The Great Ruler

Chapter 546 - Might of the Lesser Thousand Sword Spiritual Array

Chapter 546 – Might of the Lesser Thousand Sword Spiritual Array

The three Divine Wood Guards were emitting dazzling light as the ripples around them became extremely wild. At the rear of those three, Xue Tiandou and his party were eyeing the girls like prey and Mu Chen’s tightly shut eyes were finally slowly opening at this instant.

A chill flashed through his pair of black pupils.

“That Mu Chen has finally opened his eyes, his finishing move is already prepared?” Some gazes shot over from the surroundings of the plaza. Amongst those gazes, the majority was filled with doubt.

Although they could sense how powerful the Spiritual Array was from Mu Chen’s surroundings, there werw three Divine Wood Guards charging at him with the intention of exploding. Those three were comparable to three First Grade Spirit Disasters!

“This fellow is indeed a Spiritual Array Master.” Wu Yingying looked at that figure as she clenched her teeth. However, there was a little shock in her heart. Mu Chen’s strength had already been revealed when he fought with Xue Tiandou earlier. But who could have expected that he also had the hidden identity of Spiritual Array Master.

Wu Yingying had no choice but to feel a little admiration for that fellow. No wonder that fellow’s name was widely spread in the Spiritual Road to the point that even her elder brother, Wu Ling, had high opinions of him.

“However, can this Spiritual Array really deal with the situation before him?” Wu Yingying shifted her gaze towards the three Divine Wood Guards that were about to explode as graveness filled her face.

Not far away, despite the fact that the faces of Xue Tiandou, Wang Zhong and Mo Yu were a little dark, they still coldly swept a glance at Mu Chen as sneers were contained in their eyes. They had already paid the price of exploding three Divine Wood Guards in the current situation. That power was not something that Mu Chen and his party could handle with any methods.

“I’ll see how you will overturn this situation.” Xue Tiandou coldly smiled as he looked at Mu Chen.


Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan quickly retreated as they appeared at the sides of Mu Chen. Their faces were filled with solemn as they looked before them, before asking towards Mu Chen, “Do you have the confidence? If not, we’ll avoid it and deal with them later.”

“No need for that.”

My Cgen lightly shook his head. Although his voice wasn’t loud, it contained a trace of resolution.

“I’ll go next, you guys stay beind me.” Mu Chen stood up as he took a step forth, standing in front of the two girls.

Looking at the slender silhouette of that youth, Luo Li lightly smiled. Wen Qingxuan, however, cast her rosy lips aside as she looked unhappy. She did not need anyone to protect her, since she could deal with all these problems herself.

However, staring at that silhouette that wasn’t broad but gave her a sense of security, she did not speak and only issued a soft snort, before directing her gaze elsewhere. She’d let this fellow be in the limelight. Later, when he could no longer handle the situation, she would act and let that fellow talk to her with respect next time.

Imagining it, Wen Qingxuan’s lips could not help rising.

Mu Chen was unaware of the two girl’s thoughts as he indifferently looked at the incoming three Divine Wood Guards. The Spiritual Energy ripples in their bodies had already reached a frightening degree. The feeling that those three gave him was similar to volcanos that were about to erupt.

He indifferently glanced at Xue Tiandou’s party that wasn’t far away. He did not speak as he formed some seals with a single hand and the gigantic Spiritual Array started to move.


The colossal Spiritual Array burst forth with dazzling light. At the same time as those countless lights ntertwined, the Spiritual Energy in this region started to turn rampant as it frantically gathered together.

Huuuuu. Huuuuuuuuuu.

A powerful wind whistled as Spiritual Energy tornados could be seen taking form within the Spiritual Array. The swaying appearances seemed like huge dragons twisting about.

Everyone could sense the commotion coming from the Spiritual Array as their faces changed. Even Wen Qingxuan’s charming eyes froze. Although she previously felt that the Spiritual Array that Mu Chen was creating wasn’t a simple one, she did not expect it to have such power.

“Is that a Combination Diagram?”

Astonishment flashed through Wen Qingxuan’s eyes. It was the Combination Diagram that caused their points to fall from being in first place. She had paid the highest price for this Combination Diagram and, clearly, she knew a portion of the Combination Diagram’s worth when she paid that sort of price.

She knew that Mu Chen was a Spiritual Array Master. However, when she bought that Diagram for Mu Chen back then, she did not expect Mu Chen to be able to create it. After all, this Rank 5 Combination Diagram was something that was close to a Rank 6 Spiritual Array. Thus, it was difficult for Rank 5 Spiritual Array Masters to create it.

Spiritual Energy tornadoes formed in the Spiritual Array and, in the next instant, the tornadoes started to split apart as tornadoes of various size started to revolve at rapid speeds.

