The Strongest System

Chapter 686: Mass Attack!

Chapter 686: Mass Attack!

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“Alright, all of you sightseeing lads, come on out here.” Lin Fan stepped forth and struck out an imposing pose. That domineering aura of his penetrated the void as he looked above. These guys had been peeking for half a day now.

As the saying went, ‘When the snipe and clam grapples, it’s the fisherman that profits.’

All of these guys thought of themselves as the fishermen. However, what they did not know was that Yours Truly was a bandit who specialized in robbing fish from fishermen.

The void went silent as the powerful beings exchanged glances with one another, wondering what this fella was up to.

“Benefactor, what is your purpose of doing this?” Reverend Shakya asked with a perplexed look.

The powerful beings that he had just reformed were now within his Buddha’s Land Paradise and were praying all day all night. With that, their faith was never-ending. For Reverend Shakya, those powerful beings were more than enough.

“Robbery.” Lin Fan replied indifferently as though he was speaking of something real casual right now. However, for Reverend Shakya, it was quite an unexpected thing to hear.

“R-robbery…? Them…?” Reverend Shakya was stunned. Even though the mood right now was pretty high, there was no need for them to get this brazen, right?

All of the powerful beings within the void squealed out in shock. They still had no idea what this guy was trying to achieve.

Honestly, how could they be bothered by something like this? When some of the powerful beings realized that the five blood colored mountains held no secrets to it, they were already making preparations to leave this place and look for the body of the Gleaming Blood Lord elsewhere.

“Hmph! Since you guys don’t wish to come out, then Yours Truly shall invite you guys out personally.” Seeing how no one was coming out, Lin Fan stretched out his fingers and grabbed out at the void An explosion sounded as the voids crumbled, causing many powerful beings who were hidden within to be squeezed out of it.

“What’s he trying to do?” Mu Manfeng frowned, feeling the repressing feeling from the void above him. He retaliated with his body’s energy. However, he found out that the force pressing down on him was really strong, that he couldn’t fight back at all.

“Such a strong power!”

Yu Liutian and the others were looking slightly terrible right now. Their cultivation states weren’t weak. But, for them to be forced out of the void just like that by someone else? That had them in some slight disbelief.

“Insolent! What are you trying to do with this?” Floating in the void, a man draped in a set of long white robes barked out.

It was the same for the other powerful beings present. All of them were looking at Lin Fan with an irritated reaction. It was as though they were telling him that this issue would come to no end unless he explained his actions.

“Benefactor, please hold it in!” The little heart of Reverend Shakya was thumping furiously right now. This move of Lin Fan had Reverend Shakya so rattled that he no longer knew what to say at all.

This was just courting death!

If these powerful beings were to gang up on them, there was no way they were getting out of this alive!

“Bald monk, I’d advise you to leave this place as soon as you can. Yours Truly is going to get into a huge clash soon.” In order to chase Reverend Shakya away, Lin Fan was giving it his all right now.

“What for?” Reverend Shakya was stumped, not understanding the situation unfolding here. Even if Lin Fan wanted to put on an act, that would have to depend on the situation, wouldn’t it?

“Because Yours Truly is happy? Now, are you going to leave or not?” Lin Fan tossed a side glance at the bald monk. At the same time, he was thinking in his heart. If this guy still didn’t want to leave even right now, then Yours Truly could only concede to this guy.

“Hais, since you choose to act as such, benefactor, then this poor monk here can only accompany you to the end.” At this moment, Reverend Shakya’s look was all serious, as though he had just made a resolution to stick with Lin Fan through thick and thin.

At this moment, Lin Fan was truly at a loss for words. This bloody sh*t wasn’t afraid of something like this?

“Master, what does your friend mean by this?” Mu Manfeng looked over at Reverend Shakya with an unfriendly and frosty tone.

Mu Manfeng wasn’t some sort of a merciful and compassionate person. Anyone who could live their lives up to such a cultivation state was someone who had killed and slashed their way up.

“What do you mean? I’m here to rob the sh*t out of you guys today, duh! Why? Are you unhappy about that? Don’t you agree with me, bald monk?” Lin Fan blared out.

