The Moon Goddess' Chosen

Chapter 378

378 Dilemma

Sandra stood inside her room, petrified by the choices she had laid out before her. One was a pale yellow dress that was rather simple. One of those dresses that were comfortable, not too much and yet, not too little either, allowed perfect mobility at the same time. This was her best option for a casual outing. Her eyes glazed over this option and landed on her other options.

Her desire to look her best on this date drew her eyes to the other two dresses in the room. One was red and identical in design to the blue dress that Katie had worn on the day of Cole’s coronation. Sandra had bought this dress from a boutique recently strictly for the nostalgic feeling it gave her. She hadn’t exactly planned to wear the luxurious dress, but her impulses wouldn’t let her leave it behind and she’d ended up bringing it home with her.

The third was a deep green, littered with gems at the lower hem. It was made of silk and very comfortable. However, one look at the dress was all it took for someone to realise how expensive it was. This one had been passed down to her by her mother and was very precious. While it was a special dress that she would like to wear in Jason’s presence, and easily dwarfed the red one in beauty, its sentimental value only demanded the best of occasions for her to wear it.

The three dresses posed a heavy battle in her mind as she tried to pick one out. While she was pacing about in thought, the door to her room swung open only, forcefully admitting someone Sandra hadn’t been aware of. With her back turned from the door, Sandra scowled. There weren’t many that could simply barge into her room, “Kyle, how many times will I…” the rest of her words choked their way back to whatever vile nest she’d hatched them.

Instead of locking eyes with the obnoxious beta alpha, she had come face-to-face with Queen Margaret, “Oh, your majesty,” Sandra wiped off her shocked expression and bowed in respect to the elegant woman, “Can I help you with something?”

“Yes, you can tell me why Cole’s beta alpha is going to have to wait half the day for you to get ready,” the woman asked her before setting her eyes on the dresses on the bed, “Oh my, these are beautiful.” Her quarrelsome demeanour vanished in a flash and was replaced with the attitude of a lady much younger than she usually acted, “Which one are you going to wear?”

“I don’t know. I’m stuck on choosing one from these three and I can’t decide which one would be best for this,” the girl groaned before getting into the explanation of what each of the dresses meant to her. The queen listened to her patiently, nodding at the end of each statement she made. They were valid reasons for her dilemma, but the queen was already years ahead of this youngling and could make the decision with less confusion.

“I think you should choose the yellow dress. It suits you very much. Makes you look like an angel while the others make you look more like… well, a ruler. The green one though, you can’t wear that to something as trivial as a date. You’ll know when to wear that one,” the woman voiced her opinion.

“Is that all you got for me? No offence,” Sandra pinched the bridge of her nose. A decision that had been this hard to make could not be solved in the blink of an eye. It couldn’t be so easy. That’s just not how Sandra had thought this would go. Perhaps, she’d expected the queen to fuss over the fine details of each of the dresses and completely dissect the reasons why one of them was a better decision than the other.


She’d expected the queen to compliment her on what each of them did for her appearance and which one would be more attractive to the beta alpha. Then they would drift off into talks of what the date would probably be like and waste even more time before randomly picking one dress with both her eyes closed.

But this didn’t happen. Queen Margaret had skipped it all and given precise reasons why thought so. ‘It can’t be that simple.’

The queen sighed and grabbed the yellow dress from the bed, pushing the girl to the dresser and setting it before her, “Look at the person in the mirror. She’s practically glowing and she’s happy. The aim of this date is to have fun with the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with…”

“You say that far too lightly…” Sandra interrupted.

“It’s the truth. Back to the dress. In my opinion, the other dresses… have much heavier attachments to you than this one. If he doesn’t give them perfect compliments, you won’t like it. They are also literally heavier than this one.

If I might add, in this dress, you’re you, Sandra Alastair. The person Jason wants to spend the day with. The person Jason has been waiting for a long time… I would know. In the other dresses, you also have someone else in mind and that’s not what that alpha needs now. Do you want any more reasons? Because I can keep going.”

The girl sighed and took the dress from the queen’s hands, holding it against her chest and staring at her reflection in the mirror, “I understand what you mean.”

“Good. Now sit and let me get you ready. It’s been a long time since I last helped someone get ready for one of these. I’m excited,” Sandra was surprised by this request, but couldn’t deny her the chance. In all honesty, she was relieved the queen was going to help her. Sandra sat down and let the queen work her magic. The woman hummed to a tune while working on her with her eyes closed.

“I haven’t heard from Cole. Do you know where he is?” Sandra asked.

“The king has errands that require his attention once in a while. So he’s not always going to be around,” the woman replied briefly. Sandra scrunched her brow in confusion. Something about the way the queen said this was all wrong. The hunter allowed it to slip her mind a moment later, but the queen’s words had sounded slightly rehearsed.

“I see,” Sandra shrugged. The people that had been present for training were less than usual that she’d even resorted to sparing with Bella. The female delta had taken a liking to Sandra(mainly because of how skilled she was) and the two of them were always sparring partners when that part of morning training came around and Jason didn’t require Sandra to help anyone else out.


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