The Moon Goddess' Chosen

Chapter 372

372 Waiting on a Lone Wolf

“From a rogue that broke out the Rogue King’s beta alpha to one of the royals. That kind of autonomy does not exist. You must know that at least,” Frank raised his voice to the retreating king. He wanted to sound threatening, but from what he’d already witnessed, that was not going to get him anywhere. Either the king was really tired or he was just used to hearing people make demands of him… or was it something else?

“I know, but we can’t be too sure of the story until we hear from Sean and hopefully get the truth out of him,” the king waved with his back turned to the Mighty Warrior, walking away with his queen by his side. When they were gone, Frank slammed his fist into the wall in frustration, paying no mind to the cracks that now riddled it, spreading out in a grotesque web of destruction.

‘With that mentality, the man will have you eating out of the palm of his hand. I won’t be fooled that easily,’ his thoughts raged on. Marco entered the room only moments after the king had left, “What would you have us do?”

Silver was pacing for a while, trying to comprehend his next step. The wound to his pride was still fresh and continued to claw at his mind. This made rational decision-making a longer process. Nonetheless, Frank was well-trained and allowed himself time to think through his decisions. One irrational step and he could give an order based solely on the anger he had for losing the beta alpha.

There hadn’t even been a fight. He had one simple job… and that was to keep him in custody and work on getting some answers out of him. It shouldn’t have been that hard for someone in his physical state. The scene of the large wolf vaulting over the perimeter wall with so much ease flashed through his mind.

None of the search parties had been able to find him, regardless of how long they searched. This search probably would have been more fruitful if they’d had a Chase hunter on their side. The female lying in the bed wouldn’t have gotten to rescue him in the first place if there had been a Chase hunter on the premises.

But those were all thoughts of the past. Regrets he couldn’t take back. The process of healing from this failure… this mishap, for a Mighty Warrior. Someone who was meant to be a pillar among the hunters. Someone that was supposed to be unbeatable and someone that ensures safety. This was going to take time for him to get over…

And the hunters were definitely going to take a long time to forget about it. There was a possibility that he would even have his title taken away from him. “Silver… Sir. Earth to Cupid Shooter…” A distant voice snapped the man out of his thoughts.

“Oh sorry… I zoned out for a second there. Follow the king’s instructions for now and have Prince Sean and Bree released. Prince Sean is to remain under tight surveillance while the girl is to have one escort. If you can spare it, have the hunters tailing them remain a safe distance away so that they can achieve the optimum level of comfort they require. It’s imperative that the king have no excuses when the time comes that we ask for them to return,” Silver told him.


Marco spared the cracked wall a glance and decided against asking about it. He’d already witnessed the man’s erratic behaviour. From his point of view, he could somehow understand. The Master of the Agency was not around, so Silver was the one in charge. There was no telling what would happen once she returned. Switching his attention to their third captive, “What about her?” Marco asked, pointing to the woman lying asleep in the bed.

“Cuff her hands to the bed to keep her secure. Other than that, make sure she’s well taken care of and is healing well,” the man replied softly, “If that mark is what I think it is, we could have quite the disaster on our hands.”

“You sound like you’ve not yet made up your mind about the situation we are in,” Marco asked him.

“No, I’m taking the realistic side of the story, Marco. We won’t let a phoney story come from the king, but we also can’t completely disregard the possibility of him having one. And until we know what to believe, we don’t disturb the current balance of things. We won’t make any irrational decisions. We’ll take all precautions necessary to keep the people safe, as we’ve always done,” Silver replied.

“Oh, I see,” Marco paused. Frank knew how to act tough, but he had a soft spot for things like mates and virtues he considered beautiful. This was known by all those that got the chance to know him. It was no wonder he was comfortable with the word Cupid in his name. He would kill for an awesome love story… and this situation was reeking of one, “Had I been in your shoes, the only place she would be worthy of would be the dungeons.”

Silver chuckled at the man’s comment, “I know this is unlikely, but if Prince Sean walks out of this and regains his former status, you would regret ever becoming a hunter.” With that said, Cupid Shooter walked out of the room himself with Marco following behind. In a more serious tone, “However, I do not want a war on my hands. The death toll in the Lycaon capital was not pleasant to hear about.”


There was a feast at the palace, where the events that had taken place at the coronation, and in Brigadia were told to all those who were concerned. Mainly, the alphas and betas that lived within the Sirius pack.

While the princess was not dead, none could deny that this felt oddly familiar. She wasn’t with them anymore… and they certainly had no way of visiting her either or even communicating with her. Katie Sirius did not exist in the land of mortals… just like it was when someone died.

The feast itself was filling, but quieter than all other feasts that had ever been held in the Sirius palace. The Royal family welcomed this silence as a sign that the rest of the wolves understood the pain of losing another one of them so quickly.

The message from the hunters came in informing them that Prince Sean would be released the next day, into their custody. The king didn’t know whether to tell Sean about Katie’s disappearance or not. It would be information the Rogue King would love to hear.

The night quickly passed and soon, a small group of three was seated inside the king’s office waiting on the prince’s arrival.

The Queen had watched her mate get agitated before, but this was nothing like she’d ever seen. His beliefs were battling inside him and there didn’t seem to be a way to stop it from happening. Jackson stood in the office with the two of them while they waited for the prince to arrive. The king had been like that for a day, wondering what to do with the prince the entire time.

“Your majesty, I know I’ve already said this countless times, but you need to calm down,” Alpha Jackson tried.

“I want to calm down, but this has been eating at me for a while now,” the king replied, finally stopping at one wall and tapping his fist on the wall a couple of times as though trying to make a decision on what to do. When that did not help, he was back to his pacing about the office.

The queen poured him a cup of tea at his desk, “Honey, this might help you calm down.” She tried, walking up to him and rubbing the man’s shoulders. The woman’s charms always worked like magic when she tried but he never took this long to react to them. Eventually, he conceded and followed through with her request, taking a seat at his desk. When he was seated, Queen Martha placed her hands on his shoulders, rubbing her thumb smoothly over the fabric covering the mark she placed on him.

The king visibly shuddered under the gesture, losing what little pacing energy he had left in him. Davin visibly relaxed under the queen’s attempt to relax him, “This cannot be healthy,” he mumbled.

“And I was so sure you would kill him the next time you saw him,” Jackson chuckled, “So I guess you’re growing even softer if that was even a possibility.”

“I was also certain I would kill him. There wasn’t a shred of doubt in my mind. Alas, he is alive and well, walking and breathing the same air we do. I don’t feel like killing him anymore,” the king responded, “It’s odd, but there is nothing I can do about it.”

A beeping sound came at the machine on his desk followed by a voice, “I have the prince with me. Might we come in?” Alpha Phillip’s voice came through the speaker. The king pushed the button that admitted them in.

The wait was over…

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