The Moon Goddess' Chosen

Chapter 426

426 You’re no Rogue Killer

Kyle was the first to lunge forward, closing the distance between the two warriors in a short second. Despite his hulking frame, the rookie alpha was quick on his feet and where he lacked in speed, he made up for with brute strength.

He went for a punch to his mentor’s face meant to disorient him completely.

Caden’s eyes looked genuinely surprised if only for a second before he tipped his head to the side, dodging the attack by the breadth of a hair before making his next move.

The Rookie alpha was not holding back and that first attack sent the message home.

The king’s beta alpha quickly moved his feet, pivoting on one and avoiding the knee that was aimed at his gut. The colossal alpha’s eyes turned in their sockets, desperately scanning for his mentor’s smaller frame in the time that he could not react.

Kyle didn’t bring his leg to the ground after missing the attack to the gut as that would have taken him too much time. Even a second was too much to waste when fighting his mentor.

So instead, he extended his leg out and swung it in a fast vicious lateral arc. Caden leapt back and just narrowly missed the power kick that would probably have broken a few ribs. He’d been on the receiving end of the Rookie alpha’s attacks before and lately, they were packing one hell of a punch.

“You’re as nimble as always, Alpha Caden,” Kyle growled before rushing in for another attack.

Caden snarled in frustration, “You’re getting too full of yourself, boy.”


Kyle’s next attack was a downward strike with his folded fist aimed at his mentor’s shoulders which had gained the name, Hammer Strike because of the way it resembled the motion of a hammer.

The move had numerous flaws and was commonly executed when one’s opponent was worn down and too tired to evade. If this hit true, Caden would collapse from the pain of feeling his clavicle shift from its normal place.

Instead of evading completely like before, however, the beta alpha spun in place and delivered a full-force kick to the hulking man’s gut. Kyle normally wouldn’t be shaken by an attack like this one… if it had come from a normal pack warrior.

The Rookie alpha had worked to make his body impervious to most attacks. His body had grown resistant to the pain of most hits and he’d even gotten into the habit of letting some strikes through simply because they couldn’t cause any real damage.

In short, he could take a punch!

But this was Caden… It was going to take a lot more than workouts to keep the man’s herculean strength from causing some form of damage.

Packed with the momentum from Caden’s well-executed spin and the incredible strength he naturally possessed, the rookie alpha was sent flying to the side of the ring in a lateral arc, catching himself at the ropes.

The battle had only just begun, but Kyle was panting heavily, partly because he just had all the air knocked out of him and partly because this battle was much… much harder than he thought it would be.

There was a gasp in the crowd, the first break in the silence that had gripped them since the start of the fight. Kyle got himself up, holding onto the ropes for support as he recovered. Caden looked to be in much better shape. There wasn’t a scratch on him and he didn’t look even the slightest bit winded.

This was the first hit to land since the fight had started. They were moving so fast that it was hard to follow. After witnessing this first attack, however, a silence swept through the room, only momentarily and it was quickly followed by a massive uproar.

To the rest of the warriors watching, these two were moving almost too fast for their eyes to follow, but to the two of them, everything had gone incredibly slow and quick calculating thoughts and reflexes were the difference between victory and defeat.

Kyle finally regained his composure and stood ready to attack his mentor once more, “I knew this would not be easy, but still… you’re one hell of a fighter, Caden.”

Caden knitted his brows… There it was again, the tone he’d used earlier, “Haven’t you learnt anything yet?”

“No…” these were Kyle’s last words before he dashed toward Caden, staying low to the ground this time and keeping his arms outstretched. Not wasting time, Caden launched into an attack of his own. Kyle’s movements were obvious this time since his hands were spread out.

A brutish move that allowed him to lift his opponent off the ground and slam them into the ground. This attack only worked when the person someone was fighting an opponent smaller or simply much lighter than they were.

Having size on one’s side, however, would mean that person wouldn’t get much space to escape their grip and guarantee a high level of success. It also had to be executed fast enough to avoid any kind of counter.

The hulking frame quickly approaching Caden could definitely lift him up. It was another one of the frightening things about Kyle’s transformation. In terms of brute strength, Kyle had the upper hand, ‘If he pulls this off, no… no time to think about that.’

Caden brushed off the distracting thoughts and brought his hands down to his sides. Two calculating steps forward and power jump later, Caden was soaring through the air with his legs stretched forward and aimed for… Kyle’s face.

At the speed they were going, the impact would probably shatter anyone’s jaw. The speed at which Kyle was approaching and the momentum of Caden’s whole body was enough to put a dent into a metal beam if he was to collide with one…

…and it should have taken the Rookie alpha out.

Caden collided with Kyle’s face, stopping the hulking man in his tracks and sending him back several metres. The king’s beta alpha bent his knees and kicked off Kyle’s body, but as his toes lost contact with the man’s body, he felt a hand wrap around his ankles and gasped.

Kyle was barely fazed by the surprise attack despite the force with which he’d been hit. Caden’s eyes widened in shock. The feeling of shock was replaced with fury when he noticed the wide grin on Kyle’s upturned face.

The Rookie alpha stopped sliding back far earlier than Caden had estimated and pulled his head back.

A trickle of blood rolled down his cheek, but Kyle looked unbothered by it. In the next moment, he let go of Caden and rushed forward throwing a fist into his mentor’s gut.

Caden was stuck wondering what had happened. He’d been sure Kyle would go down with that kick but it seemed the Lost Luna’s beta alpha had grown in strength yet again.

It was an attack that only the king could face head-on and even then, it would be because Cole was made of different stuff compared to normal werewolves. Kyle, unlike normal wolves, was not fazed by the effort…

This was why the mentor didn’t get the time to dodge or even notice when Kyle drove a powerful fist into his gut raising him high into the air from the sheer amount of force.

A gasp went through the crowd as they watched the experienced battle-hardened beta alpha Caden rise into the air. Before Caden could land, Kyle spun with a round kick, struck the beta alpha’s side with the sole of his foot and sent him flying across the ring.

“Who are you calling ‘cocky’, Caden?” Kyle roared, feeling energy course through his body.

Jason rushed over to his beta counterpart, but the man held up his hand to stop him. Caden coughed up a worrisome amount of blood, “No, I’m fine, Jason. I can still fight.”


“I can fight, dammit…” the beta alpha slammed his fist onto the hardwood floor in anger. The sound of snapping bones could be heard echoing through the room.

Jason wanted to point out the severe wounds and bruises on Caden’s side. His injured side was rapidly turning red with a tinge of purple probably caused by some internal breathing, but that same injury was what suddenly caught everyone’s attention for this was the source of the crunching noises.

Something seemed to be moving beneath the beta alpha’s skin.

Right before their eyes, the bruises were steadily vanishing and the movement beneath the beta alpha’s skin could only indicate one thing. He was healing…

Kyle’s kick packed enough force to put a human in the hospital. It was a miracle that Caden could still want to fight after taking such a beating but then again… the pack warriors would expect nothing less from the king’s beta alpha.

In the span of ten seconds, the beta alpha’s ribs had repaired themselves and he was back on his feet, “I still have a lesson to beat into this rookie’s skull… So I’ll continue fighting.”

There was an uproar that rumbled through the watching pack warriors. This was indeed first-class entertainment.

Kyle was looking at the beta alpha with an even more amused look on his face, “You’re tougher than I gave you credit for even though I’ve known you for nearly two years. Still though…” the beta took on a fighting stance, this time it was one that was centred more on combat prowess than brute strength and his opponent took on a stance that was meant to combat this fighting style.

The rookie smirked, “…you’re no Rogue Killer.”

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