The Moon Goddess' Chosen

Chapter 455 - 455 Blur

455 Blur

Over the course of the next few minutes, Crysta found it increasingly harder to hold onto Lina’s silk white fur. The wind screamed louder and louder in her ears and batted at her face violently.

The delta struggled to lean and get down even closer to Lina’s body.

The white wolf was darting across the snow at speeds unknown to living creatures.

Crysta stared ahead and back, now convinced that they were indeed running across the coldest parts of the mountain. And yet, she didn’t feel cold at all.

She felt glued to the white wall by a wall of wind brushing over them. Crysta suddenly got curious and tried to lift her hand. As she’d suspected, the wind was much heavier. Lifting her hand was a lot harder than normal.

‘We’re so fast, the cold won’t get through,’ the delta chuckled, wondering whether Lina had expected that.

Knowing the girl, she’d probably done this solely on instinct.

The whole journey atop the mountain which should have taken at least a whole day took only mere short minutes. The white wolf was already bounding down the mountain, leaving the snowy peaks behind her without pausing to observe the scenery.

‘Crysta!’ Wyatt’s voice resonated through the delta’s mind. He sounded scared…


‘I know, Wyatt… I know…’

When they started the journey downhill, Lina seemed to get faster, taking them down the mountain, leaping over bushes and shrubs on the way without a moment’s hesitation.

The princess didn’t say a word to them as she dashed across the terrain. At this speed, the sting of the elements and the dangers of the wild was vastly diminished.

There wasn’t a creature on the planet that could keep up with the girl at this speed. Except for a few hunters that had reached the pinnacle of their gifts.

‘So this is Lina letting loose and reaching her limit,’ Wyatt said to Crysta, ‘It’s insane.’ He almost laughed out loud, delirious.

“Lina, are you…”

“I’m fine, Crysta,” the girl’s voice came through the mind link. Lina sounded calm and could have fooled anyone except for Crysta. The delta quickly noticed the slight hint of frustration behind the princess’s tone.

The delta watched the white wolf dash faster, faster and faster still… Blurring their surroundings and tearing across the land at indescribable speed. She was almost sure she could hear the loud hum of their movement.

At this rate, the Great Arena could have as well been in their backyard the entire time.

But then, Crysta couldn’t imagine how much energy the princess needed to pull off something like this. Was she even capable of reaching the Great Arena?

‘The hare… Did she eat it raw?’ Crysta thought to herself… ‘Was there enough time for her to digest it?’

Resting her head against Wyatt’s back, Crysta watched as the forest beyond the mountains passed by in a blur, along with the marshlands they had thought to be so hard to cross as well.

“I’m sorry I doubted you, Lina,” the girl whispered through the mind link.

“It’s okay. I would have doubted me too,” the girl replied with a chuckle, “A little trust in return would be nice though. I’m not the same kid.”

“Wouldn’t you want me to start calling you an adult?” Crysta rolled her eyes.

“Uh, yeah, that would be nice,” Lina was appalled by her friend’s ‘obnoxious’ attitude.

“Well, maybe after your birthday party in two weeks’ time,” Crysta chuckled.

“Oh yeah… The party…” it wasn’t that the girl hadn’t yet turned eighteen, but instead, she had held out on having a party and postponed the celebration with the same day as her best friend, Honour’s true birthday so that they could celebrate it together.

While a kind gesture this was, it was also a party none of them were looking forward to. This remained unsaid among them.


Madeline was stunned by the man’s forwardness more than most. For some reason, she overlooked the haste with which he’d approached her. The fact that he even thought of doing something like that in a room of royals astonished her more than his execution.

The man before her had bright crimson eyes, the colour of a rose in full bloom but they shone with a deeper intensity than she’d ever noticed with another alpha.

His face was completely unfamiliar to her and she didn’t know who she was talking to. His body was heavily built and when she paid a little more attention, she could tell he was not yet in peak form.

He oozed power… and yet he oozed kindness as well… and a tinge of arrogance. She felt calm around him and for the first time in her life, she was not scared of the powerful wolf before her.

‘Not afraid of a powerful werewolf!’ Now there was a thought Madeline never thought she’d be having in her lifetime or the next.

Something deep within her told her that this man was nothing like all the others she’d met and yet, she felt she should not be hasty with handling him.

Yes, she was certain.

This alpha was incapable of hurting her.

It completely slipped her mind that he had called her eyes grey instead of the bright amber that she was sure was shining through them.

Instead, her mind roamed about the different things she could spend doing with this powerful alpha. The most peculiar thing about him though was the fact that his power felt nothing like that of King Cole.

