The Moon Goddess' Chosen

Chapter 428

428 Luna’s Sunrise

Jason narrowed his eyes at the anomaly in the ring. ‘Did Caden just lose to him in a fair duel?’

“Oh, don’t feel so down, Jason. I have a feeling he can best you too. Although it’s not because he’s a skilled fighter or a quick learner…” the queen suddenly attracted their attention.

Queen Margaret’s eyes had been glued to the sparring ring since the start of the duel, not uttering a word. It seemed she was now ready to talk, “It’s only my theory… but perhaps he needs another beta alpha with him. That way the power would be split in two and then he wouldn’t have that much of an advantage over you.”

This did not comfort Jason one bit, “What you’re suggesting would mean he bears the power of two beta alphas,” the beta alpha’s tone suddenly went up. Queen Margaret only nodded unperturbed by the gravity of her deductions, “It’s like watching a demon being born. Is he going to continue getting stronger? At this rate, I can’t imagine what sort of beast we’ll have on our hands.”

“Not a monster… that’s your Luna’s beta alpha. Don’t let that slip your mind,” Cole reminded Jason, “…besides, the bird’s always watching… which means Katie is always watching.”

The trio looked up at the ceiling and surely enough, there was a pigeon perched on one of the metal beams that ran across the length of the ceiling.

“Hm, okay then. He’s a special person in the Lycaon palace and I have to treat him the same way that I would Caden, if not even with more respect… happy now?” Jason asked him.

“Yes. That’s much better,” Cole chuckled, turning his attention to the ring as deltas helped the defeated beta alpha up from the ground.

Kyle helped to get Caden up and out of the ring, checking to make sure that the man was okay.


Cole didn’t miss the feeling of sadness that emanated from Jason when he watched his beta counterpart go down.

Jason, taking this as his cue to leave, turned to face Cole one last time, “You’ve never said this and I’ve always kept it to myself… but ever since… well, you know… You’ve been treating him like a part of the pack that’s always meant to be there. It’s like you’ve forgotten his past crimes.”

Knowing his friend and king, Jason could tell he’d stepped over a line. Talking about the time his mate was taken from him was a dangerous subject even when brought up in the most abstract of ways. When the king didn’t reply, Jason sighed, “I’ll just go and announce the victory.”

The king nodded and let the man leave the raised podium in the bleachers. In the match that had just ended, Cole finally was able to see Kyle’s newfound power in action against a real opponent.

“Are you worried?” the queen asked, having noticed Cole’s ponderous silence.

“No, mother. I’m not worried. I’m just… curious,” Cole responded.

“Curious about what?” the queen asked.

“You’ve explained where he gets his power from. Since-Since she left, he’s only been getting stronger and the improvement is so steep that it’s astonishing. What’s more, is that it’s almost as if he’s only getting started. He keeps getting stronger,” the king replied, his voice still distant as the thoughts bubbled through his mind.

“Thinking about it now won’t get you any answers. The three of you will be travelling to the Great Arena tomorrow. So you better get ready,” the queen said to him, “It was already decided that the person that would lose this battle would stay behind with a group of hunters to protect and take care of things in the capital.”

Jason went on to announce the winner of the match, a loud chorus of cheers erupting from the crowd. A smile graced Kyle’s face, however, there remained a tinge of sadness that resided in his eyes. Sadness and respect for the warrior that had fought valiantly against him for this opportunity.

Cole could almost hear the young alpha’s thoughts as he promised to win the games for Caden. After all, the two of them had grown very close during the time they had spent together.


The remainder of the day proceeded normally. After the morning session that had contained the battle between the two beta alphas, there had been a celebratory feast arranged at the end of the day.

The feast had been meant to be a farewell celebration for the king and his beta alphas, but it soon turned into an event congratulating Kyle on making the team of three that was going to journey to the Great Arena.

They feasted on meat and wine(for those that fancied a taste) as well as all sorts of drinks and delicacies that the palace cooks could prepare for them. A performance by a rising star, Candice in honour of the king was held. For that night, the palace of Lycaon was in high spirits.

It might have been the first time the pack warriors had let loose in a long time. For the unmated males that hadn’t found their mates yet, this was also a time for them to remember the sorrow of them being incomplete.

On the other hand, a good share of the mated couples got the chance to have a good time as a couple at a gathering… a sight that sent beta alpha Jason to bed an hour too early.

The next morning came sooner rather than later, announcing the start of the trial with the king having to make the entire journey to the Great Arena as it had been done for a long time.

Under normal circumstances, Cole would take his two beta alphas with him just like he had done in the Royal Games before these ones, but this time, there was a third contestant for the position of who gets to escort him and Kyle had wasted no time in challenging Caden and Jason for the position.

The sun wasn’t up yet and the scent of morning due was still fresh. Even the early morning birds were shocked to see a group of wolves already standing by the edge of the forest when they got up(for they could have been responsible for the decline in worm count that morning…).

“Did we have to start up so early?” Jason groaned, tying the laces of his running shoes. The beta alpha stifled one of the countless yawns that had escaped him so far.

“I couldn’t get any sleep,” Cole gave a nervous chuckle.

“Your excitement wouldn’t stop leaking into the mind link,” Jason yawned once more.

“I still remember the last games like it were yesterday. I wonder if Drake will be using his sister at the Arena like he did the last time. She was fast… and I’ve heard rumours suggesting she’s much faster now,” Cole mused.

Jason reserved his thoughts on the king’s mood. For someone that didn’t have his mate with him anymore, he was rather cheery, “Yeah, I understand what you mean,” he replied…

‘I wish I could cheer up like he does…’ the alpha sighed.

Just then, someone came jogging up to them. The footsteps were far heavier than normal ones. A trait of the man they were starting to get used to.

Carrying a large rucksack, Kyle came running to them. His face carried a smile and behind him, a large crowd of pack warriors followed in the distance, “Hey, Alpha Cole. The rest of the guys insisted on bidding us farewell.” Kyle called out when they made eye contact.

“Did they now?” Cole asked with a chuckle, “And here I thought they wouldn’t make it.”

The sun was just peeking from its hiding place over the horizon. A sunrise that reminded Cole of his coveted mate. Every sunrise did.

Ever since the morning that she woke him up with the sole purpose of seeing the first rising sun after a week of rain.

A smile graced the king’s face as he watched the pack warriors make it to them.

Kyle was in an exceptionally good mood as well. He had been for a while now. The gloomy mood he carried with him when he’d just graced Lycaon with his presence was long gone, “Kyle, what’s on your mind?”

The question was so random that Jason was not sure where it had come from. The answer, however, trumped all his suspicions, “I’m thinking about how fun it will be to win the Royal Games. I know she would have done nothing less.” His grin was priceless and just as vehement as the sense of determination that washed through the mind link.

‘Looks like the Rogue Killer leaves traces of herself… Even after nearly two years, it’s like I’m staring at her disciple. Then again, it could be that he’s her beta alpha. Still though… No one was quite this determined… No one except for…’ Jason sighed, shunning the rest of his thoughts and bringing himself back to the present.

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