mo Yu said, gritting his teeth as his expression changed.

He naturally knew that before entering the Divine Wood Palace ruins, Mu Chen had obtained a rather formidable Spiritual Array Diagram. He knew how frightening it was if Mu Chen had managed to lay that Spiritual Array.

“Let’s attack with our best!”

The three people exchanged a glance as their hands swept out of their sleeves. The three Divine Wood Guard charged out without fear. This time, the Divine Wood Guards did not have any defense as they unleashed their attack in a rampant manner. Even if they risked having them destroyed, they still had to drain the strength of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan.

The eight other puppets also charged forth as they unleashed erratic attacks.

Facing those puppets that knew no pain or fear, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were tangled up for a moment as well.

Xue Tiandou and the other two looked at the fight as they formed seals with their hands. The seal changes they made were blurred to the naked-eyes.

Dense green light suddenly spread out from their palms as they released astonishing ripples.


When Wu Yingying saw the powerful ripples from the surroundings of those three, her charming eyes froze as well as she spoke in graveness, “Those three are actually unleashing Divine Arts? Furthermore, their Divine Arts seem to be from the same origin.”

Wu Yingying furrowed her brows as she saw the intention of those three, before her face turned even more solemn.

Boom! Boom!

Rampant Spiritual Energy ripples exploded from the three people and in the next instant, all three of their gazes turned sharp as they pushed their palms out. A brilliant green luster swept the heavens and earth as they shrouded towards the two girls. At the same time, a deep bark resounded from the heavens and earth like thunder.

“Lesser Divine Art – Divine Dragon Sealing Stake!”

“Lesser Divine Art – Heavenly Wood Mountain!”

“Lesser Divine Art – Divine Wood Binding Vine!”

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