The Great Ruler

Chapter 545 - Explode

Chapter 545 – Explode

Astonishing Spiritual Energy ripples exploded in the sky as they formed into fearsome Spiritual Energy. They made the air in the entire region seem as if it had frozen.

“They’re going to execute three Lesser Divine Arts!”

Someone exclaimed. Everyone here knew how powerful Divine Arts were and generally speaking, they were the means of Sovereign realm experts. Every single Divine Art possessed powerful might that far surpassed Peak Grade Deity Tier Spiritual Art. Likewise, a Divine Art was extremely rare as well and it was not easy to obtain one. Those that obtained one would possess a trump card that could change the entire situation when they executed it at a crucial time.

Therefore, when they saw that Xue Tiandou, Wang Zhong and Mo Yu executed three Lesser Divine Arts, they were startled.

Xue Tiandou and his group was clearly planning to deal with Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan with haste.

“But why are the Lesser Divine Arts being executed by them have such similar ripples…?” Everyone here also had good eyesight and could see that those three Lesser Divine Arts had similar energy ripples as they voiced their doubts.

Wu Yingying and the Four Sea Spiritual Academies weren’t in doubt as they knew that those Lesser Divine Arts were from the Divine Wood Plaques that Xue Tiandou and the other two had obtained. Similarly, when they obtained the Divine Wood Plaques, they had also obtained the learning method to a Lesser Divine Art of the Divine Wood Palace. The level of a Lesser Divine Art was of great aid to them. After all, it was something that only Sovereign realm experts could use in their level. Although they could barely execute them and could not unleash the true might of them, Divine Arts were still Divine Arts, they were in a whole different realm. Those who possessed a Lesser Divine Art could easily defeat opponents of the same level.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were being held up by the attacks of the three Divine Wood Guards, as well as the eight puppets. The two girls had also felt the powerful attacks brewing as their charming eyes instantly focused. They could see that their current situation wasn’t too good. If they were to fight one-to-one, they would triumph against any single one of them. If Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were to use their hidden cards, not even Xue Tiandou could obstruct them.

But, right now was not a fair fight, since the other party had a more powerful formation. Furthermore, not a single one of them was an easy target. Despite the fact that they had the help of a Divine Wood Guard, they were still weaker in terms of strength.

“Is that slow fellow still not done yet? If he pisses me off, I will not leave anything for him!”

Wen Qingxuan’s brows straightened up as she clenched on her teeth. She took a glance at the rear, looking at Mu Chen, who was still quietly sitting. However, there was a huge Spiritual Array that was gradually taking form around him. Clearly, the Spiritual Array was still incomplete.


A huge boom resounded as Xue Tiandou and the other two that weren’t far away had brilliant green light exploding from their hand seals.

The green lights soared to the heavens as they spread throughout this region. Everyone raised their heads as their eyes were filled with shock.

There was a majestic Spiritual Energy gathering above Xue Tiandou and the other two. Those Spiritual Energies were green in colour, as if they contained thriving vitality. Underneath them, there was a sharpness hidden as they seemed as weightless as leaves. They were swaying as they fell, but when they swept past, they were as sharp as blades.


As the Spiritual Energy rippled, a green mountain that had the size of roughly a few hundred meters appeared. The top of the mountain was filled with ancient tree patterns as if it became three mountains. It dived down as it instantly appeared above the heads of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan. The shadow created by it instantly shrouded them as it heavily fell down.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The air exploded as it created shapeless air cannons as it shot down, creating a deep crater on the ground from the explosion.


A green light had spread out as if it was a huge dragon pillar that was bolt upright. It had the shape of a dragon’s head on the top. As it roared, it unleashed frightening sound waves that could shatter all things.


A green vine that was the size of nearly four thousand meters whistled across as it looked like a colossal python whose head could not be seen. As it wriggled, it was hard to probe the direction of it’s attacks. The instant one was bound by it, even First Grade Spirit Disaster experts would have a hard time breaking free.

Three astonishing attacks were positioned top, middle, and bottom as they flew towards Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan’s direction. Under those sorts of attacks, it was impossible for them to dodge them.

Everyone held their breath as they did not dare to issue a sound.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan exchanged a gaze as their eyes became a little cold.

“I’ll defend and you attack!”

Wen Qingxuan softly barked. She knew that Luo Li’s strength was not as she had shown on the surface. The Luo God Sword that she was wielding was a genuine Divine Artifact. Furthermore, it wasn’t an ordinary Divine Artifact. However, the Divine Artifact was being sealed at the moment, but even so, Luo Li’s attacks were extremely powerful.

“Okay.” Luo Li nodded her head.

Wen Qingxuan loosened her grip on her warspear as golden Spiritual Energy swept out. Her slender fingers formed seals at lightning speed. A clear cry of a phoenix resounded as golden phoenix wings that were a few hundred meters in length spread out from Wen Qingxuan. Both of the wings folded as they formed a golden shield, defending her.