Buzz. Buzz.

Buzzing sounds that were caused from the Spiritual Energy tornadoes rapidly spinning resounded in this region as ripples appeared around the space of the Spiritual Array.


The three Divine Wood Guards had already charged over.

Every single gaze was focused on Mu Chen’s slender finger as it tapped down on the sky.

A sword ringing resounded as Spiritual Energy swords started to take form in the rapidly spinning tornadoes. Those swords did not have any physical forms, since they were all formed from the compressed boundless Spiritual Energy. The bodies of the swords trembled as they emitted fearsome Sword Aura.

The Sword Auras were extremely sharp as they even made the faces of Xue Tiandou’s group change as they felt the sharpness harbored in the Sword Auras. Although the Sword Auras were incomparable to the slash that Luo Li had unleashed earlier, the amount of swords in the Spiritual Array had already reached hundreds.

This formation was something that could make the scalp of one tingle.

Facing this scene, even the faces of Wu Yingying and the rest could not help changing as a dumbstruck look appeared in their eyes.

“Lesser Thousand Sword Spiritual Array.”

Mu Chen’s indifferent voice resounded as the wind spread.


A few hundred Spiritual Energy swords whistled out as they became like raindrops shooting out from the Spiritual Array, along with Spiritual Energy tornadoes. All the Spiritual Energy in this region was being shaken by it.

The Sword Aura left deep marks on the ground below.

Rustle! Rustle!

The few hundred swords turned into streaks of light as they instantly clashed against the three colossal figures.

An earth-shattering explosion resounded.

Three dazzling lumps of light statred to expand at this instant, along with some fearsome impacts.

Shhhhhhuu! Sssssssshhh! Suuuuuuu!

However, the three lumps of light did not manage to expand as the hundreds of swords pierced through the lumps of light, along with the sharpest edge. They shredded the terrifying lumps of light into pieces.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched the Spiritual Energy lumps of light being shredded to pieces as they sensed the Spiritual Energy ripples within those lumps of light becoming weaker and weaker at a fearsome rate.

Before the explosions of the Divine Wood Guards were unleashed, they were already torn to pieces.

The faces of Xue Tiandou and his party turned extremely ugly as smears of astonishment surged from their eyes.


Especially when they saw that after tearing the lumps of light apart, there were still nearly a hundred swords remaining, their faces turned pale. In the next instant, they did not have any hesitation as they ran. All of their Spiritual Energy rippled to the limit as they flew away at lightning speed.

The power of a Combination Diagram had far surpassed their imaginations.

Mu Chen’s gaze was indifferent as he looked at their figures. He made a flicking actions with his finger as the hundred swords chased after his targets at a terrifying speed.

The speed of those swords was extremely fast and, in a few breath’s time, they had already caught up to Xue Tiandou’s party. Sword lights streaked past as they brought blood along with miserable shrieks.


Xue Tiandou’s back was filled with sword wounds as his clothes were torn apart. He was in a terrible state with his face turni byg pale as he spurted a mouthful of blood. Both of his hands formed seals as a blood light flickered. Then, his speed increased as he turned into a bloody light, before he escaped in fear.

Wang Zhong and Mo Yu’s group ran in separate directions. They were also spurting out blood essences. Even if it might leave behind some repercussions, they could not be bothered about it as they felt Mu Chen’s intent to kill them. Although it would be a little troublesome if one was to kill in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, it was not absolute.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the horizon. Xue Tiandou’s party, who was holding the upper hands earlier, was in such a situation now as their sorry-looking figures became pitiful.

However, those pitiful figures rapidly disappeared into the horizon. Splashes of blood could still be seen as they fled. Clearly, in order to escape, they had paid quite the deep price.

Mu Chen still maintained his indifference as he looked at those escaped figures. After a while later, he made a grab with his hand. Dozens of swords flew back, along with Spiritual Energy tornadoes appearing before him. There were three green wooden plaques on three of the swords, they were the Divine Wood Plaques.

Mu Chen waved his sleeves as he stored the three Divine Wood Plaques. Thereafter, paleness rose on his face. The Spiritual Energy swords also started to sway as they crumbled. At the same time, the huge Combination Diagram exploded as it made rumbling sounds.

Mu Chen wiped the smear of blood on the corner of his lips as he helplessly cast his lips. The Combination Diagram was incomparable to an ordinary Rank 5 Spiritual Array. Even in his Heart’s Eye state, he could only forcefully create it.

But, fortunately, he had already achieved his goals.

Mu Chen held onto the three Divine Wood Plaques as he smiled. Although there was paleness on his face, no one dared to target him in this plaza.

The terrifying Spiritual Array earlier had been engraved in their hearts.

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