The Moon Goddess' Chosen

Chapter 373

373 [Bonus chapter] A peek into Sean’s Web of Secrets

Following the clicking sound from the door, Alpha Phillip pushed the large door open to admit the group of three he was escorting. Alpha Phillip, unlike Alpha Jackson, was a quiet man who was rarely seen with the king. He preferred to actively carry out his errands and communicate through the mind link when the king needed something.

That said, he was always present in case the king needed him to physically be. The two were very good friends and the beta alpha preferred to hang out with the king physically when it was less about work and more about having fun. The life of a beta alpha was a busy one and anyone who didn’t know better would think the king only had one instead of a pair.

Following the beta alpha into the room was a blue-eyed wolf of considerably leaner build and a few lines forming on his forehead. He was older than he looked but did a great job of playing the role of the king’s older brother who rejected the throne to be a Lone Wolf.

To many outsides of the Royal family and some within, Sean was the black sheep of the family. One that didn’t care for the ongoing operations of the empire. He simply did as he pleased… and the king tolerated it for as long as he was present when called upon.

Following the prince were two hunters with weapons lazily at their side. Normally, the hunters preferred to keep these weapons hidden within their garments, but these two men displayed them for all to see. It was possible that they had prepared extra for this specific mission. Sean got seated in front of the king’s desk while the other three he’d come with remained standing.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” King Davin started once the silence was reaching peak awkwardness.

“I keep thinking you’ll ask a question,” the man responded.

“You can always start with a greeting,” Queen Martha chipped in with a smile, “You look well, Sean.”

“Thank you, Martha. I’ve been well,” the prince bowed slightly to the queen. His phrase sparked memories of the last week he’d had. He’d really been stuck in his own little world.


King Davin sighed, “Might I ask the hunters and beta alphas to leave this room?”

The royals in the room turned to the hunters, completely disregarding the fact that beta alphas had also been mentioned, “No… We must hear the confession from him as well.”

The king sighed, “No, no you don’t. I promised I would get the truth from him and give Silver the explanation he’s been looking for.” One of them opened his mouth to fight him on the matter, but nothing came out. He hadn’t lied. The deal was simple… Sean was to be allowed all manner of comfort if they were going to ensure some form of results. Right now, the king held more power than they did.

Without saying another word, the man let his hand fall lazily on the hilt of his sword and walked out briskly. The other hunter didn’t argue with the king… or even show any sign of doing so. This man simply walked out without any argument. Alpha Jackson and Alpha Phillip followed behind them, closing the door on their way out.

The only people left in the room were the five royals. Drake and Lina had remained quiet this entire time, watching everything as it happened around them. Now that it was just family left, the air felt much lighter. The king got up from his seat and walked to the balcony doors at the far side of the office with his cup of tea in hand and opened the doors, letting in a cool breeze.

Lina spared her uncle a glance but didn’t say anything, making it clear that she wouldn’t be participating much in this meeting. Her expression remained neutral. Drake, on the other hand, smiled and waved at Sean, “Good afternoon.”

“A good afternoon to you too, Drake,” Sean smiled. Drake shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Sean was smiling… ‘What happened during that week?’ the prince couldn’t help but wonder.

“You can start from the beginning. Whenever it was that you started working for the rogue king. When you decided it was a good idea to spy on royals and report to the rogues,” King Davin initiated.

Sean’s smile fell. The prince finally assumed a serious expression… an expression that somehow retained a hint of despair. Lina thought she imagined this and shook it off, “It was the other way around. We were the ones on the inside, keeping the rogue king at bay through false details mixed with the truth while at the same time, he demanded… favours of us. We were inclined, on occasion, to give away something that might have been useful to him so we could keep his trust.”

“What were these ‘favours’?” King Davin was still looking out the window, his eyes lazily surveying the kingdom from this high up.

Sean paused, almost like he was thinking of a better way to come clean. He’d done this before. He’d sat in this same office with his brother decades ago with Amanda and the two of them had explained to him their situation. At that time, they’d asked him to keep it all a secret. Here he was again, about to explain it to Sean. The difference this time, however, was that he didn’t know if this could solve anything.

Sighing, he spoke up, “We told him of the tunnels that ran under the castle… a little bit before you were born, the rogues used them to invade the palace. At the time, I had come clean with my brother and we prepared a show for the rogues that attacked. I’m surprised the Rogue King didn’t catch on that time. Regrettably, a few lives were lost that day. What I was less proud of, however, was telling him about a prophecy.”

“So it was you that told him about the birth of the Moon Goddess’s chosen. What were you thinking? What makes you think you have the right to become a spy for the rogue king? You do realise what that entails and what it makes you look like to the rest of us?” Davin asked.

“Yes, I know what it means. I know everything it stands for. I’ve lived my whole life revisiting that day, hoping there could have been something I could have done differently that day,” Sean raised his voice, “But it’s not that easy,” the man laughed humourlessly, “When is anything ever easy, really? It wasn’t even my decision to tell the Rogue King about it,” the man responded, “On the day that I met my mate, the moon goddess appeared to the two of us and assigned us this role… the role of double agents so she could tear the rogues up from the inside.”

The room went completely silent at the mention of the moon goddess. It had caught them all off guard, “You’re joking.”

“I have only ever told your father this. Bree, as well, since she seemed to realise the mistakes behind her actions. She might just make a fine young woman,” the man responded with a smile although he refused to meet his nephew’s eyes.

Sean’s smile failed, “I know I messed up. I won’t deny that, but… before you make a decision, I’ll tell you everything about that day. Celeste didn’t leave me any option. It must really irk her that she can’t intervene directly, so she tries as best as she can to pull the strings she can. I know you remember what happened at the reserve.

The rogues that attacked the children that had gone out there. Yes… I knew that was going to happen.”

“And you told no one at all. You completely stayed quiet while royals were nearly killed,” Davin lashed out. The cup in his hand quivered with rage. Martha hurriedly took the cup away from him.

“I know what I did, Davin, but that solved another problem at the same time. Katie and Cole would not be able to rush to Lycaon. No, they wouldn’t… and what’s more, I was trying to buy time for the prince to mark his mate,” Sean argued. With Katie marked, the Rogue King’s plans would be thwarted. Everything he’d been working to build would come to a stop.

Amanda worked on the inside, delaying the Rogue King’s orders to attack. She bought us every second we needed to keep the power of the Lycaon family from shifting to the Rogue King,” Sean made a compelling argument. It showed a glaring depth of how much he’d known about this whole situation.

“So you knew… everything. You knew the Rogue King was planning to kill Trevor. You know the rogues were planning to kill Katie… and you did nothing,” Davin wanted him to simply admit to this.

“I didn’t just sit back and watch. I advised the girl long before she was marked to get it done. I also had Jeremiah warn her of this as well. Doing it in a way that could be traced back to me would raise too much suspicion. I already had rumours going around of my involvement with the rogues.” Sean sighed, then asked a question that wiped the anger from the king’s entire being.

“Would you really have wanted Katie to grow up in the same palace as someone like me?”

After revealing just how much he was capable of doing without even trying to exert himself. After revealing how much of a threat he posed to the Royal family… This changed everything they’d known about that night when both palaces had been attacked. The Royal family knew of the moon goddess’s involvement in rescuing the princess, but no one could have thought that the entire attack was triggered for the same purpose of rescuing the princess from the spy in the Royal family.

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