Looking at the situation before him right now, Reverend Shakya’s heart gave a momentary jerk. Bloody hell! This fella was causing the situation to get real deadly!

However, what else could he say at this moment? This benefactor was being way too audacious. If he were to get the entire crowd riled up, it’d be impossible to avoid this battle at all!

“That’s right.” Helpless as he was, Reverend Shakya had no choice but to nod his head and agree with it eventually.

“Did you guys hear that? Alright, all you bunch of scums! You had better take out all your treasures and belongings! Otherwise, Reverend Shakya here is going to reform you guys!” Lin Fan pointed over to Reverend Shakya and yelled out.

The moment these words came out of his mouth, the expressions of the powerful beings in the void changed.

“To think that he’s the genius of the Buddha race, Reverend Shakya!”

Mu Manfeng had not expected this master here to be Reverend Shakya, that unusual being from the Buddha race. However, there was something that was causing Mu Manfeng to be curious right now. Just who in the world was this other man then?

“Hmph! Reverend Shakya, aren’t the both of you getting a little overboard? Do you guys think that you can suppress us with just you two alone?” Yu Liutian scoffed out icily as his eyes shone with anger.

“This poor monk…” Right now, Reverend Shakya could not explain his predicament at all. His heart was akin to that of a bright lamp shining through darkness. How could he not know of Lin Fan’s intentions at all? However, there were truly many benefits to gain by following him! Reverend Shakya could not bear to leave him. Furthermore, his chest hadn’t reverted yet!

Right now, with so many powerful beings around, Reverend Shakya was in a dilemma as well. If they were to truly fight it out, the only thing he could do was to run.

“What can you do even if I want to suppress you?” Lin Fan took a step forth suddenly and unleashed Tiny Big Wishes. Instantly, he sent a gigantic palm that grabbed out at Yu Liutian.

“Insolent!” Yu Liutian roared out. In a flash, his body shifted and formed a typhoon before him. This typhoon seemed to possess all sorts of killing intent within it.

That gigantic palm of Lin Fan brought forth with it an extremely formidable force to it. Even though Yu Liutian’s strength was decent, it was nowhere comparable to Lin Fan’s.

Lin Fan pinched the entire typhoon within his hands.

“Not good! To think that that fella would possess such a strong power!” Yu Liutian broke out in cold sweat from head to toe. To think that this fella with an unknown background would be so tough to deal with!

“Jade God’s Heavenly Technique!”

Losing to that beast, Mu Manfeng, had already caused Yu Liutian to feel really resentful in his heart. If he now lost to this unknown fella as well, that was something that Yu Liutian wouldn’t be able to tolerate at all!

Instantly, a long streak of light appeared as Yu Liutian slapped away Lin Fan’s gigantic hand. Three streams of white air gushed out from the back of Yu Liutian, piercing the sky instantly. From there, a boundless might erupted forth violently.

“Seems like that fella was still holding something back when he was fighting me.” The moment Mu Manfeng caught sight of this, he focused up a little. However, all of a sudden, he realized that there was a sharp Sword Will shooting out from the void targeting him.

“You little thief! How dare you strike at us!”

“Everyone, head up together! Once we kill him, we’ll split his fortune up!”

At this moment, Yu Liutian wasn’t the only one targeted by Lin Fan. When Lin Fan struck out, the sky was filled with Sword Wills that burst out at all the powerful beings present instantly.

Catching sight of everything before him, Lin Fan grinned. His body disappeared in a flash as he bolted out into the distance.

“Come at Yours Truly if you guys have the guts!” There was only a single thought in Lin Fan’s mind right now: run. Now that he had riled everyone up into a big fight, if that bald monk wanted to continue following him, that would depend on whether he had the abilities to do so.

“Thief, stop running!” All the powerful beings were green with rage right now. Without caring about anything else, they each delved into the void and chased behind Lin Fan.

“Benefactor, you…!” Reverend Shakya seemed as though he was dumbstruck right now. Looking at Lin Fan who dove headfirst into the void, it took him awhile to snap out of it.

Suddenly, he came to his senses.

“Benefactor, wait up!!!”

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