The Moon Goddess' Chosen

Chapter 379

379 Bright Lights

Jason had been waiting by the car for a while, getting more and more anxious as time went on. Queen Margaret had left him to make sure Sandra was alright and reported through the mind link that she would help her get ready.

Dressed in a well-fitted tuxedo, Jason was a sight to behold. He didn’t know if he had overdone it or if this was just right, “Aren’t you guys taking this a little too far?” the male voice of a familiar beta alpha interrupted his train of thought.

Kyle emerged from behind the massive black car, taking in Jason’s unusual appearance. He’d even cared to work on his hair, giving the dark wavy locks an attractive shine.

“Huh, no, we aren’t. And you better behave yourself while I’m gone,” Jason snapped at the rookie beta alpha.

“Hey, relax,” Kyle raised his hands up, laughing lightly, “I’ve never seen you tense before… Scratch that. I’ve never seen you tense… ever. I didn’t even know you had nerves. Werewolves are weird when they meet with their mates, aren’t they?”

“Is someone jealous?” Jason asked with a smug smile. ‘Yes, little beta, I am an entire level above you. I have a mate and you don’t. And she’s beautiful… Mwahaha,’ Jason felt like saying.

Knowing Jason, Kyle could glean all this from his smug tone. The beta alpha rolled his eyes, barely shaken by the accusation.

“No. Not in the least,” Kyle turned his back to Jason waved his goodbye then and was gone. Watching him leave, Jason couldn’t help but ball his fists. It had been almost two months since he’d joined them and yet he was still the same.

He carried Katie’s will with him, but beyond that, he was a walking husk that wanted nothing more to do with his life. For a beta alpha, that was all they needed to live, but they were werewolves as well.


Like all werewolves, they reserved the capability of making their own decisions. They had dreams as well and when the royals realised this aspect about their beta alphas, they normally kept their orders to a minimum to allow them to live their lives.

‘What did she see in you?’ the man thought to himself. These thoughts were wiped from his mind in the next second, as though Kyle had never spoken to him in the first place.

A sweet alluring scent wafted through the air, arresting more of his focus than he had the power to resist. It was a sensation he was not yet used to. A scent that entranced him the moment he caught a whiff of it.

‘The scent of his mate.’ At the top of the palace stairs, the girl was dressed in a yellow flowing dress that dropped down to right below her knees. Seated atop her head was a round sun hat that matched the dress perfectly.

Sandra had not gone overboard with jewellery or make-up. In fact, she looked more like herself than he’d ever seen her. She didn’t bear the barbaric tendencies of her mentor and this outfit depicted that and more of her womanly charms.

While Katie had been obsessed with getting stronger and even failed to learn a lot more than fighting rogues, Sandra had the chance to get to experience other things. Which explained why the girl liked paintball far more than archery.

The bag she carried was small as well, barely able to contain more than a phone. From the look of the material, however, Jason could tell it was nothing too pricey.

Sandra walked down the stairs with a slight spring in her step and twirled around before him, “How do I look?” Now that she was closer to him, Jason noticed more about his mate than he’d initially tried to.

While her hair colour was similar to Katie’s dark locks, there was a tinge in hers. Her hair sat neatly on her shoulders in wavy locks. ‘Huh, not a single scar on her face. That had to be hard.’


The alpha shook off his daze, “Oh yeah, sorry, I was too stunned for words,” he replied sheepishly rubbing a hand through his silky hair, “You look stunning, Sandra.” That said, the beta alpha produced a small black box from his pocket.

The girl eyed the box in Jason’s hand and walked closer to him. The man opened the box and watched in satisfaction as the girl gasped. In the box was an intricately designed necklace with three amber opals set in delicate silver metal that curled around them in elegant curls, holding them in place delicately as though they’d shatter the moment they fell out of the silver grasp. The amber within the opals seemed to swirl if stared at for too long, “Turn around for me, dear.”

Sandra, flushed, turned around and took the hat off before holding her dark brown locks out of the way. Jason’s wolf surged forward once her neck was exposed. He’d never felt his wolf surge forward as much as it did now. ‘I’ll have to make a point of telling Caden this little detail if he ever does find his mate,’ he thought to himself.

Caden’s wolf was fundamentally more aggressive than his. This was partly the reason why Caden was generally quieter than him. The influence of his wolf would have made him appear short-tempered otherwise.

Closing his eyes, Jason took a deep breath and gently placed the necklace where it was meant to be. He placed a kiss on her neck when he was done, “That should do it.”

“You’re so close,” the girl shakily whispered.

“Does it bother you?” he snickered.

“No, it doesn’t. Where are we going?” The hunter pulled away from him with a smirk and placed her hat back on her head.

“That hat will be in the way. Lose it…”

“Oh, I thought you said I looked stunning wearing it,” Sandra teased.

Jason approached the black SUV and opened the door to the passenger seat for the girl, “Using your hat for creating distance from your mate. There has got to be a crime for that in our constitution. I would have it confiscated in the name of the king.”

Sandra laughed, getting into the car. The man pushed the door closed and rushed over to the driver’s seat. Starting the car, the couple was off, “I heard you love paintball,” the man smirked.

Sandra beamed at the mention of her favourite game. She could still remember the last time she had a match. At the Founder’s festival, where Jason had tried his best with Jeremiah and Shaemus.

Thinking back on it now, it felt like it was a distant memory and yet not even half a year had gone by, “Feels like forever since the last time we played.”

Sandra hadn’t known what to expect from Jason on their first date. Would he be taking her for a meal or was there some other plan he had in mind? There was the issue of him working. Would he have to stop the day in half and return to work?

If that were the case, Sandra had no doubt she would follow and help him with the work he had to do. Thanks to Thorrin, her first assignment from the Hunter’s Agency had been indefinitely postponed so she could watch over Kyle and Cole at the palace.

Now that Jason had suggested paintball, she couldn’t help but feel it was the best option to help her take her mind off everything they’d been through. A game of paintball… Sounds like a lot of fun. ‘My dress… I’ll figure something out.’

Her thoughts were interrupted by Jason’s attention-grabbing voice.

“The only difference this time is that we won’t be versing a very fast hunter and grouped with a potential spy for the rogues,” Jason laughed, reminiscing the past events, “It’s been a quiet month.”

“Well then, let’s try to make this a day we won’t forget. It’s not healthy for us to keep dwelling on the past, you know,” Sandra responded. Jason smiled, turning to see her beautiful smile briefly before returning his eyes to the road.

‘ The remote town of Brigadia raised two bright lights…’

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