Instead of oozing the same power as alpha Jason did, this man was different. He wasn’t necessarily more powerful but then again, he wasn’t at his peak yet.

No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t put it into words. Something was not right about where he was drawing his power.

“Kyle, that girl’s eyes are amber… and you’re not supposed to invade people’s private space,” Cole grabbed the man’s hand and pulled him back.

Kyle reluctantly accepted, snapping out of the daze he’d been trapped in. It was like the entire world had come to a standstill when the two of them had spoken.

Madeline broke out of the spell as well.

Hearing the king’s words brought everything flushing into her mind. Her eyes were still amber… right? “You’re majesty, can I be excused for a moment,” the girl said, turning to the queen with a hint of urgency.

“Do I at least get a name?” Kyle intervened before the queen answered.

The women in the room snapped at the former rogue, glaring daggers at the man. Hadn’t he done enough already?

However, before they could tell him off, a sole feminine voice resonated through the room, spelling out the name of the girl he’d just posed the question, “Madeline… My name is Madeline.”

The girl seemed entranced when she spoke but quickly broke free and turned to Honour. The goddess realised what her eyes were asking and led her away from the living room and through the halls. With a gesture from the queen, the two of them were gone with Bree following behind.

The amber-eyed girl wouldn’t stop giving Kyle an odd look. Kyle was curious as to why Bree staring at him weirdly.

That was… until she left and he turned to the other people in the living room. Everyone was giving him the same look the girl had been giving him… Curiosity…

“What…? Did I say something?” the man asked them out loud, starting to shudder under their gaze.

“Yes, you did. You mentioned the wrong eye colour. Have you ever seen a werewolf with grey eyes, you doofus or do we have to teach you colours as well?” Jason argued.

The king and queen remained silent, however. And this caught Jason’s attention. The man turned to the royals, “There is no werewolf with grey eyes, right?”

King Davin sunk into one of the couches in the large living room, looking out to the Great Arena. It had been prepared for the games and was ready for the contestants to fully arrive…

The king of Sirius cringed, “Well…”


Madeline burst through the doors to the restroom as soon as she found it and rushed to the mirror, preening in it in search of the glitch in her eye colour, “Madeline, would you slow down for a moment?” Honour called after her.

“Honour, how did he see through my disguise? I change the literal colour of my eyes. Did I lose focus somehow… Maybe I lost focus when he patted my head,” the girl was rambling…

Her eyes flashed between amber and silver so many times that Honour was sure she would get dizzy.

This was also intentional and done to prove her point of control.

She’d gotten so good at changing the colour of her eyes that she could make them flash between the two colours extremely fast, unlike before when she would do it every time she was frightened.

“Okay, stop that. Mady, you did not lose focus. We were all looking at you at that time and…” the girl froze, “Madeline, he did not pat your head.”

“What?” the Seeker asked, confused.

“I said…”

“I heard what you said… but I’m sure he… He patted my head and… and” when the girl couldn’t even remember when the man had touched her she started to hyperventilate.

Honour was next to her quickly, Bree following her lead. The two girls helped the girl settle down, leaning against the sinks, they tended to her like she was one of their own, “Hey, relax… Take a deep breath,” Bree cooed.

The girl leaned against her friend and allowed herself to relax in their embrace. When they were both sure she had calmed down, Bree asked, “Are you okay enough to tell us what happened back there?”

The girl was quiet for while. Her mouth opened repeatedly, but nothing came out, until eventually, she slumped back, “I don’t know… I don’t know what happened.”

Honour pulled the girl into a tighter hug, “It’s okay, Mady. You don’t have to worry about it. We can do anything else. We can keep you away from him if that’s what you want. Kyle is not the person you would like to get to know anyway.”

“What… Is that his name?” the girl asked, her eyes beaming.

Honour was almost instantly convinced of what she was seeing. ‘Oh dear… why did it have to be him? That goddess could have picked anyone else in the entire world… anyone but him…’

“Would he happen to be your mate?” Honour asked her.

It was a simple question that any wolf could answer. Knowing one’s mate was an instinct for all werewolves. They would get to know this simply by setting their eyes on their mates and allowing their wolves to be in close proximity to them. It was a matter of looking straight into their eyes.

This is why Honour was not expecting the answer she got from the girl, “I don’t know, Honour. Seekers cannot feel the mate pull.” The girl sank to the ground, covering her eyes… Madeline sobbed quietly.

She’d heard this from her grandmother many times, but never once had she thought she would find herself in this kind of situation.

Kyle had seen through her disguise… That had to count for something, didn’t it?

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