The Great Ruler

Chapter 548 - Separation

Chapter 548 – Separation

Outside of the Divine Wood Mountain.

Following the ending of the journey in the remnant of the Divine Wood Mountain, the teeming atmosphere dissipated away at an astonishing pace. Of the seas of people present a few days ago, one would only see figures shooting across from time-to-time, with the absence of the clamoring that was incessantly ringing before.

On a desolated mountain peak outside of the Divine Wood Mountain, Mu Chen looked towards Wen Qingxuan and the other girls of her group standing before him. Sending a sweet smile towards him and Luo Li, she said, “Okay. Since the search within the remnant of the Divine Wood Palace has ended, our collaboration has come to a temporary end.”

Hearing that, Mu Chen smacked his lips. Looking towards the absolutely beautiful face with a sweet smile present on it, he felt somewhat unwilling to let her go. That’s because he knew that with Wen Qingxuan’s departure, the strength of his lineup would instantly drop by almost half.

“That’s a pity… so many good henchmen,” said Mu Chen with a sigh.

“Huh?” Hearing his sigh, the grin on Wen Qingxuan’s face instantly grew stiff. Taking a step forward, her jade-like hand grabbed onto Mu Chen’s robe. Appearing like an enraged mother tiger, she clenched her teeth and growled, “Mu Chen, are you seeking death?”

“Oh… my mistake. Such good compatriots,” replied Mu Chen with a cough.

Hearing Mu Chen’s words, Wen Qingxuan gave a cold snort, before shooting a vicious glare towards him. After collaborating with this fellow, she truly didn’t know how many times she had gotten mad due to him.

“If not for Luo Li, who would be willing to collaborate with a pervert like you!” What she said wasn’t false. During the very beginning. It was she who had searched for Mu Chen and his group, with the only reason being that she wanted to see Luo Li. As for Mu Chen, although she had a sliver of interest towards the fame and reputation of the Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity, Mu Chen, compared to Luo Li, it was clearly insignificant.

However, as their collaboration grew deeper, Wen Qingxuan’s view had gradually changed. That’s because she was able to experience the power and strength that Mu Chen had concealed. Being able to obtain the fancy of Luo Li showed that this fellow truly had an outstanding aspect to him. However, Wen Qingxuan would absolutely not say that out loud, as this would only allow for Mu Chen to feel additional satisfaction.

“Can you not do that.” Hearing that way of address from Wen Qingxuan, an ache appeared in Mu Chen’s head. While speaking to Wu Yingying earlier, he really did have a slight mindset to tease her. However, he had not one single bit of that towards Wen Qingxuan. That’s because he was extremely clear on how haughty and arrogant this girl before him was. If he had provoked and teased her for no apparent reason, Wen Qingxuan would show not one bit of hesitation to put him in order.

“Luo Li, anytime you ever snap out of this, you can just just kick this fellow away and enter our group. As for the other problems, I’ll always help you settle them,” said Wen Qingxuan as she looked towards Luo Li.

Shooting a look at Mu Chen, Luo Li gave a mischievous reply, “Okay. Anytime he offends me, I’ll make sure to kick him away.”

Hearing that, Mu Chen felt extremely helpless. From the looks of it, he truly cannot allow Wen Qingxuan anymore contact with Luo Li. Such a good girl like Luo Li had almost been turned bad by the former.

As the two girls chatted and laughed, Wen Qingxuan looked towards the sky, before turning around and looked towards Mu Chen while saying, “You guys better make good use of your isolation and increase your strength as much as possible in this period of time. You should be extremely clear about how intense the following period of time in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament will become. Don’t regret it if you are unable to enter the final match.”

Nodding his head, Mu Chen replied, “Relax. I still owe you the first place. I’ll help you once I come out from our isolation.”

“Tsk, who needs your help,” said Wen Qingxuan in disdain. Waving her hands, she continued saying, “Okay, its time to part. When you guys come out of your isolation, I’ll have already regained the numero uno place.”

As her voice rang out, the young girl proceeded to turn around, her long black hair fluttering about as she did so. WIthout the slightest bit of hesitation, her soul-stirring figure shot straight out, with her elegant back figure appearing exceedingly free and unrestrained.

“Bye, Big Brother Mu Chen.”

Pin’er, Le’er and the other girls sent charming smiles towards Mu Chen, before rapidly leaving to follow behind Wen Qingxuan.

Standing on the mountain top, Mu Chen looked toward the distant figures of Wen Qingxuan and her group, before a faint smile appeared involuntarily on his face as he muttered, “The final phase of the Great Spiritual Academy is finally going to arrive…”

Following the progress of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, the absolute majority of the groups had made gargantuan changes to their strengths. A few of those groups that were exceedingly ordinary at the start might have gotten some change in destiny on the way, causing them to become strong and powerful. There were even some already strong and powerful groups that had grown even stronger as they concealed their strength and bided their time.

Those groups did not reveal themselves and their genuine strength at the beginning of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, with their main focus being to search for remnants and destiny changing opportunities. Only at the final phase would they reveal themselves in succession. At that time, there will truly be battles between tigers and dragons.

Wanting to break out from the hundreds and thousands of elite groups to obtain one of the top 8 places clearly wasn’t an easy task to accomplish.

“Let us prepare for close up training. Perhaps, this will be the final chance for us to close up in this Great Spiritual Academy.”said Mu Chen towards Xu Huang and the others.

Hearing that, solemn expressions appeared on the faces of Xu Huang and the others as they nodded their heads. This was indeed the last opportunity they had to close up, as there would be no one that would give them a quiet period of time to close up in the final phase of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

“I don’t know how Shen Cangsheng and the other group are doing now.”muttered Mu Chen. Ever since the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, they had seemingly not received any information or news about Shen Cangsheng and his group. These fellows appeared to have disappeared entirely from the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament all together.

“Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong aren’t simple. Both of them possess astonishing talent. As long as their luck isn’t too bad, I think that nothing would happen to them.”replied Luo Li in a soft voice.

Hearing that, Mu Chen nodded his head. Indeed, both Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong are exceedingly outstanding, with them not being any weaker than Wang Zhong and people of similar strength to him.

After laying down this though, Mu Chen waved his hand, taking the lead as he shot towards the depths of the mountain, with Luo Li, Xu Huang and the others rapidly following suit.

In the depths of the mountain, Mu Chen and the others found a remote location before heading out to find a mountain peak each to become their training location.

Mu Chen and Luo Li landed on the same mountain, with a waterfall flowing down like a silvery river at the back of it. The rumbling sounds of the water falling down resounded across the mountain, while the moist air caused the minds of people to shake.

Landing on a green rock beside the waterfall, Mu Chen raised his head and took a deep breath of the moist, water laden air. The icy coldness within causing his mind to feel increasingly refreshed.

With a slight fastidiousness to cleanliness, Luo Li gave a gentle wave of her sleeve, sweeping away the dust present on the green rock, before carefully sitting down.

Seeing the elegant and graceful figure of the young girl, a cheeky smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face, before lunging over. A gentle cry of shock rang out from the young girl’s mouth as Mu Chen immediately pushing her down on the green stone, while pressing the young girl’s exceedingly soft body behind his.

“What are you doing.” a faint pinkish shade appeared on Luo Li’s lovable face, with her jade like hands crossing reservely across her chest, as she shot a rebuking look towards the handsome face just inches away from her.

“It’s hard for us to be alone. Those fellows aren’t even one bit conscientious, especially Wen Qingxuan. She really itching to remove you far far away from my side.” replied Mu Chen as he flung his mouth aside. Proceeding to look teasingly at Luo Li, he said, “However, never did I imagine that our little Luo Li would have such great charm to the point that even girls would want to eat her up.”

Mu Chen gave a cheeky smile as he neared Luo Li’s ear and muttered those words.

Hearing his words, Luo Li’s lovable face instantly turned beet red, while an embarrassed shade appeared within her clear, limpid eyes. With a blush, she spoke out, “What nonsense are you talking about. Wen Qingxuan’s also a girl…how’s that possible, how’s that possible…”

“Everyone within the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy are girls, with not even a male in sight. Things like that are a extremely common occurrence at there.” on the contrary, Mu Chen was not one bit surprised by that. With a grin, he looked towards Luo Li and said. “However, you better not run off with her!”

Luo Li shot annoyed glare at Mu Chen. Unable to bear it, she raised her head and gave a fierce bite at Mu Chen’s neck.

Nevertheless, her bite was light causing an involuntary shudder from Mu Chen. Is this little spirit enticing him?

Quickly, Luo Li discovered how inappropriate her actions were, causing her to hastily release Mu Chen. After struggling slightly for a bit, she spoke in embarrassment, “Release me.”

A sliver of a scorching hot shade flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes. Staring at the porcelain square face of the young girl before him, he extended a finger out and raised the exquisitely beautiful face of the young girl This caused her to raise her eyes slightly to look straight at him, before he buried his face straight down.

Luo Li’s soft body instantly froze up. Raising her head slightly, a sliver of fluster appeared within her eyes due to the slightly humiliating and suppressed state she was in. After struggling for a bit, she discovered that the youth before her had not moved an inch. Thus she could only close her beautiful eyes and allow for this bad fellow that had seized her heart to obtain his spoils.

After tasting

As the water drops flew out from the waterfall, they form a mist that perfused out. Yet, little rays of springtime and surfaced by the side of the lake.

Finally, Luo Li had still pushed Mu Chen away in the end after him starting to get more and more excessive. This fellow’s hand was not one bit conscientious. Therefore, shooting a resentful glare at him, she clenched her hand, causing the Luo Shen Sword beside her to emit a humming sound.

Hearing that Mu Chen hastily pulled his hand back. Clearly, if he was to going to push it abit more, Luo Li would use the Luo Shen Sword to poke him.

Extending his hand outs, Mu Chen grabbed on to the slender jade like hands of Luo Li. After struggling reservedly for a bit, the young girl gave up and let him do as he pleased.

“Luo Li, will you be heading back to the Luo God Clan after the end of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament?” said Mu Chen all of sudden as he looked towards the young girl beneath him.

A faint shiver shook through Luo Li’s alluring figure as she shoot a somewhat unnatural look towards Mu Chen, before nodding her head gently. After this parting, god know when would they ever be able to see each other again.

Taking a deep breath, Mu Chen slowly nodded her head and said, “Do you still remember the words I’ve said before to you?”

Luo Li nodded her head once more. The youth had said before, that when they met again, he would have become an unrivaled powerhouse, being able to shield her from any difficult or dangerous situations that wanted to harm her by standing before her.

“Regardless of anything, you have to wait for me.” said Mu Chen in a deep voice as he held the young girl deeply within his embrace.

Regardless of how arduous and difficult the journey to become an unrivalled powerhouse was, I will always push forward and will flip the earth and shake the heavens for you.

Hearing that, Luo Li gave a light nod, her beautiful eyes turning slightly red. At this moment, an arc started to curl up from her ruddy lips, causing her beauty to elevate to a soul stirring level.

Regardless of whether you will become an unrivalled powerhouse or not, I’ll always wait for you.

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