Boom! Boom!

The attacks of the three Divine Wood Guards and the eight puppets unleashed rampant attacks against the golden wings but weren’t able to shake them in the slightest as they could not break through that defense in that short moment.

When Wen Qingxuan had blocked the Divine Wood Guards, Luo Li’s feet tapped on the air as she flew onto the head of Mu Chen’s Divine Wood Guard. Her hands that were gripping the Luo God Sword burst forth with dazzling light as both her hands held onto the sword hilt. She raised her hand as her sleeves fell down, revealing her fair and fine wrist. The snow-white skin was even more attractive compared to the sword light.

Her expression turned a little grave as she bit on her lips. In the next instant, sharp sword light flashed across her pupils.

The Luo God Sword in her hands slashed down as her clear yet cold voice resounded in the sky.

“Luo God Sword Art – Sword Slashes The Luo Water!”


When the sword fell, a dazzling light was compressed at an astonishing speed, making it a few feet in size as it concentrated on the tip of the sword, before it burst forth.

The space before her was torn apart as a black crack appeared.

The Sword Aura that was a few feet in size quietly swept out at an indescribable speed. Even people of Xue Tiandou’s strength could only see a light flash past and feel a chill down their spine.


The sword light streaked across the horizon.

The green tree mountain that was pressing down suddenly froze in its spot as everyone could see a fine crack appear on the body of the mountain. Thereafter, with an explosion, the tree mountain was split into two. The surface of the cut was as smooth as a mirror.


The dragon-shaped stake issued a roar as green light spread out. It was split in half as well.

Crack! Crack!

The long green vine whose end could not be seen also snapped as it broke into pieces.

The faces of Wang Zhong and Mo Yu were dumbfounded.

Xue Tiandou’s gaze was also dark. However, he wasn’t as shocked as Wang Zhong and Mo Yu. He waved his sleeve as blood-red Spiritual Energy swept out as it formed into a bloody river barrier.


A huge collision resounded from the blood-red barrier, as if it was sliced apart. Thereafter, a light charged through the bloody river and dissipated after traveling to a few feet away from Xue Tiandou’s party.

The unrivalled rampant Spiritual Energy ripples dissipated in the sky.

Everyone gulped a mouthful of saliva as they looked at the young lady’s figure in astonishment. The Lesser Divine Arts that were executed by Xue Tiandou’s group of three were actually taken down by her alone?

“Damn it!”

Wang Zhong clenched his teeth as he felt shocked in his heart. Their attacks had reached a realm that even a First Grade Spirit Disaster could only avoid. But this Luo Li before them was only a Spiritual Energy Disaster in cultivation, how was she so fearsome?

“She’s not so easy to deal with.” Xue Tiandou said with indifference.

“Then, what should we do?” Wang Zhong could not hold back his question. They could no longer continue further as the Spiritual Array that Mu Chen was forming was almost complete. They felt extremely terrifying danger from that direction. If they could not defeat the two girls and obstruct Mu Chen, their situation would be extremely terrible.

“Explode the Divine Wood Guards.” Xue Tiandou said coldly as a smear of ferociousness flashed through his eyes.

Wang Zhong and Mo Yu were startled as pain surfaced in their eyes. They were Divine Wood Guards that were comparable to First Grade Spirit Disasters, he’s actually suggesting to explode them? How spendthrift was that!?

“If you guys don’t wish for it, then escape while you have the time.” Xue Tiandou coldly smiled.

Wang Zhong and Mo Yu exchanged a glance, before they abruptly gritted their teeth. They were already at this point of time and there was no way they could give up. Mu Chen and his group had quite a bit of treasures. If they defeated them, they would be able to recover their loss through their harvest.

“Risk it all!”

The two people said ruthlessly.


The three Divine Wood Guards shot out once again. However, there were light runes appearing on their colossal figures at this moment as the light runes filled their bodies. As light was being emitted, ramapant Spiritual Energy ripples swept out as if they were volcanos that were about to erupt.

The faces of everyone abruptly changed at this moment.

“Those three insane fellows are going to explode the Divine Wood Guards?!” A voice involuntarily exclaimed.

Those were First Grade Spirit Disaster Divine Wood Guards. If they exploded, how frightening would that might be?

The faces of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan slightly changed. If they faced such a situation normally, all they had to do was avoid. But Mu Chen was behind them, the instant they avoided those explosions, Mu Chen’s plan would instantly fail…

Luo Li tightly gripped her Luo God Sword as veins surfaced on her arm.

“Bastards, let’s not care anymore. I’ll deal with them!” Wen Qingxuan clenched her teeth. Right now, there wasn’t any more time to wait. Despite the fact that she did not wish to reveal her hidden cards, there was no longer a choice at this point of time.


However, just when she could not endure it anymore, Luo Li suddenly extended her hands and obstructed her.

At this moment, Mu Chen, who was seated on the space behind them, finally opened his eyes.

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